Assignment focuses on the responsibilities, ethics ,analysis, liability & emerging trends of health care organizations.

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Adverse event that a healthcare organization has the responsibility to disclose to the patient or to the patient''s family

All health care organizations do have ethical and legal obligation to inform the elements of an adverse event to disclose to the patient of the patient’s family.  Apart from the actual adverse effects that are going to impact the patient and its health consequences, it is required for the health organization to inform the possible corrective measures, apologies for the error, also commitment to refrain the repetition of the error. Further there will also be disclosure of the legal compliances and receptiveness to acceptance of the responsibility (Gallagher et al., 2013).

 Immunity from liability

Immunity from liability means that one is not subjected to any lawsuit or for monetary liability if the circumstances extant meet the requirements of a particular statute granting the immunity. Normally the therapists will reach this immunity from liability and will protect themselves from the lawsuits that can hamper their reputation as well will cause the monetary and legal actions against them (Waltz, 1969). Normally this can be an effective shield for therapists, while undertaking risky or critical health care interventions, typical surgeries, risky medications based on patient conditions etc can be employed as part of the treatment procedures after undertaking this immunity from liability. In all such cases, patients consent and related approval also may be needed based on the legal statutes made in this regard.

Four groups of systems analysis tools

System Analysis tools are diverse however they fall in some of the following groups, Requirements analysis, Flowcharts, Use cases, Interviews etc (itstillworks).

Some emerging trends in healthcare

There are multi-dimensional changes occurring in health care industry. Some of the changes are like getting social, putting the preferences and interests of patients first(Patient centricity), Digitalization of the health care (E HR, computerization, networking etc), Telemedicine(Availing treatment to distantly located patients using telecommunication technologies), treating for addictions, availing mobile healthcare(Ageing, personalization etc)(Chib et al.,2015), Further treatment for chronic health illnesses make up the important changes in the health care in the recent years.


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