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Internal and external environment of Black Beans Café

Core activities, Customer base, business values and current business direction
The basic offering of the café is high quality coffee which is being provided by any of the competitors in the close proximity of the café. The café is also offering number of deserts and food varieties or the take away as well as for dine in. the specialty of the café is homemade sauces, organic fruits and vegetables and premium quality meat and cheese.
SWOT analysis
• The biggest strength of the company is its premium offerings that no other competitor is offering in the market.
• The competitive price is making the café more preferable over competitors as the café I providing better products at competitive price.
• Since the café is having seating capacity of 25 guests, it is limiting the footfall of the café
• The company has incepted three years ago and hence the budget availability ofmarketing is very low

Critical success factors of business

Black bean café is offering trending food varieties at competitive pricing which is why the clear differentiation in the market is created by the company. Another important factor for the success of the café is the speedy service and low waiting time. The core customers of black bean café are working people who prefer to eat their meal outside rather than brining the meal from home hence speedy service and less waiting time is adding the value to the customers.

Current capabilities and resources and need for special assistance in business

The only constrain at this point of time for the café is seating capacity. Since the café is in service industry managing the seating capacity is a crucial task. The company is facing the change in terms of the customer profile. The customers are valuing the sophistication which is at presently offered by thecompany. Café black bean is serving hug quality of meat and cheese in town which is a great resource for the company. The café is also serving handmade sauces and high-class desserts which will help the café in increasing the sale of the company's coffee market in Sydney is expected to grow. The number of offices in the area of the café is expected to grow which will increase the number of potential customers of the café. The café needs to cater to the chain needs of the customers to leverage the growth in the industry. The café is moving ahead of the competition by offering the sophisticated products which needs to be maintained in terms of managing resources in future.

Labor forces, population and economic activities

The disposable income of the population is not expected to increase in near future but the expansion in the offices will create more opportunities for café. The economic situation of the country is fairy going to be constant hence there is not going to be any impact upon the current wages and salary of the employees. The economy is expected to have increase in the level of employment which will impact the café in positive manner.

Comparative market information

The café is facing moderate competition from the other local cafés like Buzz, dynamic café, Mia café and Verdi café. It is observed that most of these cafes are focusing upon providing typical café menu with limited number of varieties and almost no innovation hence, theses cafes are not potential threat for the company.
Customer trends and developments

The customer trend is changing and the customers are now being more sophisticated which is a development in favor of café Black bean. Since the café is already ahead of the other competitors, serving the changing preferences of the customers is not going to be a big deal for café. The café needs to maintain the current innovative nature to leverage theefforts mover advantage in the industry.
Legal ethical and sustainability requirements
The government of Australia is in favor of the establishment and development f the small business and hence the café will be benefitted by the schemes and policies of the government (Ataman, Van Heerde, & Mela, 2010).

Two marketing opportunities in business

Form the marketing goal of the café it is apparent that the café is looking forward to increase the footfall in the coming years. It is important for the café to understand that the seating arrangement of the café is limited to 25 and achieving the increased footfall objective will be difficult as increase in waiting time will give bad impression as well as bad experience to the customers. Following are the marketing opportunities available with the café:
1. The increase in the offices in the CBD area of Sydney is going to help the company achieve its marketing objective of increasing footfall by 30 percent.
2. The customers are being more sophisticated which will surely increase the customers visiting the café.

Marketing strategies

Café black bean is known for providing the gourmet food and premium quality of coffee amongst the customers at the same point of time competitive pricing has created great image about the café in the minds of customers. It is very crucial at this point of time for café to ensure that the marketing efforts are focusing upon creating awareness about the café in the CBD area of Sydney. Following are the ways to increase awareness about the café in the market:
The café black bean should focus upon promoting the café with the help of social media. Social media is very affordable form of advertising the café and the biggest advantage of social media is the reach to the customers is very high. The café black bean should create the page on Instagram and upload the pictures of the gourmet varieties that are being served in the café.
Facebook and twittered seems to be very appropriatemedia for creating awareness about the café amongst the potential customers. The advertisement through social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and Instagram can create the awareness about product easily and the café which is being viral on social media will be the most preferred café for the customers (Fan & Tsai,2010).

Marketing mix

Sincethe café is in service industry followings will be the elements of the marketing mix of café black bean:
Product: the customers are satisfied with the present level of quality and varieties of food and gourmet offered by café black bean hence, the innovative way of increasing sophisticated product varieties should be continued by the café. Price: the price is competitive which is preferred by the customers. Place: the location is central which is suitable. The café second café can be opened in future. Promotion: at present the company needs promotion for increasing the takeaway orders. Physical evidences: the interior of the café should be made more sophisticated so that the customers will able to attract towards trying out the café. The ambience of the café should be in sync with the premium products served by the café.People: at present there are no complaints about the service and staff from the customers but since the company is planning to expand and increase the footfall it is important for the people to be prepared for the same. He training to the employees who are dealing with the customers will able to add in the sophisticated image that the café is trying to capture. Process: the waiting time is less at present but it should be maintainedeven when the footfall is increasing.

Evaluation of marketing strategies

The marketing strategies suggested in part 1 is surely going to help café black bean in achieving the organizational goals of increasing footfall and achieving the double-digit growth in the comingyears. The adoption of social media is inevitable because without increasing the marketing efforts for creating awareness about the café amongst the potential customers, the increase in the footfall is not possible. The café is facing very good response from the customersbut the problem is that the customers are not aware about the offerings of the café. Most of the other local cafes are providing average service with average quality of the food and food varieties. Hence, the customers are under the impression that café Black bean is also offering similar typical café services. It is very important for the café to break that notion of the customers which is only possible by creating awareness about the offerings of the café.
It is obvious that at present the café cannot increasing the seating arrangement. Hiring a bigger place is not good idea as the café will lose its current loyal customers which will impact directly upon the revenue and footfall of the café. Hence, the promotion for the take away product will able to help café in achieving its goal of double-digit goal for the next year. The café should create a website which will help the customers in ordering food online. The café should tie up with the food providers like Zomato for delivering the orders to the offices of the customers.
The newspaper advertisement in the local newspaper is not going to be very costly but it will able to create awareness about the café in the vicinity of CBD area. The newspaper which is most preferred by the office areas near the café should be given preference for the local newspaper advertisement (Baker, 2014).

Change needed to satisfy customers

The target customers that the company was looking forward to target through providing premium quality of café and gourmet food is very similar to the present profile of the customers. In fact, at present the café is facing more sophisticatedcustomers who values the premiumness of the café more than other non-sophisticatedcustomers. The café is getting the set of customers that they wanted to serve at the same point of time it is essential for café to change its offering in accordance to the taste of the customers. If the café is not in a position to serve the customers with respect to their requirement than the organizational objective of double-digit growth will not be achieved.
The café needs to change its interior on the basis of the customer preferences. The café s presently serving meat and cheese which are premium in nature. It is very crucial for the café to launch new and innovative products like multigrain bread and sandwiches. The sophisticated customers will need top in trend food to serve their taste buds and the café will have to analyses the changing trends to ensure that the customers are satisfied from the offerings.
The café should change the interiors and ensure that the new interiors are more appealing to the sophisticated audience. The social media campaign should be runafter the change in the interiors which will able to attract the attention of the customers very easily.


Café black bean should increase the number of varieties of coffee offered in the café. The more sophisticate customers will value a greater number of coffee varieties. The adoption of coffee beans from different famous places like Ghana will able to increase the premiumness of the café. The customers should be given classic as well as modern and sophisticated varieties of the coffee to satisfy the basic products offering of the café in excellent manner. The coffee made from the coffee beans from different places will able to provide the sense of luxury and premiumness. This will able to create great impression about the café in the minds of customers. Also, it will generate great positive word of mouth by the customers (Berthon, et al. 2012)

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