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Introduction and Background of Policy

Today, with increased healthcare challenges, it is found that the role of government is important in formulating different healthcare policies so that they can address those issues in a given environment. Today, with advent of new technologies in the healthcare sector, people are expecting better quality healthcare services (Galanti et al., 2014). 

However, for this purpose, the healthcare organizations not only need to train the staff on the new work modules and technological platforms but also need to manage different healthcare polices in a proper way. They need to implement these policies amid a given challenging environment to make sure that they can provide proper protection to all the people of a given community (Galanti et al., 2014). 

As per one of the governmental report, there are nearly 1.3 billion smokers in the entire world. Tobacco is killing one in every ten persons on a global basis and hence it accounts for nearly 5 million deaths across the world. Hence, there is a need to deploy proper policy that will not only inform people about the ill-impacts of Tobacco but will also provide them with recommendations on how to overcome this healthcare challenge in a given environment.

Impact of Tobacco on Healthcare

As per the healthcare reports released by the government in 2015, it was found that the health of the people of the given communities gets compromised through frequent usage of tobacco. People will suffer from cancers, chronic diseases, heart disease, reduced fertility, issues in gall bladder, and also hip fracture (Cairney & Mamudu, 2014). 

Hence, there is a need to first inform the people of the community about these issues and thereby prevent them with solutions so that they can quit smoking as well as other practices of tobacco (Cairney & Mamudu, 2014). There are both short- and long-term consequence noticed by the healthcare department and hence even they have recommended to deploy healthcare policy in a given environment. 

It will not only protect them against the different consequences but will also make sure that they should not use tobacco in their usage. It will save their life and will also make sure of protecting the family members in a given environment. It is now important to focus on the policy implementation and understand the major benefits of it.

Tobacco Healthcare Policy

The Tobacco Control Policy Change was formulated under the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium (TCLC) program devised by the Public Health Law Center. The key activities undertaken under this policy include - ensuring tobacco usage control in the community, making customers inform about the negative impacts, implementing tobacco control programs and interventions in the community, also ban different forms of tobacco advertisement and promotions, establish a sustained increase in the taxes and prices for these products, and also organize seminars in different cities to increase the awareness levels (Malone, 2013). 

It will thereby limit the usage of tobacco among the targeted masses and specifically among the minors. Even, the parents will be instructed to avoid the usage of tobacco to protect their child from getting involved in such issues. For this purpose, there is a need of strong commitment from the government that will implement this policy in the right direction (Malone, 2013). Only then the true purpose of this policy will be served to the respective communities in a given environment.


There is a need of establishing a Tobacco Control Cell with designated national Focal Point for Tobacco Control in the Ministry of Health. Further, there is a need to allocate time, funds, and manpower for organizing different programs and activities under this policy.  The National Tobacco Control Committee needs to advocate for fiscal measures and thereby strengthen legislation to make all public places smoke-free (Allen et al., 2014). 

A separate vigilance system needs to be established that will take appropriate action against all such activities taking place on illegal basis in the different parts of the nation (Allen et al., 2014). There is equal need of cooperation for the people so that even through word-of-mouth they will be able to advertise and promote the ban on tobacco products in a given environment. The government thereby needs to make sure that the policy is working in the right direction along with the right measures implemented under a given policy. Also, people from different committees should provide reviews on social networking forums and thereby suggest recommendations for future improvement (Tauras et al., 2014).


This report discusses first about the negative consequences of using tobacco-based products in a given environment. It is thereby important to formulate a policy in this direction and make the customers aware about it. Second, there is also a need of implementing other programs and activities under this policy as recommended in this report. 

It is further noticed that with the implementation of the policy, the users are now finding such products less appealing, preventing the use of these products in social situations, smoking less in outdoor and external environment, and also consuming lesser amount of tobacco products compared to their previous usages (Tauras et al., 2014). 

The government on the other hand needs to deploy performance analysis mechanisms through which they will be able to monitor the performance of this policy and the various programs undertaken; they can thereby revise the strategies as and when required. It will thereby make sure of achieving desired success in a given environment.

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