Assignment evaluates the Latest methods, techniques or innovations used by the retailers like Tesco company.

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Personalized offer in Tesco 

Tesco and the other retailers provide their customers the personalized offers for motivating them more towards more amount of purchase of their products. According to Eadie et al. (2015), the personalized offers that they provide are based on the purchases they have done before. In the case, the specific customers are inclined to purchase some specific branded products or products belonging to some specific categories. Tesco offers extra points to the customers that act as the discount on their purchase. Thus, while scanning or swiping the loyalty card, the retailers gather the relevant information regarding the purchase inclination behavior of the customers as well as motivate the customers more towards purchasing by providing the best discounts.

Use of Loyalty cards for retailers

The loyalty cards are the incentive plans set by the retailers to promote their business growth. The use of these cards helps the retailers in gathering the relevant data and information about the customers. Based on the data, the retailers get able to track the purchase inclination of the customers towards specific products or services. As per the opinion of Mane & Niranjan (2014), at the same time, they can go through the grid whether the customers prefers specific branded products or services. Accordingly, they provide more discounts, points or coupons to those customers and motivate them towards purchasing the branded products more.

Yes, there is a vast use of the loyalty cards among the customers, which enable them to influence them more towards purchasing products from the retailers and thus cater to the long-term goal of the retailers in an indirect way. 

 Appearance of the Pop-up for the advertisement of the similar products 

While searching for some relevant products at online platforms, there happens to appear some pop up on the top or bottom of the webpage that shows the advertisement of the similar products. These pop ups are the part of the online advertisement.  As stated by Solomon et al. (2014), while ordering a product in the online, the pop up is generally generated by the JavaScript that is used by the scripting of the Cross site (XSS). It is also generated by the payload that is secondary and is used by the Adobe Flash. If there are any loopholes or gaps in the security of the browser, these pop-ups appear with the help of these assistant. 

Market segmentation and their basis used by the retailers

As per the framework, customer segmentation, the marketing segments refer to segregation of customers based on their choices and preferences. According to George (2015), the customers whose choices and and purchase inclination are similar and respond to the similar kind and categories of products in the similar way are categorized as the customers in the same line. The market segmentation is done based on the strategy that is composed of the similar kind of customers who portray similar views and traits such as similar locations, needs and interests. As per the opinion of Ström et al. (2014), making the market segmentation in a proper way also helps the retailers personalize their marketing campaigns. Tesco sets their target market based overall segmented group rather than focusing on the customers individually. Thus, this helps them serving to their customers more efficiently in the minimum period. 

The criteria of the market segmentation are as follows:

Geographic location- Based on the locality of the customers, the market segmentation is done that is the customers staying in the same locality are provided the services together. 

Demographic segmentation- This depends on the role, size of the company. It takes the population of the customers.

Gender- It is the simplest base of segmentation that is taken up by retailers as the specific gender and their interests and requirements vary at many levels.

Income- Based on this component, the target market is designed. As per the opinion of Wensley (2016), this considers the customers by the group of High income, Low income and the mid income. 

Evaluation of the data collection practice- whether ethical or not 

While purchasing the products or services in the retailers, Tesco and the other retailers provide the loyalty card that enables to get to know about the offers and benefits behind the purchase. Being influenced by the coupons or the exclusive offers that are provided, the customers get more prone to their specific choices of products. However, as stated by Zakaria et al. (2014), through tempting the customers by providing the mix of bonus point on the loyalty card and the coupons, the retailers track the customers’ tendency to buy a product and thereby provoke them more towards that specific products. 

In this context, the retailer through tracking the market inclination of the customer surreptitiously may make their strategy on the brands to offer and the stocks to retain. However, without making, the customers even know about this that they gathered inherent and private information of the customers; they do not carry out the ethical practice. As opined by Donnelly et al. (2015), since, it is of core importance on the part of the retailers whether to collect data from the customers or not based on their approvals and the opinions. Based on the trend of the preferences of the customers’ choice the retailers are planning to refine their marketing strategies on an everyday basis. However, according to Zeriti et al. (2014), for promoting the marketing plan there needs to have such ethical practice to get the approval of the customers before taking their tendency and inclination into consideration. 

Latest methods, techniques or innovations used by the retailers 

The latest technologies used by the UK in the recent times includes Tommy Hilfiger that develops and promotes the window shopping for the customers as well as gathering relevant information of the customers in a blink. According to Bruwer et al. (2017), the technology used, encouraged the shoppers to leave the images of the customers that could be used for making the collage by the retailers that would be shown in the windows of the shop. The next technology is Nordstrom that helps the retailers in checking out and track the customers anywhere in the stores. Thus, it cuts down the long queues in the stores. Another of the technology that is used by the UK in the present times is Nike FuelStation that uses the mirrors that is motion sensitive and display the footage of the runners in that locality that walk past the customers. Audi City is also another technology that is used by the retailers to gather information of the customers whether they fit into and are able to mix up in the area and the size of the regular shop. Additionally, Alexander McQueen is also used which consists of the touch screen that projects the images of the customers and plans accordingly which customers would be requiring which products based on these images. 

Primark is another brand technology used by the retailers of UK to track the customers by the use of the giant video screens. Last year the Tesco also introduced a new technology that is Kiosks that allows the retailer gather information of the customers regarding their tendency and likewise planning their ordering and the stock checking. The technology also used an interface that tracked the virtual gesture of the customers by using interactive mirrors. In the end, the retailers of the UK started using New Balance technology that help to design the stock planning according to the needs and requirements of the customers.  

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