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Having different cultures calls for the need of having a cultural diversity for training nursing students. There is a rapid change in the demographics of the higher education students all over the world due to tit he culture awareness, sensitivity self-confident of higher education. Being a competent student requires one to be trained in an adequate preparation and practical training. There are different approaches used to teach competence among higher education students all over the United States with a mandatory of cultural diversity training. T there is a need of coming up with an evidence-based  (Long, 2012). There have been searching on ways of teaching students on various teaching strategies for teaching cultural competence.


Problem statement

 Cultural competences have been considered to be the hindrance to many of the college students. Female’s students are seen as scoring more than the male on a higher level of intercultural sensitivity. College instructors have found out that culture and language can be a significant hindrance to the students’ performance in international students. This research will show that students need to be engaged in a challenging manner. They should undertake research and evaluation skills that will equip them in challenges that they face into their future carrier.

Review of literature

            This section will seek to provide some of the insights to the reader that will drive the study.  An outline shall be submitted to show how both the teachers and the international classroom are sketched. To achieve this, several ways will be used by the researcher. However, for this paper articles shall be reviewed to show how relevant they are tot eh research. “Learning-oriented assessment “ bySayaraSaliyeva will explain some of the work that is symbolic in higher education. Many students focus on research skill that will require strategies that encourage learning rather than measuring learning (Nieto &Zoller Booth, 2010). The article provides an insight on the assessment of learning needs. It goes on and defines some terms like working competence which they indicate is the task and roles that are expected for an expected standard. The articles access some of the students on whether they have failed or passed if they have understood some of the research findings. Of course, culture is the word on how some of these students have been affected in their higher education. The articles look at higher education ad a business where the stakeholders are the students, potential employers, government and the institution itself. This is critical since one will be able to understand how they have been affected as students by the culture itself.


For this section, it will entail the methodology used to collect information and come up with a conclusion for the Cultural competence, the teaching, and learning of international students. To achieve the objectives of this research both primary and secondary data shall be sued. Secondary data shall contribute towards the formation of background information so that it can build the research. For the primary data shall be collected in two ways. Students, teachers shall be involved in a questionnaire survey. While secondly, interviews shall be held to students of the foreign country studying using a different language. The research design used here shall be both qualitative and quantitative so that both sides can be looked I deep. If the research shows that culture does not have any significance to the selected sample, the result shall be the null hypothesis.

Sampling Plan

 One may want to study the entire population; however, this may not be possible. A sample I considered to be the representative if the whole population. For this study, a random probability sampling shall be sued. A sample size of larger than 30 but less than 500 is an appropriate sample. 100 questionnaires shall be designed for all students.

Definition of Key Terms

Higher Education – this are students at the final stage of learning that occurs just after high school.

Competence - successfully completing something.

Cultural awareness- the ability to be aware of one’s cultural values, beliefs and perceptions.

Cultural diversity – availability of different culture or ethnic groups in the society.


It should be noted that not everyone shall be satisfied with the way higher education is being a runner. There should be a thorough investigation carried out to research how the teaching of different groups is expected. Therefore come up with an understanding of how research teaching should be achieved for students of higher education. This research should an assessment design that is embedded into learning assessing both the students and the staff.

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