The report has embraced the comparative method to look at the contribution of the digital marketing on the company reach



The current study emphasizes on the recent trend used in business for the digital media marketing. The study shows that people are much aware of using the advanced digital technologies rather than the reading newspapers, magazines, various articles, pamphlets, etc for creating brand awareness and for the publicity of the products or the services offered to them. Hence, the implementation of the digital media tend to use various types of digital tactics and channels for connecting with the customers and successfully conduct the promoting of their products or the services offered by the companies. Digital media marketing comprises of creating of the websites, blogs, info graphics. Thus, in the sections below literature review is being done, which will help to widen the knowledge about the various aspects of using the digital media marketing by companies for promoting their products. Followed by, example from the real world will be focused upon and the future works.

Literature review

Need of the research 

The digital media marketing is an effective opportunity for the development of the contiguous functions of the digital media functioning. The digital media serves the right area of functioning making it effective for the compliance to develop attributes to the marketing functions in businesses. The functions of digital media marketing helps in delivering a number of attributes to the businesses in the present world making it effective for them to ensure the rights of the businesses to reach to the customers as well as other members required to be present within the supply chain of an organization. It is important for the functions to ensure differential perspectives in order to ensure that functions of an organization or the business hold the right method of processing the operations in the target market (Brondoni, 2018). The literature review of the current report is therefore, comprising the selection of two themes to conduct the discussion on the importance of digital marketing along with its pros and cons over the traditional methods of digital marketing operations. Besides, the literature review is also associated with the discussion in the impacts that are caused by the digital marketing functions on the businesses of different companies. 

The research has thus been required to understand a number of operational perspectives in the target market operations. This would allow to develop an effective lookout of the learners in terms of developing suitable stances of operations. Forming the right categorical investigation over the topic is also liable to regularise the functions of operations in the target market. Besides, the focus has also be produced to understand the pros and cons of the functioning of the organizations under the cooperative attributes in the organization so as tohelping the business to cope up with the requirements in the business fields (Thompson, Tuzovic& Braun, 2018). On the other hand, involvement of the digital marketing stances to the business applications and functions has been able to bring aboutcritical changes in the direct involvement of the market operations. However, there is also the required to understandengagement of the target market operations to look after the contribution of the target market operations.  

Theme 1: Impacts that are produced by the digital marketing on the companies (pros and cons)

Digital marketing functions are liable to include a variety of prospects in the market operations that had not been possible to be conducted through the primitive forms of the marketing systems. Therefore, implementation of such functions in the target market operations by the businesses have been able to integrate the likelihood of reaching to the target market in a better way with better forms of scope to present oneself towards the same. The digital marketing stances have been found to penetrate to a number ofareas in an organizational functioning. The functions of the business have been able to produce improvement in the target market operations to reach the consumers in a way to track every minute changes in the consumer behaviour. Thus, business of the companies haveengaged more or less in carrying out digital marketing options to ensure that these mechanisms can be effectively used to adapt such changes in the company functioning (Sarkar&Khare, 2017). Involvement of such categorised functioning in the target market operations would be liable to drive the product specific operations. The involvement of digital marketing has also been effective to ensure that the comprehension of such categorical functioning would allow considering all kinds of differences in the choices of different customers. 


Figure: Impacts of digital marketing 

(Source: Ryan, 2016)

Business in the present world has received a number ofnew inclusions in terms of functions including conduction of functions to ensure such prospects in the market involvement. Therefore, the organizations haveacquired a number of new areas to look into to engage into developing structural framework of functioning within the target market to ensure compliance to the entire supply chain of the organization. Looking into the number of perspective of the businesses inthe target market, it has also helped in converging the right method to address the challenges that are liable to arise in the operations of the target market (Oancea, Dutu, Diaconu &Brinzea, 2016). The lucrative attitude of functioning of the businesses through digital media operations hasensured effective management of the customer requirements. The digital marketing has produced an effective operational attribute to the businesses of the organizations. These are both found to be positive as well as negative. Hence, this portion is also eager to develop discussion on the pros and cons of such functions. While discussing about the pros of the digital media functioning it is to be concerned with variety of reflective functions produced by the digital marketing on the businesses. 

Low cost service 

The digital media functions when compared to other forms of the business attributes help in developing operations at a much lower cost than others forms of marketing. Especially when compared to the offline marketing procedures the spending is found to be effectively lowered by about 50 to 70 percent (Kannan, 2017). 

Feasibility to access large audience 

The digital media marketing functioning has also been able to produce the feasibility to access the large audience all at once. Even if each of the consumer type and market is to be addressed, it produces a lot more effort that other forms of media (Ryan, 2016). 

Creation of brand interaction 

The digital marketing effectively develops business transaction as it enforces the round the clock interaction attributes to the business. The two-waysupport is being provided by the digital marketing stances. The affectivity to have brand interaction is also approved by the digital media operations along with development of strong value proposition towards the customers. The opportunity of making sales largely increases (Mogos, 2015). 

However, along with the large ground of facilities of the digital media it also comes up with an integrated negative impact on the business purposes. These are discussed below:

Chances increases of creating negative responses 

The digital media also efforts in the production of certain operations that look into the comprehensive structure attracting a large number of audiencewithin a demography. This may have impact on the production of the operations that look into the perspective of developing certain negative reviews from the market (Bhowmik & Bag, 2017). 


Figure: Content strategy in digital marketing 

(Source: Elliott, 2015)

Digital media makes it difficult to determine ROI

Determining the ROI of a company becomes difficult a number of times as it creates certain vague forms of responses. This may not allow in measuring the key performance indicator correctly hence bring up the difficulty in such functioning (Sarkar &Khare, 2017). 

Theme 2: Effects on offline marketing 

The online or the digital market and the offline market have been found to having certain interconnected relationship with each other. The impacts of functioning in the digital or online marketing stances can be progressive on the other. For example, it has been seen in a number of instances that the digital media marketing has been liable to contribute in a number of operations to make it effective for the offline functions. Therefore, the offline functions of the business has been found to have enhanced by the online contribution (Kannan, 2017). A number of businesses or companies that have introduced the digital marketing functions within the organization have been found to ensure the implications of developing better stances of recognition within the target market. As the digital media enhances the scope of developing progressive implementation in the target market it helps in familiarising the brand name to the customers in the target market. Therefore, this recognition helps in producing a wave of better communication and recommendation by the word of mouth. On the other hand, the digital marketing also keeps into account the providence of a mobile form of advertising technique that would be reached to the device of a person no matter in which location they are in or even during travelling. This has a positive impact on the offline marketing. Commerce and business thus become developed by such instances (Mogos, 2015). 

However, being the traditional and the most primitive form of advertising or marketing the organizations have still been able to execute the functions of the offline marketing in order to set up a balance between the offline and online media marketing that is digital marketing. Putting up hoardings and stands for the advertisement purpose is liable to be introduced in the market functioning in order to ensure that there is a congruentinfluence of the differential marketing operations to the business. The assimilated form of functioning is liable to be addressed through similar form of functioning that is looking into a measurable form ofreturn on investment of the organization. On the other hand, another important area that is likely to be described by the business prospects are liable to be contributed with comparative attributes that make it coverable under the circumstances where there area multiple type of audiences (Brondoni, 2018). The audiences at times occur as they may prefer to look intoboth the offline as well as online of digital forms of advertising and marketing instances. Such forms of functioning would be more effectively addressed by such means. 

Real world exampleor usage

Digital media marketing usage is been evident in the workings carried on by the organizations are the companies conducting business. Using of the digital media for the marketing requires the companies to be prepared for the presenting their aim of selling the products to the selected target audiences (Pierson & Bauwens, 2015). This involves spreading the goodwill of the products and the services and letting the individuals aware about how using the products will help them. For effective digital media marketing to be done the companies are required to use various social media platforms such as creating email accounts, LinkedIn profile, Facebook profile, creating their own applications and websites for selling of the products and providing services to the customers. 


Figure1: Various factors involved in the digital media marketing

Source: (de Reuver, Sørensen&Basole, 2018)

The basic requirements, which are followed in order to make the content attractive,include the factors as follows:

Creating of relevant URL

It is very important that the companies should create an URL, which will be short and simple so that the individuals can easily memorize it. Words that will be difficult to spell should be avoided to be included in the process of making URL. Provided long string of words, underscores, hyphens and repetition of words should not be done.  

Creating simple and short content

Creating of the content is another crucial factor, which should be kept in mind while making the contents of the products and services. This is required to done so that it createa impact on the mind of the customers and increase their curiosity to know more about the products offered by the companies. Thus, for conveying the information of  the usefulness of the products and the materials to the customers. Writing the content in simple words will help all types of customers including the target customers to view the details of the services and the products without any obstacles. Hence, it will be useful to use the content funnel to break down the structure into simple steps such as inform, instruct, solve and sell.

Use relevant strategies and 

The companies or the organizations depending on their needs should incorporate relevant strategies. This will further help in the increasing of the cell and contribute to the profit making. For effective development of the strategy, the company should take feedbacks and the preferences of the customers residing in the region. Thereby, they should also abide by the organizational cultural norms and regulations in order to maintain the smooth workflow of the company to be carried out.


Figure 2: Various strategies of social media marketing

Source: (Opreana&Vinerean, 2015)

Hence, various types of companies such as travel and tourism, hospitality, shopping portals, brick and mortar stores, industries selling electronic appliances and devices, use digital media marketing. The top companies such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Amazon, American Express, Mint uses the digital media marketing for selling their products and services to their customers. Using the digital helps the individuals to access information about the things that are being sold and they can buy the things during their busy schedules too. It is advantageous as the individuals can even have option to make the payment as they want by cash or by using of the internet banking facility. However, the users are also alerted to buy the things from the official websites only. 

Future work

Using of the Digital media marketing in future tend to provide enormous scope for the organizations involved in the business (Nambisan et al. 2017). Digital media not only benefits the top companies for conducting their business but also the small companies who are startups or the entrepreneurs for creating an influence upon its target customers. Digital media marketing using various kinds of social media platforms, which helps in saving a huge cost that would have been required in case of the offline marketing to be conducted. Therefore, it is appreciated by the citizens of the countries where the digitalization is being processed and people are aware of to save the cost of the promoting and using of papers for promoting and marketing. Hence, the citizens appreciate using the eco- friendly processes adopted by the organizations conducting business. This is done using the making of varied contents, which will be written to the point, and using of simple words. Graphical presentations, using of bright colors, giving an eye-catching tagline, small videos for introducing the products and the services offered will support in the development of every type of business. Therefore, it can be said that using the digital media marketing it will help the companies to make small investments and in return receive big returns and reduce the loss of the company if the products and the services do not work well. Further, the advertiser will be able to monitor their performances of the social media campaigns, which are being conducted, and the other promotional activities and receive the feedback from the customers immediately. This will help the companies to enhance their promoting process and maintain the original quality of the products to be maintained as well. Social media marketing being a trend, which the individuals, business organizations, are using has been found growing rapidly. Every type of customers can easily gain access to the view the services and the products, which are being offered to them. They can even reach out the customer care services for knowing the details of the specific services or the products, provide information to the customers, and resolve their queries (Lyytinen, Yoo& Boland, 2016). Further, the customers can provide feedbacks, which will benefit the company to determine the areas where they are lagging behind and use the processes if required to increase their sell and enhance the quality of the products offered to them.

The platforms used for marketing using the digital media by the companies are made in such ways so that it becomes user-friendly to operate and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. It will save the time and the cost which would have been required if the traditional marketing used for promoting the goodwill of the products and the services offered. This information once updated in the systems can be spread easily in hassle free process to millions of customers at once. Thus, in order to maintain its stability, it can also be threat at the same time. The informationare being stored in the databases, cloud computing and various storages therefore, it should be checked on regular basis that any unauthorized access is not found in the server as this will tend to create threat to the overall organizations using the system. However, the issues can be mitigated with updating of the database on regular basis so that it will restrict the access who have intention in stealing or making any fraud by taking or encrypting the personal information about the workforce of the company as well as confidential information of the company. Tampering of the important information can hamper the working carried by using various strategies of the company. 


From the above study done, it can be concluded that adopting and implementation of the digital media though is beneficial for the organization or the company tend to face several issues during implementation. The issues occur as the company from the brick and mortar shifts to selling of their products and services tend to offer their services online. For this the pros and the cons described in the literature review section provides us knowledge that the main barrier arises due to lack of technical staffs within the companies and knowledge for using the social media platforms for increasing the sales by successfully promoting the products and services which are offered to the customers. Provided that the organizations or the companies while should be recruiting the best talents or candidates for the desired posts, in order to benefit the company in future workings done. Followed by, appropriate strategies should be used and the marketing department of the company should adopt innovative approaches and feedbacks from the management and the other departments should be taken and considered which will be able to attract customers and their preferences. This will help the company to increase their customer base and at the same time will be able to satisfy the customers as well. 

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