This report has been prepared a case study on an energy company to establish the company's investment potential

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This report has been prepared a case study on an energy company to establish the company's investment potential, market operations and other performance and achievements of the company.  The company chosen is Diamond Energy Company located in Camberwell, Australia.  Diamond Energy is an energy/electricity retailer who is enthusiastic about the sustainable power source. Perceiving its endeavours, The Greenpeace Green Electricity/Energy Guide appraised Diamond Energy as the 2nd greenest power organization in Australia.  Diamond energy claims a few inexhaustible generators and backings naturally disapproved of Australians through energy items that help sun/solar oriented clients make the most out of their investments potentials. (B&W, 2018)
The Energy Company - Diamond propelled in Victoria in 2005 with 'a dream to produce a change in the Australian electricity commercial centre'. A few shoppers may as of now be sold on this ecologically engaged retailer, yet for the rest, we should investigate what Diamond Energy offers to display the greater esteem. This company guarantees that exchanging power producers and joining its positions is a basic and positive method for having any kind of effect.  Today, Diamond brings power to homes and private ventures crosswise over South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. (B&W, 2018)
Organizational Analysis
The diagnostic business process of the Diamond Energy organizations believes their performance and the problematic areas to find their opportunities to improve the action plan to make improvements in performances.  
The Diamond energy is the company for energy, oilfield services, coil tubing units, servicing rigs and other natural gas departments.  Tony Sennit is the Managing Director at the Diamond Energy company of renewable and environments.  The major competencies taken places in company leadership and directorship, strategy improvements, business marketing and corporate planning, oil and gas trading, electricity and renewable energy.  (Bloomberg, 2018)
The Company can't figure the right calculation and thus the administration can't assess the effect on the benefit for the year holds at the year-end and the estimation of the net resources conveyed forward in the independent fiscal reports. The Company is in the procedure of refreshing its fixed assets enlist having all the required subtleties to figure the effect of devaluation which will be balanced in the books of records on completion. 
The service of New and Renewable Energy has started an activity to follow the advancing inexhaustible power administrative system and build up a storehouse of data in a combined way. This activity is relied upon to assist the comprehend the dynamic idea of the sustainable power source directions and related issues and furthermore make a stage to share data on appropriate issues. (Renewable energy, 2018)
Critical Incidents
Waste to Energy
There are too many wastes were not recycled and getting into the sand.  Diamond Energy has taken the major part to generating energy from the wastes.  From this process, the environment stands clean and good.  The Waste to energy is the major part of the sustainable waste management chain, where it’s recycles and provides the right sources of the power converting the wastes from the energy sources economically and ecologically. (WTE)
The improvements and the benefits from the challenges are,
Maintains a strategic distance from methane discharges from landfills 
Counterbalances ozone-depleting substance discharges from non-renewable energy source electrical generation 
Chemically crushes NOx, dioxins and furans utilizing a SCR
Recoups/reuses significant assets, for example, metals 
Delivers perfect, solid base-stacked power and steam 
Demolishes substance squander/regular HAPs 
Uses less area per MW than other sustainable power sources 
Maintainable and enduring sustainable fuel source (contrasted with wind and sun oriented) 
Results in low discharge levels, commonly well beneath allowed levels 
Investment Potentials
Diamond Energy just has one market power plan, essentially called 'Market Offer'. This item is accessible crosswise over Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. 
The Diamond Energy's market offer really charges indistinguishable rate from its current offer on each separate system. The major distinction is that the market offer incorporates extra limits up to 10% offer the use and supply fees. Clients get an unobtrusive 3% markdown for paying bills through direct charge, in addition to an extra 7% rebate if the bill to be paid at right times. (Canstar)
Diamond Energy Market Offer Prices
The calculations propose that Diamond Energy's costs are moderately aggressive in South Australia, however, will in general work out more costly than most retailers in New South Wales and Victoria. Examine our value examination graphs in the connections underneath to perceive how Diamond Energy piles up to different retailers in the state. (Canstar)
Before joining to Diamond Energy's market price, potential clients should take note of a portion of the expenses that might be appended. These incorporate a $22 'foundation expense' for exchanging to Diamond Energy with another supplier, a leave charge of $22 for clients who finish their agreement inside a year, and on a few systems, a late instalment expense of $15. The standing prices are government directed vitality contracts without any limits and higher rates. They are normally extensively more costly than market offers be that as it may, so they are commonly not suggested. (Canstar)

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