The Hong Kong Disneyland has been improving at snail's pace due to inefficiency in management of the Hong Kong govt.



1. Overview 

1.1 Describing the case study 

As it is already known, Disney is the umbrella organisation which has given brands like the Disneyland theme parks having outlets all around the world. In order to directly interact with the fastest growing country, Disney had decided to open it theme park in Hong Kong. By conducting overall analysis, it was concluded that Disneyland Hong Kong was sure to attract a large crowd. The Disneyland company had begun its operations in order to promote the domestic tourism industry of Hong Kong as well as the economy After it was severely hit by the Asian financial crisis. During its operations, Disney company faced challenges in terms of integration of culture, environmental concerns and failure to appropriately analyse the Hong Kong market. 

1.2 Key lessons from the marketing point of view 

By reviewing the case study it is easy to identify the critical issues that were associated with the launching of the Hong Kong park. The first lessons was that Disney underestimated the market. The local market of Hong Kong is very small in comparison to the wandong province. The foreigners are also present in Hong Kong without any visa issue. Another lesson that surmised on the basis of the case study is the Disney was unable to understand the additional market dynamics in addition to identifying the target demography. The most vital lesson that can be considered by reviewing the case study is that the organisation required a large volume of workers and continuously train them to make the park operational. 

2. Analysis 

2.1 Main services 

The Hong Kong Disneyland offers entertainment and Hospitality Services the consumers. They are also responsible for conducting intown check ins, transportation as well as luggage services and booking dining reservations.  In order to promote customer satisfaction, Disneyland also provides accessibility to  attractions for guests with disabilities. The company also operates daily bus services so that interested consumers can easily access the theme park as well as the resort. In order to improve guest relations, the customers can easily obtain the important information related to park and resort by providing times guide and guide maps. In order to provide excellent services to foreign customers, Disneyland company also operates of foreign currency exchange. 

2.2 Appropriateness of services and ability to improve 

After its cultural debacle in France, the Hong Kong Disneyland understood the importance of appreciating the local culture and in order to attract the local crowd, the Disney company Incorporated certain elements of the Chinese culture into their theme parks. The arrangement of the park has been done by keeping in mind the ancient Chinese views and complimenting the visitors with the menu comprising of Western Commission as well as Chinese cuisines. In order to respect the local community and their beliefs, the Disney company also in listed the help of Feng Shui experts. The theme park also conducts nightly fireworks that emanate smoke which is trapped in the most densely populated city in the world does raising concerns regarding ventilation and clean air. The indifferent attitude of the government as well as the Disneyland company has failed to take into consideration the environmental impacts in lieu for profit. 

2.3 Relation of service to the market 

Apart from Disneyland the only other theme park available in Hong Kong is Ocean Park. The unique selling point of Ocean Park is providing adventure as well as exciting games to engage teenagers. The Hong Kong Disneyland has a tendency to serve the customers with fantasy and delivering impeccable service in regards to the fantasy. Disneyland is much more family oriented and targets children. Also the new policy condition allows several Chinese individuals to visit the city of Hong Kong which can become a potential target for the company in near future. 

3. Reinventing product offering

The product offering of Disneyland Hong Kong includes advertisements, personal selling, promotional sales, public relations as well as direct marketing. Disney has launched services like holding marriage ceremonies and birthdays as personal selling. Disney as always made use of parrots, Fireworks as elastica collections for advertisement purposes. In order to promote sales the Hong Kong Disneyland can make use of special events for attracting customers in every season by donning the theme park with unique entertainment as well as special decorations for celebrating the festival

3.1 SWOT analysis 

Strength Weakness 

The Hong Kong Disneyland provides the customers with an exhaustive product mix which helps the company to Cater to a wide customer demography. The company also has a very strong brand recognition both locally as well as internationally and enjoy a high margin of profit in comparison to the industry Rivals.The company is also very good at implementing customer driven innovation and has a diverse revenue model. The local Monopoly as well as the unique markets that can be exploited by Disneyland are disappearing fast which has resulted in declining market share. This is complemented with the high cost involved in replacing the experts and very low Investments in aspects of customer oriented services. The operating as well as the gross margin is also not very encouraging. 

Opportunities Threats 

The Hong Kong Disneyland can benefit from the accelerated technological advancement and innovations. It will be also benefited by the Rapid expansion of the Chinese economy, changes in customer preference, increasing consumer base in the lower segment as well as online opportunities. The most critical threat to Hong Kong Disneyland is the commoditization of products, oversaturation in the urban market space and complete stagnation in the rural markets. The terse trade relations between US and China complemented by distrust in Institutions can be considered as significant threat to the operation of Hong Kong Disneyland.

4. Conclusion 

The Hong Kong Disneyland has been improving at snail's pace due to inefficiency in management of the Hong Kong government as well as the Disney company. It is necessary to actively promote the services and activity is offered by the company in the domestic as well as international market. In order to sustain in the Hong Kong market, the company needs to upgrade the projects, undertake extensive decisions and implement appropriate communication strategies. 

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