This report is going to discuss about the about case study which is related to multicultural committee have health issue

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1. Introduction

This report is going to discuss about the about the case study which is related to multicultural committee have health issues. Firstly, an entire description of the issue in the case is described with main focus on health in the community of Wolverhampton. The condition is very poor in that state which is the reason why there is going to be a discussion about what the genetic, ethnic and cultural background complex factors exist in those regions. Furthermore, after analyzing these factors, the overall impact which stands in the way of delivering proper healthcare service to these multicultural communities is also mentioned. The cultural needs of the communities where people live in misery is also explained in this report. However, the attributes of health care team which is required to enhance the healthcare in the community, address social provision and to reflect on the diversity of the population living in those multicultural community is discussed. An explanation of leadership and what impact it does to the multi-disciplinary team in taking care of the people exhibit in this report.

2. Issues in the Case

The case study is based on the consideration of the population as it can be observed that the Wolverhampton is having an issue that is compared to that of the case of England. The comparison of the study helped in understanding that the condition of Wolverhampton is a major concern. The Wolverhampton is considered as one of the most deprived districts in England additionally, it can also be stated that around 30 percent of the children are currently surviving in poverty or low income. 


Additionally, the study also suggested that the life expectancy of both the male and female are significantly lower than the average in England. The studies also suggest that the life expectancy of the men is 8 years lower and for the women the statistics drop to 7.4 years which can be noticed in the most deprived area of the district. Moreover, at the age of six around 762 children or 26.5 percent of the children are declared as obese and when compared to England it is much worse. 

There are other various issues which comprises of the teenage pregnancy and also the issues related to alcohol and smoking. The health issues in Wolverhampton is a major concern and the healthcare organizations are focusing much more on to the improvement of the present condition. One of the healthcare organization named the Healthwatch is playing a significant role in understanding the condition and trying to improve the same.

3. Discussion of the Complex Factors

In a multicultural community, there are various complex reasons which is why it becomes difficult at times for healthcare professionals and nurses to provide appropriate care. It is seen that in these communities, there exist language difference, cultural difference which stands in the way of health care professions and teams working and leads to unsatisfactory health outcomes(Walsh, Kittler and Mahal, 2018). Various research showed that, multicultural diversity affects in properly delivering health care to the people. The nurses often complain that about facing challenges due to unfamiliar cultural norms, values and expressions of the citizens of Wolverhampton. Furthermore, the nurses often establish dealing with patients in terms of intimate care due to boundary issues because they do not have that much control on these patients as they normally do when treating other patients. As a result, nurses are out of their comfort zone and they are not confident in treating those patients due to the fact they are not aware and are insecure of how the patients would behave or what reactions they will give in certain circumstances(Vesper et al. 2015). Moreover, the doctors and nurses often found at the middle of nowhere due to the lack of knowledge of the people in these community, and they come in dilemma whether they should respect the beliefs of these people.

3.1 Genetic Factors

Genetic factors are one of the most complex factors because of which doctors and nurses find it difficult to treat these people living in multicultural community in Wolverhampton. Different people with different genes makes it difficult for doctors to carry out their treatment in a normal procedure(Stanhope and Lancaster, 2015). These patients living in these communities do not open up in front of doctors about the issue which they are facing which why doctors cannot easily understand what is the problem of these patients. Apart from that, different ideology and growth rate has also been an interruption in providing proper healthcare facilities to these people. Ecological factors likewise differ crosswise over people and the joined impact of natural and hereditary heterogeneity is etiologic heterogeneity. 

At time it becomes difficult for Healthwatch to deal with such issues because if the unfamiliar situations which they have to face on regular interval. Etiologic heterogeneity alludes to a marvel that happens in the all-inclusive community when various gatherings of ailment cases, for example, bosom tumor bunches, show comparable clinical highlights, yet are in truth the aftereffect of contrasting occasions or exposures(Moreno et al. 2015). Knowledge into the etiology of particular illnesses and recognizable proof of conceivable causative operators is encouraged by revelation and examination of condition cases showing etiologic heterogeneity. Moreover, before treating these patients, the doctors must have the knowledge of which environmental background they come from in order to treat them without any difficulty.

3.2 Ethnic Factors

The ethnic factors also affect in providing proper healthcare service to the people living in multicultural believes. It is often seen, that due to social isolation of the people where they have lack of engagement among each other, stands in the way of treating those people. Due to the rise in ongoing conflicts going around the world, different immigrants came to United Kingdom which is the reason why there are various racial issues. Due to the increase in racism these group of minority people have become vulnerable in terms of health issues which are related to lack of community skills and limited literacy(Menon et al. 2018). Furthermore, providing healthcare to the old ethnic minorities for Healthwatch is often challenging because of the existence of higher chronic and disabling disease, there is a very little chance to get access and provide service to these people. 

Along with these, the communication barrier is also another factor that stops in providing proper healthcare service(Mengesha et al. 2018). The people coming from different background are not aware of the languages which is spoken by the doctors and nurses and hence are unable to understand what their real issues are. In order to provide effective healthcare, of the first thing that needs to be done is to create a proper communication technique between the doctors and patients so that they are able to understand what their real health issue are.

3.3 Cultural Backgrounds

As it is mentioned due to immigration, a lot of people have been living under same roof in the same community of Wolverhampton. Due to different opinions and believes, some people do not acknowledge the kind of health practices which doctors use in order to treat the disease affecting the community. The cultural diversity is not only putting a negative impact in the entire healthcare procedure, but also increasing the problems which is becoming difficult to encounter. The stereotypical believes and the typical mindset of these people coming from different cultural backgrounds and living together in the same place is a major issue in terms of providing proper healthcare facilities by doctors and nurses(Huff, Kline and Peterson, 2014). The issues which Healthwatch face is that lack of education and knowledge is also another complex factor which stops the doctor to carryout treatment to these people. For example, if someone is ill, instead of going to the doctor, they use their own traditional approach to cure the people. This type of mindset can not only demean the motive with which the professional approach of helping but also creates a communication barrier in between them due to culture.

4. Impact of the Complex Factors on Healthcare Delivery

The complex factors in the delivery of the adequate healthcare services plays a significant role as it affects the quality of the healthcare service. According to the studies, it can be noted that the healthcare services are considered as an intangible product that cannot be touched or felt. Additionally, it can also be explained that the healthcare services are also difficult to provide at a regular level of consistency. 

The different complex factors including the genetics, ethnic factors and the cultural backgrounds are essential to understand while delivering the healthcare services(Holland, 2017). The most significant problem arises while considering the cultural aspects due to the reason that most of the patients believe in receive the services in a religious manner. The difference in providing the services affects the healthcare provider or the nurses. The ethnic background and the genetic background also play a key role in defining the processes or procedures to deliver the healthcare services. 

The difference in the genetic type from the other people is also a major issue that is seen within the population. Additionally, the genetic issues within a family also affects the process of delivering the healthcare services(Hashim, Alkaabi and Bharwani, 2014). Furthermore, it was also noticed in the different studies that the ethnic factors or the ethnic health inequalities within the United Kingdom have been an issue in the past due to the presence of the immigrants and the communication to the patients is a huge issue.

5. Cultural Needs of Communities in the UK

Over the last few years, the immigrant ratio in UK have increased massively which created an awareness that Britain must integrate to accumulate. As the diversity in the society increase, the trust and community spirit decreased with times making it a major issue in the country. In March 2014, around 560,000 immigrants entered the country which is estimated to have risen by 68,000 according to a survey(Hadziabdic, Lundin and Hjelm, 2015). Due to these reasons, the country is facing a lot of challenge in providing public services to these immigrants as the demand is increasing rapidly. 

The multiculturalism has been a major issue because it is difficult for the country to bring and unite them as one. The government is trying their best to provide as much help as it could to these people both in terms of education and healthcare service(Freeman et al. 2016). However, the application and approach is not up to that mark which is required currently as a result of which it becomes important for the government to understand the differing cultural needs in the country. The multicultural societies are suffering because of the lack of healthcare facilitates and services available for them.

6. Attributes of the Healthwatch Team

The Healthwatch Champions are basically an organization that focuses on to provide a strength to the community and the communities in the United Kingdom. The organization also explains about the processes that are used while providing the healthcare services. The organization also allows the people from the different communities to share the experience about the services that are received from the healthcare providers and the social services(Ezeonwu, Berkowitz and Vlasses, 2014). Additionally, the organization also maintains a focus on making the contributions that could improve the conditions of the districts in England. The major purpose of the organization is to help and improve the involvement of the Healthwatch in the local communities. 

However, while considering the major tasks and responsibilities of the organization it comprises of explaining the people regarding the operations of the Healthwatch. The additional attributes of the Healthwatch is basically related to the capability of working in the public setting(De, Chin and Jenkins, 2016). The Healthwatch Champions are also operating as the organization that is capable of providing the adequate healthcare services by the help of adequate communication. The attributes of the Healthwatch Champion are explained as following:

The Healthwatch is capable of working in a team.

The Healthwatch is committed to the voluntary actions for a specific span of time.

Effective communication allows the organization to deliver the services adequately to the patients. 

6.1 Usage of the Attributes to Enhance the Health of Community

The attributes that are possessed by the Healthwatch Champions are helpful to address the issues of the communities and by the help of the effective communication. The issues in the communities can be conveyed to the Healthwatch Champions and by the help of the initiatives taken to understand the problem it is easier to deliver the healthcare services by the professionals(Cherry and Jacob, 2016). The nurses and the doctors will be directed in the correct direction by the help of the adequate understanding of the issue. 

Moreover, the activeness of the Healthwatch Champion in the different campaigns and the sessions that provides trainings and meetings are also effective as it explains the population that the health is a major concern and it needs to be improved. Additionally, the Healthwatch Champions are considering the Wolverhampton as a major focus group to improve the condition of the population(Betancourt et al. 2016). Additionally, the attributes of the Healthwatch Champions are also most appropriate in these conditions to improve the healthcare of the people living in the deprived district. 

It is also important to understand that the supervision of an organization to help and improve the condition is always essential and could help in the improvement of the current condition of the Wolverhampton. Additionally, the functions of the organization are based on the policies and the procedures that helps in the organization to achieve the objective in an adequate manner.

6.2 Usage of the Attributes to Address Social Care Provision

The attributes of the Healthwatch are also essential in addressing the provisions of the social care as the attributes are open to the entire community(Anastasiou, Kauffman and Michail, 2016). The availability of the services to the community allows the people to understand the issues and briefly describe it to the responsible healthcare providers under the guidance of the Healthwatch Champions. By the help of the well-defined objectives and aims of the Healthwatch it is easier for the population to understand the issues. 

The Healthwatch also supports the functioning in team works and also in partnerships that encourages the population to overcome the issues. The proper functioning of the organization with the support of the population it will be easier to provide the healthcare services that includes the adequate treatment to the issues that includes the lack of finances, obesity, teenage pregnancy, alcohol consumption issues and also smoking at an early age. The organization by the help of adequate discussions will surely help in solving the issues. 

Additionally, the regular seminars and trainings would also explain the population to overcome the present issues and the techniques that could improve the conditions of the male and females residing within the Wolverhampton. It is also essential to remember that the Wolverhampton is facing serious issues regarding the living of the human beings(Ahmed and Bates, 2017). The explanation of the personal care and the care related to any kind of disability would be explained that could help the people to overcome the current issues.

6.3 Usage of the Attributes to Reflect the Diversity of Population

The attributes of the Healthwatch is also effective and appropriate in reflecting the diversity of the population within the community. The aims and focus of the organization, Healthwatch is majorly focused on to improve the conditions of the organization and it is also essential for the organization to maintain the diversity in the culture(Walsh, Kittler and Mahal, 2018). The communication skills and the other attributes allows the organization to achieve the desired objectives. Additionally, the diversity in the population is essential and to address the problems regarding the different cultures or backgrounds it requires a proper knowledge of the same. 

It is also essential to understand that the attributes that are possessed by the Healthwatch would surely help in providing the healthcare services to people of Wolverhampton. The issues that are mainly residing in the community are basically related to the children and the lack of proper care results in the improper health of an adult(Moreno et al. 2015). The campaigns of Healthwatch would significantly help them to obtain the detailed information of the population and therefore, would also help them to maintain the diversity in the culture by meeting the needs and demands of the population. 

7. Evaluation of Leadership in Healthwatch

The evaluation of the leadership in the Healthwatch is also essential and the evaluation is also based on the consideration of the different aspects. The leadership within the organization is essential to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Moreover, the leadership also impacts on the performances and factors of the organization. The evaluation of the leadership of the Healthwatch is explained in the sections below.

7.1 Impact of Leadership on Multi-Disciplinary Team

Healthwatch much take leadership approach in order to treat the patients with care and deal with issues that stands in their way. The impact of leadership approach by doctors and nurses in the entire multicultural community can be massive because, the current situation demands such type of attitude(Vesper et al. 2015). It is the duty of the doctors to take things in their hand instead of listening to the people and the believes. They are various leadership attributes which needs to be taken into consideration while treating the suffering people. 

One of the first thing which needs to done by the members working for Healthwatch is that they should encourage people to discuss their problems with them by implementing a proper communication approach. Furthermore, a leadership approach will not only help in decreasing the health issues which exhibit in these societies but also can educate them on the effects and importance of the medicines used by doctor to treat their disease(Moreno et al. 2015). The Healthwatch team should focus in appointing a leader who have the ability to lead from the front and have all the leadership attributes needed in these types of circumstances. However, one thing which they should keep in mind is not to hurt the sentiments of the people while treating them otherwise, it can be a total disaster.

7.2 Importance of Leadership in Healthwatch

It is extremely necessary to have a proper leader in Healthwatch because there are certain circumstances which not everyone can deal with but only a leader can show the correct path. A lot of challenges are going to come in the way while they go out to treat the patients in the community of multicultural(Holland, 2017). While treating patient, it is important to keep in mind that the doctors should first understand their problem first instead of going into any sort of queries. A leadership approach is what needed in these sorts of situations because the present condition is very critical which is what it needs to be handled with warm and care. 

The doctor’s behavior must not be harm when to treat the patients in those communicates and indulge themselves more in communication activities. There are various nursing interventions which can be implemented by a leader such as making policy and procedure in order to avoid any sort of conflicts while carrying out treatment(Freeman et al. 2016). Furthermore, it is important to appoint a leader in Healthwatch because then they would have an idea and clear motive of what needs to be done and how it needs to done.

7.3 Improvement of the Experience

The experience which they are going to get while treating the patients in healthcare community is definitely going to boost their moral level on how to properly carryout activities to in order to take care of these patients. To secure the future, they must set goal in order to overcome the challenges which comes with diversity in the community(De, Chin and Jenkins, 2016). While treating the patients coming from different cultural and ethnic background, the doctors and nurses are surely going to learn a lot of things during the time which they would spend with them. 

Not only the doctors would get a clear idea of the thought process of these people but also understand the believes in the type of traditional treatment which exhibit in their culture(Hadziabdic, Lundin and Hjelm, 2015). Carrying out such community work would get easier for these people involved due to experience which the doctors and nurses are getting while dealing with the people of Wolverhampton. The healthcare service is seriously going to improve with the approach of a leadership skills when treating patients from diverse ethnic and cultural background

7.4 Outcomes of the Better Leadership in Healthwatch

The outcomes of better leadership approach is going to be easily visible because with using effective strategy by a leader is going to help the community to be free from the suffering and miseries related to their health. With better treatment, the life style is going to be better of these people living in multicultural committee and Healthwatch should keep that in mind. Additionally, there are some important things which a leader should keep in mind among them one of them are to engage and educate these people by using proper policies and procedures(Ezeonwu, Berkowitz and Vlasses, 2014). It is important to educate these people and make them aware of the conditions in which they are staying and what actually needs to be done to overcome the current issues. 

Helping the people in understand will really work in their favor and thus both can collaboratively do their own job without any disruption in work. Nurses and doctors are advised to visualize the present situation and deal with a clear mindset and sent a positive message in the community by helping these immigrant people and children.

8. Appraisal of Attributes of Effective Multi-Disciplinary Team

The attributes of the Healthwatch that is seeking to function in the Wolverhampton are applied appropriately that helps in determining the residing issues in the community. The attributes are also focused on a clear goal that ensures that the health of the population should be improved as the population in the Wolverhampton is suffering from different issues and at an early stage of the life(Huff, Kline and Peterson, 2014). It is essential to understand these attributes are very necessary to the organization as the condition in the Wolverhampton is not being addressed by the other healthcare institutes. 

The attributes also maintain the focus of the population that a proper care is being provided to the population. The aims and the roles of the organization are also based on the policies and the regulations of the government and also according to the different health care institutions. The principles of the organization allow it to develop a certain strategy to help the people belonging to the deprived districts in the United Kingdom. 

The objectives in order to be achieved the organization is seeking to help the different communities by following the culture and the other differences(Hashim, Alkaabi and Bharwani, 2014). The differences in the cultural aspect or the other complex factors affects the process of delivering the healthcare services but the Healthwatch adapts to the different conditions to help the organization achieve its objectives and goals.

9. Recommendations

For the better performance of the Healthwatch in the Wolverhampton to make the community better and live a healthy life ahead, there are a few recommendations. The recommendations for the better performance are provided as follows:

It is necessary and recommended to the Healthwatch to understand the complaints within the process of communication to the patients or the population.

It is also recommended to the members of the organization to understand the roles and responsibilities and also allow the customers to understand the key roles.

It is also recommended that the organization should also involve itself in the care planning procedure.

It is also recommended that the Healthwatch should involve itself into the social activities more to understand the internal and the external factors that are affecting the population.

10. Conclusion

It can be concluded from the above study that the Wolverhampton is suffering with various issues and it needs to be avoided. The population needs to be helped and for the purpose the study has been revolving around the Healthwatch Champions. The study explains that there are different aspects that affects the delivery of the healthcare services. The discussion of the complex factors is also provided which helps in understanding the different issues in delivering the healthcare services. Moreover, the study also explains about the various attributes of the Healthwatch and the importance of the leadership. Lastly, a set of recommendations have been provided to allow the organization to function adequately.

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