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Summary of Learning Style

I attempted VRAK questionnaire for understanding that which are the methods which I prefer to learn the things. After answering the questions, I got the result which indicated that my learning style is VAR which is multimodal. According to the results of the questionnaire, I can say that visual, aural and read or write strategies are best for me to learn anything. Due to the combination of three modes, it could be said that I need to make different strategies for doing the work. For instance, read or write strategies involve the printed words are the preferred way to convey as well as receive information. For this purpose, lists, glossaries, handouts, essays, manuals, notes, textbooks and dictionaries are the best material. While some material which I could not understand by reading then aural method is best for learning it. in this method the information which is heard or spoken(Neil & Baum, 2006). Group or one-on-one discussions, asking questions, listening and seeing tutorials, using a recording device and remembering the related to jokes, examples and stories help in enhancing learning. Moreover, in my score visual learning style is also included and I think I need different formats, colors and fonts to put emphasis on the things which are necessary. Slides, related videos, posters, textbook diagrams and flowcharts are important aiding material. Due to multimodal style, various strategies are used which consequently enhance the understanding and aid in remembering the things for long-term.

Comparison of Preferred and Identified Learning Strategies 

Reading and writing in bit mixing with the visual is preferred learning strategy for me. Firstly, I try to understand the text by help of illustrated diagrams, charts and pictures which I either find on the internet or included in the book which I am reading for understanding a certain topic. However, if I fail to do then I try to use the aural method. Group discussion and asking questions about topic is my major strategy in aural learning. First, I do discussion with my friends, still, if my concepts are not clear then I take help from my professor or see the relevant tutorials on YouTube or other educational websites. 

According to identified learning strategies, along with videos, slides, graphs and pictures, there can be other significant visual aids such as gestures of instructor and highlighting the content in different colors. I think using color for highlighting the content can be an effective visual strategy. Moreover, it has been recommended that one should use all the different visual strategies like pictures, charts, diagrams, highlighters and videos as they will help in remembering the things for the long-term. The best strategy about aural learning which I will include in my practice is explaining the lecture to someone who was not present in the class. It will help in evaluating that how much I remember and how good I can explain it to others as it will illustrate my understanding about the topic. Moreover, I will also leave some spaces in my notes for filling the things later on which I missed during lecture(vark-learn.com, 2018). 

Individual Learning Style and Academic Performance 

The academic performance of the learners highly depends on their individual learning style. This is mainly because students have different ability and preference for procedures of data collection and data processing. For instance, some students understand topics through visuals such as seeing the pictures and analyzing the charts. While others prefer to learn by aural methods like listening to lecture attentively and later on discussing it in group with their friends. However, there are also somestudents who prefer to practice everything which they learned. Various factors impact on the selection of learning style, most important one is psychological factor as different individuals have varied interest in the area of focus, the progress of receiving information, transformation to knowledge and thinking process(Noel & Ramsden, 2015). It is crucial for the educator to assess the preferred learning style of students so,an educator could formulate teaching strategies according to it. without evaluating the individual learning style, the educator cannot predict that whether all the class is learning the topic or not. 

Learning Styles and Health Promotion 

Assessing the individuallearning style of patients is necessary for physicians for teaching them effectively. In the past it was quite a difficult task for physicians,however, now nurses have taken the responsibility to educate the patients so they become responsible for their health status. Learning style can cause behavior change for instance, if the individual is not learning the thing no matter how much one tries then it can lead to frustration, anger and other such behaviors,however, if one understands the topics and instruction then it can motivate the learner. Visual aids like videos and charts can be used for illustration, family members can be involved in increasing group discussion and handouts in colorful pages and relevant pictures can be provided at the end of lecture. 

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