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Advertising is itself a controversial issue that has been prevalent in the society for a very long time. Advertisement is the process by which the society is made aware of the different aspects and entities that are essential to be keen for the survival of the society. Considering the importance of marketing as a part of communicating with the society, advertisement can be stated to be good for the society. The major focus lies on the question “How positive is the use of advertising as a marketing tool for the society?”   

Marketing is the most common process that allows the understanding of the different products provided by an organization, the new policies that have been presented by the government, communication of the different public services available for the society and many others. This shows that advertising in the current technological era is highly significant for the society in order to allow them to understand the possible availability of the amenities for the population (Pet’ko & Sovenko, 2014). 

The use of advertisements allows the development of the business, spreading awareness among the different communities and the population. As of the given statements it can be understood that advertising brings in positive impact to the society. 

Support for the thesis statement 

It can be noted that there are different benefits that are given by the process of advertising for the society. Some of the benefits that are gained from advertising by the society can be seen below.

Public service advertisement: Advertisement is the most suitable way of making public service announcements in order to reach out to the large mass of audience by using the different categories of advertisement. Just like in United States the Ad Council helps in the advertisement for the public service announcements indulging with the betterment of the society by allowing them to be aware of the different services that have been given to them by the government or any other non-profit organizations. Advertisement process includes different categories that can be used in order to deliver effective messages to the society. Some of the methods that are being used are billboards, social media websites, newspapers and many others. This allows the announcement or the advertisement to reach every section of the society making an effective effort to aware the society of the different public services available for them (de Waal Malefyt & Morais, 2017).  

Economic and public health: advertisement is the process of gaining economic benefits to the country. It has been analyzed that there increasing demand for the advertisement process has led to the increase in the number of advertising agencies that are being used excessively by the different organizations regardless of the industry type of the organizations. The private companies, the non-profit organizations, the public organizations and many others are making use of advertisement as a part of their marketing process in order to allow the better understanding of the services and products that are being offered by them. This has led to the increase in demand for the human resources in the advertising agencies and companies leading to the increase in the employment opportunities for the country. The increase in the employment opportunities will further help the economy to grow as advertising has itself become an industry that contributes more than $3.4 trillion to the US GDP for the year 2014. On the other hand, it can be stated that advertising process is also affective in spreading health awareness among the different communities. Different campaigns that are held by the healthcare organizations take help of advertisement in order to reach out to the population for maintaining public health. The Kellogg All Bran Campaign in 1970 involved the use of advertisement in order to run fiber-cancer advertisement for the betterment of the public health and the society. 

Expected argument against the view 

As per the identified benefits that advertising imposes on the society, there lies a contradiction as per the benefits are covered. It has been noted that the advertising content that are being presented by the companies or the different organizations might not be appropriate in the eyes of certain groups or individuals who are present in the society. It has been analyzed that the different advertisement motto sets out a trend for the society to follow. Advertising creates and mirrors the culture that is being followed today. The commercials that are being used are made using the combination of different music and content that might not be appropriate for certain individuals as they are getting easily reflected in the society due to the adaption of the contents being shown by the population. This can lead to backlash by the society or certain consumers who are not supportive of the content given in the advertisements, leading to conflicts among the different groups of the society and the companies that are involved in the advertisement process. This also contradicts that fact that all companies are using positive contents in order to spread any announcement for the services being given. There have been many cases of inappropriate content used in order to market the products and services which has been banned later on by the government (Olper & Grow, 2018). 


Thus, it can be stated that the advertising is good for the society if the medium is being used for a better cause and the process of using the content is being maintained. The contents that are to be presented in the advertisements will be helping the society to get awareness of the facilities that available to them allowing them to lead a better, effective and healthy life.

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