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Today, the organizations are looking out for employees that can deliver not only the work values but also perform as per the expectations of the organization from the perspectives of ethics, trust, fairness, leadership, and transformational working approach. For this purpose, researchers have recommended to deploy different quality management tools and techniques that will allow improving on the quality aspects of the employees in the organization.

It is thereby advised for the employees to follow the principles of Malcolm Baldrige and the quality management values and ethical standards. It will thereby first help them improve their working approach from the ethical perspectives and second will also improve their working efficiency in a given working environment (Ammons, Liston, & Jones, 2013).

Further, it is noticed that today the employees are breaching the Employee Code of Conduct in the organization. It is thereby the responsibility of the Human Resources (HR) department to train them on the principles of ethics and thereby avoid such breached in the organization.

Second, the HR department needs to install knowledge management tools and techniques through which they will be able to upgrade the knowledge of the employees in a given operational environment. Today, the organizations are working toward the direction of personal and organizational learning so that the employees remain motivated, learn about new technologies and management modules, focus on the issues at the workplace, deploy new innovative ways that will assist them to complete the assigned tasks within the given timeframe, and finally make sure that they are following principles of ethics, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness in a given working environment (Ammons, Liston, & Jones, 2013). 

The given course has thereby not only provided conceptual learning but has also correlated the different concepts with the examples and illustrations so that it becomes easy to understand from different management perspectives. Second, the organizations are expecting to have employees in their team that follow the strategic plan of the organization, focus on leadership values and process management, ensure customer focus, and thereby achieve desired business results for the organization (Bright, Winn, & Kanov, 2014).

Also, the HR department is keen to implement different quality management initiatives in a given working environment. It will thereby make sure of working toward the vision and mission of the organization. In addition, the employees are also recommended to develop the qualities of leader such as - sharing the vision, looking forward in the future, remaining honest and thereby ensuring ethical principles, empowering other team-mates, improving communication, inspiring others, leading the change, and also deploying team-based working approach in a given working environment (Bright, Winn, & Kanov, 2014).

It will thereby allow the employees to work and perform as per the quality management aspects in a given organization. Also, the top-level management of the organizations needs to deploy performance analysis mechanisms that will assist them in analyzing the overall performance of the employees.

It will thereby allow them to focus on developing their personal qualities such as - self-belief, self-awareness, self-management, driving for improvement, and personal integrity. Considering the challenges in the internal and external environment, it is necessary for all the employees to follow the concept of change management (Bright, Winn, & Kanov, 2014).

It will thereby not only help them in learning the new skills but will also help them drive better results for the organization in a near future. This course has thereby allowed me to learn and understand the principles of Malcolm Baldrige and the quality management values in a given working environment (Bright, Winn, & Kanov, 2014). I would thereby like to follow them and make necessary changes wherever required.

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