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Key differences

Bio feedback or Neuro bio feedback basically works on to provide feedback from some sort of the sensing mechanism. For the case of bio feedback, the system utilizes medical instruments to provide feedback. This feedback will work on to enable the individual to gain better knowledge and control over its health and performance and this inturn will work for the betterment of the improved health and performance of the individuals. Neuro feedback or EEG bio feedback on the contrary is not a generalized medical feedback system; rather the mechanism will work on to provide a specific protocol based information feedback meant for brainwave activity improvement. The core area of operation of the EEG bio feedback is contained in treating neurological conditions, ADHD problems, Stress/Anxiety, sleep disorders, migraines, traumatic brain injury etc. The methodologies employed in this case, will work for the betterment of rewarding the brain activity and related functionalities, a proper positive feedback given to the brain will enhances its operational efficiency. This rewarding and improvement can be materialized using the EEG bio feedback systems or neurofeedback systems (Conder, 2015).


Bio-Feedback can be employed to check the Blood pressure and pulse rates by any individual who want to monitor their health conditions, The principles can be of use in physiological therapies, General medicine treatments etc. EEG bio feedback can be employed to cure sleeplessness or somatic disorders. It can also be employed to treat neurological complications like ADHD and other trauma and brain injury problems. Understanding nervous systems will enable individuals to use the bio-feedback system to control the internal physiological processes. The control of these involuntary responses in turn can help the people to let their anxiety, tension and migraine, headaches and a wide range of other psychological and physical problems to get relieved of (Patterson, 2017).


Pros and cons of Bio feedback interventions:


Pros of the system are that the interventions are useful in addressing the problems which are not very much responsive to the traditional pharmaceutical based intervention procedures. The techniques can be employed for long time and without any external instruments as well, once if the patient masters the technique. There is no risk involved in these intervention procedures. There is no any side effect involved in these systems as well (Dupee et al.,2016).


The clinician or the medical professional should be having the necessary expertise and talent in using the techniques, if there is any lack of expertise in using the equipment, it is more likely that the patient will not get better benefits of the technique. They are not very much popular and not accepted as alternative to the traditional pharmaceutical based solutions. Further the techniques are not very much useful for quick recovery and will take time for the patient to recover. Both the dedication and motivation of the client is required to get the right benefits from these interventions (Landes,2017). Ethical considerations in using bio-feedback based interventions. There are several ethical concerns need to be considered by the professionals working for bio-feedback based interventions. Following are some of the few considerations need to be considered in this regard: Proper medical evaluation of the patient condition is very much required. There is need for informed medical consent. Patient instructions are very much required. Disrobing is essential to be considered. Physical contacts employed should not be erotic. There is need to ensure patient safety as well. Also patient satisfaction is needed to ensure the entire process.

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