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The leadership and the management are the two distinct functions (Boin, 2016). It is important to understand and evaluate the individual goals while determining the management and leadership. While in the role of the manager the important goal is to establish standardization by adhering to the controlling and directing systems, structures It has also been seen that the manager is supposed to establish standardization by aligning the elements of the controlling and directing systems along with the structures, people and with resources. Opposite fundamental focus is of the leader is to work on the steps to motivate people and often step in to develop influential factors which would help to voluntarily make the followers follow his charismatic personality. 

The Psychometric test has also directed the required steps of providing an ability tests and an insights on the decisions related to the subject matters in the areas which I am competent in (Leadercast, 2015). As I have high risk areas and love to explore the new avenues, the psychometric tests expresses how one should approach and what the tendency of the individual is. It helps to make a valuable decisions based on the outcomes. 

It is evident the leaders are always aiming for the right thing and also adhering to the principles of leading which doesn't make them at a risk of following a risky path to accomplish their goals. It is evident that their approach is equally different while streamlining the path of the management and leadership with respect to their approach and establish a similar function along with collating ways that can help to achieve goals which would be different, as defined below with  differences:


Even with such wide differences there has been a management and leadership that requires to be  complementary to one another It has been duly noted while the role of the leaders is to be a natural-born instinct to inspire others and a manager's ability to effectively and efficiently manage and utilize resources; both roles which need to be a crucial step and work towards the survival with respect to any organization. This has determined that if you would like to hire a manager he will manage the people while the leaders would be hiring people t lead them.  Jobs on how to hire, manage, and lead people',  it needs to be implied with respect to the discusses to the organizational implications that require to work on the approach of  to hire a manager vs. a leader (Griffiths, 2015)

Both the leadership and the management are interchangeable terms and have been included to be part of the different time periods; along with the approaches which require to be on the factors which are deemed to be important and applied. It has also included the contemporary theories which have evaluated per the role perspective that has resulted in examining to the management and leadership that is included the approach of the investigating functions that has included the opposing areas (Bolden, 2016). The expectations of managers/leaders recently have also been changing; along with the approach of the leadership is that can include the approach of the people and management related to the tasks, The personal characteristics of the psychometric tests can consider few points. 

In order to examine and understand the various factors which are determining for the external environment it is essential to bridge and allow a balance of the good leadership and management. Also, it is important to take a concrete step that can determine how the environment needs to consequently affect managers which should also hold equally important. The factors and the forces which affect the managers and leaders are the

1. Key role and impact on jobs and employment

2. The external environmental uncertainty by which the managers and the leaders can establish themselves 

3. To evaluate the various stakeholder relationships this often exists between the organization and its external constituencies 

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