Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Approaches to Recruitment and Selection

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Human resource management is also known as HR or HRM, it is the function which subjects to workforce maintenance, hiring and motivating in an organization. Issues which are related to hired hand like communication, training, compensation, hiring, development etc. are dealt with human resource management (Ringle and Gudergan,2020). The functions of a HR are: selection and recruitment, planning of the success, development and learning, analytics and HR data, information systems of human resource. The consequential effect on the industry of HR is due to the world's business thinker, management expert and educator is Dave Ulrich. HRM began in Europe in 18th century, and during the industrial revolution it was further built by Charles Babbage and Robert Owen and this all took place from somewhere between 1772 and 1850.

There are few types of HR and they are: recruiter manager, specialist of human resource, assistant of human resource, specialist of employment. The use of human resource planning can work in the favour of contingent labour and if any merits will arise out of that. Employer accounts as the senior of employee in the firm and the one who retrieve work from the employee as well.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Approaches to Recruitment and Selection

The recruitment and selection process stands for the suitable candidate's selection are based on their ability, experience and understanding of learning, and some other competencies considered by the organisation.



Time-saving approach - It saves the time of HRM in identifying, attracting, and engaging suitable individual.

Cost-effective - It does not include the extensive and lengthy recruitment process as in the external recruitment approach.


Attracts new skills set - It increases the chances of attracting and selecting new talent significantly.

Enhance the quality of the workplace.



Limited choices - Internal approach results in a lack of required quality of management as they are just searching the options available, not trying to reach out for better selections.

Stagnate working environment - It can decay the working environment as when employees become too accustomed to the systems and practices, they became incapable of innovating.


It is a time-consuming process of recruitment and selection.

All of these aspects of the hiring process are tiresome, complex, and expensive.

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