Protocols collaboration for cloud storage to Protect the platform from different authentication problems

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Security and privacy protocols collaboration for cloud storage to protect the platform from different authentication problems

1. Introduction
The cloud computing technology is the revolutionary mechanism that has been changing the way to the hardware as well as software design. And also it provides rich benefits such as less cost for maintenance, resources elasticity, and easy access via internet. Even though cloud computing has the larger number of benefits, the cloud users hesitate to place their sensitive data in the cloud platform as it does not have an effective control over the data. Thus the current research indulges in review of some of the effective security and privacy protocols to protect the data from security and privacy concerns.

2. Rationale
1. Problem domain
As the cloud computing provides several flexible services to the cloud users, many of them transit to this technology. Thus the cloud service provider must ensure the data integrity, availability, privacy and confidentiality to the user data that resides in the cloud platform. But the cloud data has been subjected to various issues such as data breaches, data theft and so on. Thus implications of some effective protocol can eliminate those kind of concerns associated with the cloud computing and thus the secured cloud network can be build(Jia, 2020).

2. Purpose and justification
The main objective of conducting this research activity is to analyse some of the effective security and privacy protocols to ensure the data integrity and privacy in the cloud platform. Thus the attacks and security breaches associated with the cloud can be defended with the integration of the security protocols and some efficient accessing mechanisms. The security flaws persist in the cloud environment will be identified initially and then appropriate mechanism can be applied to ensure the data integrity and confidentiality.

3. Supervisor Approval
After getting the opinion and advice from the supervisor, the topic has been selected and various researching methodology suggested by them. After getting the approval, the respective activities were performed. The implications of those ideas generated some of the useful data in relevant to the researching topic (Feng, 2019).

4. Research Questions
• What are the security risks and challenges emerge in the cloud computing?
• What are the reasons that cause the security concerns in the cloud platform?
• What are the security and privacy protocols available in the existing work?
• What are the research methodologies chosen to conduct this researching activity?
• List out some of the major problems associated while conducting the researching activity?

5. Conceptual or Theoretical Framework
Some of the security protocols available for attaining the efficient security and some of the exciting features also associated with the introduced protocols. The implications of those protocols can bring many benefits in terms of usage as well as storage. The protocols available can be build up with some well-established security standards. The security credentials can be handled with high security by means of some effective authentication mechanisms. The protocols available can produce some handling mechanisms and it needs to be followed to eliminate the security and privacy flaws in the cloud environment (Shang, 2019).

6. Methodology
The following section involved with analysis of source of information, data collection methodologies, ethical issues in the research activity and some of the compliance requirements that needs to be followed while conducting the research (Xiong, 2020).

1. Analysis of sources of information
The various resources has been preferred to retrieve some of the useful content in relevant to the chosen topic. Some of the strategies were applied to collect the useful data from the journals or internet resources. The keyword searching methodology seems very useful to collect the useful data in relevant to the research topic. The research papers were chosen form some of the repudiated journals such as Google scholar, ACM, Wiley, Science direct, IEEE and sprinkler link. The knowledge gaps and weakness associated with the existing work were analysed and application of some research methodology were found useful in aggregating some of the useful data in relevant to the research topic. After reviewing on those journal papers, some useful ideas and data has been generated and thus employment of those data in the cloud platform will significantly helpful in elimination of security and privacy concerns (Shen, 2019).

2. Research method(s)
The research methodology chosen for conducting the researching will be mixed methodology. The mixed methodology incorporates both quantitative and qualitative research methodology to gain complete knowledge on the security protocols associated for securing the cloud data. The expert's opinions and surveys were conducted with the cloud users and thus they revealed that the cloud has been facing lot of security and privacy concerns due to its weak security defense mechanisms(Mishra, 2020). And also they explored that even though cloud provide some exciting features but the risks associated with the cloud has made the significant problem to go with those technology. The interviews and questionnaires were conducted with group of 100 people to deliver the importance of the security protocols for the cloud environment. The research results after the application of the research methodology have aggregated massive amount of useful data and thus the efficient protocols has been picked from the existing work.

3. Data collection
The application of the security protocols can produce the useful data on the chosen topic. The data has been gathered from the survey and questionnaire has produced useful data about the security protocols. The study was conducted with the cloud users and thus the weakness persist with the cloud platform will be identified. The literature review also conducted in which the various ideas delivered by the different authors can be gathered. The knowledge gaps associated with the each literature papers were reviewed and appropriate solution can be given to overcome those knowledge gaps (Alloghani, 2019). The questionnaire methodology chosen the likert scale that ranges from 1 to 6 in which the different perspectives and views about the cloud computing can be collected. Some of the standards and protocols available were known with the usage of the researching methodology applied. The application of identified protocols in the cloud storage will bring the secured network with limited accessing to the cloud users. The authentication and authorization will be carried out by application of security protocols.

4. Ethical Issues
The ethical concerns associated while indulging in this researching activity and it needs to be nullified to carry out the research without any interruption. The researchers need to protect the life, dignity, integrity, privacy and confidentiality of the information of the researching subjects. The ethical principles such as Respect for persons, Beneficence and justice must be followed while conducting the research(Dong, 2020). The mistreatment of the researching subjects will be termed as research misconduct and it causes the physiological harm to others. The research made should not harm others at any cost and it is essential to conduct the research by informing with the respective persons. The issue in related to confidentiality and anonymity and thus it is essential to preserve the content from the hands of over accessing.

5. Compliance Requirements
If the researcher does not follow any legal and ethical laws during the research then the possibility of occurrence of the legal and ethical issues will be high. The researching activities need to be governed and thus adhere to some rules and regulations during the researching activity can deliver the positive results. The training can be given to each researcher to how to carry out the research activity with some legal and ethical requirements. The data gathered after the researching activity must be well documented and should not undergo any modification at any cost and thus the data confidentiality can be preserved. The individual will be fined if any violation in the researching activity is done (Yan, 2020).

6. Project Plan
The output attained with the researching activities has been explored in this section and also risks emerge also identified.
1. Deliverables
The following are the outcomes of the research activity and they may include:
• Security standards and guidelines needs to be followed during the researching activity can be identified.
• The security and privacy protocols applied to avoid the authentication problems will be identified.
• The compliance standards and requirements needs to be followed in the researching activity were identified.
• The quality services provided by the cloud service provider and thus the customer satisfaction can be improvised.
• The risks associated in the cloud platform will be identified and suitable solution were applicable to eliminate those kind of concerns(Li, 2020).

Risk Analysis
The major risk associated with the cloud storage is lack of privacy d security. And thus following some of the standard security protocols can be very helpful in maintaining the security and privacy(Ding, 2020). The accessing mechanism also needs to be followed with some limitations and thus the lack of control over the sensitive data can be eliminated.



Task Description

Week 1

The challenges and problems identified in the chosen research topic.

Week 2

Review of literature papers to retrieve some useful data on the security standards needs to be followed in research activity.

Week 3

Research methodology selection to gain the deeper insights about the security protocols.

Week 4

Data collection methods were implied to generate various perspectives on the cloud computing technology.

Week 5

The usage of the Gantt chart and WBS for assigning the task.

Week 6

The reviewing of the models to secure the cloud from the various security attacks.

Week 7

The flaws associated with the security models were identified and nullified with the help of proposed solutions

Week 8

Evaluating the effectiveness of the proposed frameworks and protocols.

Week 9

The ethical issues in the research activity were identified and resolving it.

Week 10

The applying the protocols with some authentication mechanism to deliver the useful data

Week 11

The project closure and signoff after the completion of testing process

Week 12

The releasing of the product into the market after the successful testing.

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