Human Resource Management has shown many benefits in regard with an employer as well as an employee!

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Benefits of Different HRM Practices for Employees as Well as Employers

Human Resource Management has shown many benefits in regard with an employer as well as an employee (Stahl and Hajro,2020). Human resource management is a practice by which a company is managing the employees in a way that they are much more effective. HR is the department responsible for managing all employees in all aspects with the company. It is expected to recruit the employees which benefit the company, give them assistance, support the domestic violence victims and ensure safety of an employee at a workplace. An employee has a lot of benefits with the HRM such as:

  • An employee is provided with many medical and health benefits like medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance etc.
  • An employee working at Sainsbury's is also given many work benefits like specific working hours, parental leaves (Lopez and Valle,2020), development of skills, employee clubs and activities, etc.
  • They are given many financial benefits like after retirement pension plans, different types of insurances, special bonuses, etc.
  • Many companies also ensure that it is important for an employee to balance their work and regular life. And so, companies provide them with facilities like childcare, legal services, etc.
  • A lot of employees of Sainsbury's are provided with vehicles like cars, cycles or use of public transport to make their life easier.

This style of management not only benefits the employees but also the employers as:

  • It helps maintain a good relationship with the employees which lead to smooth functioning of the company.
  • There are a lot of times when a conflict arises between an employer and an employee and the HR department acts as mediator to resolve them.
  • Every employ at some point needs to be trained. For which the HRM system takes responsibility of their training, this ensures that there is no lack of skills required with the employee's which ensures the development of the Sainsbury's company.

To fulfil the objectives of Sainsbury's, perfect talent and skills can be obtained by HRM team of the concerned company by accomplishing the goals in order to attain the employees of the company (Caligiuri and Zimmermann,2020). Jobs should be designed effectively to increase the working and management of the Sainsbury's.

Strength and weakness of the HRM team are mentioned underlined. Strength: advocacy, development of employees, compliance, team work etc. and weakness can be: not being minded financially, lacking in strategic foundation, focus on customers are less, weaker communication skills, lack of resources knowledge at times etc.

Development, staffing, training and planning are the practices of the individuals which are then combined with the practices of HRM for the great level of effectiveness and hence it was proved that the level of satisfaction of employees were medium. Entire functions of organization play an important role which shows that how effective is your business and how much calibre they have to perform better. Except employee delegation, employee retention is remarkable to remunerate the appraisal system, training and development, when multiple statistical regression analysis is used.

On employee's retention their management of effective performance training through job design, compensation of equity, empowerment of importance is in regard with the employees. 5-points questions which were present in questionnaire which were self-administrated by using non-profitability quantitative data. There can be decrease in the productivity of the organization and increase in labour cost with insufficient workforce. Conditions which are required to create high performing and healthy organization by the following means: performance of the employees, how employees deliver the work allotted to them, communication skills are considered by the Sainsbury's higher level of departments, leadership qualities are considered the most, effectiveness is also measured by the accountability of the concerned company etc. This is how the effectiveness of different HRM practices are measured and analysed. 

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