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Three recommendations for supporting service expansion

The Sierra car is one of the new business concepts and it has been providing various services across the world. It has the fleet of 50 driverless cars and it is approved to run in the major cities. The services provided by the Sierra are safe and safety precautions made in the Sierra as per the legal and ethical norms defined by the government. In order to pick the car in the Sierra, the user has to access the application and enter the details in related to the route and timing. At the picking area, the car identifies the user with the usage of the identities and unlocks the cars. During the trip end, the user will be charged automatically. The emergency button must be placed in the application. During the emergency situation, the user can contact the control centre to overcome those difficulties (Sukma, 2018). The commuters attain lot of benefits by the Sierra due its numerous reasons such as

  • Increased privacy
  • Time can be saved due to incorporation of the digital technologies
  • Fixed pricing in accordance with the chosen route
  • No parking hassles

Now, the Sierra has been planned to expand its services by investing the additional funds and they have planned to include some of the services to grasp the attention from the customers. The introduction of the application can make the customers to easily know the rewarding details, to pay the demanding prices and to carry out further activities that have been carried out in the Sierra. The inclusion of those options in the application can made the user to interact with the Sierra in effective way and thus inefficiency associated with the Sierra also eliminated. There are various operational inefficiencies associated with the Sierra and thus making some changes can bring the effectiveness in the operations and high productivity can be attained. The advancements in the services can make the users to take the appropriate actions on time and suitable guidance can be provided to the customers.

Customer loyalty scheme

The customer loyalty scheme can be provided to the frequent customers of Sierra. It means the customers will be provided with free coupons, rewards etc. on the basis of the frequent usage of the Sierra cars. The certain points can be given to the Sierra cars for every ride and it can be utilised at the end of the month. The membership offers also provided to the users of the Sierra during the peak demands. The demands can be varied in accordance with the traffic area and it has the significant effect on the project outcomes. On the basis of the membership level, the customers can earn the rewards (Cahyono, 2018 ). The membership levels has been categorised as:

  • Red (zero points to qualify)
  • Gold (200 points to qualify)
  • Platinum (1000 points to qualify)
  • Diamond( 2500 points to qualify)

The main goal of offering the loyalty scheme is to construct the repeat business by providing participating customers with something that is not offered to the non-participating customers. The old customer can be retained with higher level of trust and they will be key person to bring the new customers to sierra. The rewarding can be provided for those who provide the recommendation for others to join in the Sierra. The customer loyalty scheme provides the option to cancel the riding option with the usage of the Gold membership level. And also some of the premium options can be provided to increase the attention of the customers.

In order to carry out this process, the application can be used in which the user can be able to know the rewarding details. The suitable actions can be taken on the basis of reward points and bonus details will be shown by accessing their account. In order to become the member of Sierra, the customer needs to enter their personal details so that the respective rewarding process can be carried out.

Beverage snack food service

The inclusion of the beverage snack food services can be added in the Sierra services and thus the user needs to pick the food they required in the application named as Sierra foods. The cost for the respective food and drinks will be showcase in the menu of the sierra foods option. In accordance with the user convenience, the digital payment option has been provided. The user can pay the charges for the food through various options such as debit card, Gpay and so on. This reduces the risk of human errors and time can be conserved in effective way. And the personal details and other details shared can be encrypted with highly secured algorithms and thus the privacy and security issues evolved to those data can be highly eliminated(Chen, 2009). The eco-friendly practices can be followed while distributing the food to the customers. It means bio degradable products can be used for packaging the food items and beverages. And several offers can be offered to the customers such as seasonal and organic foods and it can make the customers to go in the healthy side. The eco-friendly practices can increase the sustainability and brings the customer satisfaction. The eco-friendly practices can significantly increases the business reputation. The vouchers or gift cards can be utilised to get the tasty treats. The customers engaged during the virtual meetings and conferences and vouchers can be chosen to select the local restaurants they prefer. The customer can be able to choose the preferred restaurants and delivered to the customers on time.

The survey analysis has been shown that the waiting time impacts the customer satisfaction to the larger extent. It means if the customer places the order via application and it should reach before the expected time. Some of the customers fear to use the online applications due to the security and privacy issues persist with it. Thus proper awareness can be given to those customers so that the convenience in transition to the digital technology can be known to them (sasa, 2010). The Sierra made the survey to know which food is highly preferred by the customers and it can minimises the food wastage occurs in the Sierra.

Monitoring peak and low demand periods

The peak range may vary in periodic manner and it significantly has the abrupt changes in the pricing. It means, the pricing for hiring the sierra will be low during the peak demands and low during the low demand period. The application will withhold the details of the pricing for riding and the user can be provided to choose the required pricing. The increased fares will be termed as surge pricing ad it usually occurs due to bad weather condition, traffic conditions, peak hours and so on. The imbalance in the demand supply normally occurs due to downward shift in rider demand and driver availability. The maps can be utilised in the Sierra in which every city will be partitioned into granular hyperlocal zones that are basically in small hexagonal blocks. Whenever the demand in particular area increases, then the blocks will start to change its colour. The coloured area in the map will vary from light orange to red. It means the light orange denotes the low surge area and red colour indicates the high surge area. The surge will be indicated by multipliers of x.x and the rider in that surge area should accept the surge price for the ride if they want the cars immediately. This availability of the option can made the user to pick the cars in accordance with their convenience and varying surge price in accordance with the demands can be easily tracked with the maps exist in the application developed (Auramo, 2004).

The user also has been provided with one of the effective options to book the trip for sporting finals and concerts. For those customers, the offers can be provided forthose books the cars for longer duration. The food and drinks can be provided to the members of the Sierra and attractive offers and discounts for them. The advantages and benefits also provided to the employees of the Sierra on the basis of the hard work and smart work.

Thus the addition of those defined services in the Sierra cars can enhance the productivity and business reputation among the customers gets increased. The effective services provide can make the customers can bring convenience to the customers and more customers can prefer to choose the sierra than the other firms. The adoption of the digital technology in Sierra has increased the operational efficiency and business objectives can be attained in effective manner.

Improving the business services -Sierra

Some of solution has been given suggested for improving the business services in the Sierra cars. The success of the organisation totally depends on the operational efficiency and it needs to be achieved with incorporation of some effective technologies and mechanisms. The major issue faces in the Sierra is more time spend on processing the request due to arise of large number of requests from the users and it is totally overcome with the intervention of the machine learning. Apart from this, the seating capacity is low and thus 8 seater can provide more users to travel with high comfort. And the brief description of the 8 seater driverless cars and machine learning has been explored in detail below:

8 seater driverless vans

The high seating capacity can be provided in the 8 seater driverless vans. The large number of customers can pick up at same time and it significantly reduces the fuel cost. Due to spacious environment, the customers can be travel to long distances with more comfort. The high range of safety can be obtained due to sensors and customers can be able to reach the destination in short span of time. In the Sierra, only 5 seater cars are available and thus large number of the customers cannot be picked. But the advent of the 8 seater driverless cats can put the customers in the comfort zone. The advanced technologies also incorporated to keep on track of the user location and travelling speed. The user also given with optionality to select the route which has the less traffic and thus the user reach the destination in appropriate timings. For the commuters, it will be highly benefited and thus larger number of commuters can be able to reach the workplace in prior to office timings(Prabhakar, 2016).

Machine learning for better customer experiences

It is recommended to integrate the machine learning to attain the operational efficiency and to improvise the customer experiences. The machine learning will be coupled with the interaction signals during the ride and thus the rider based issues can be eliminated. The signal becomes double up due to wide range of the datasets and thus adoption of the machine learning can be able to know what kind of request arises. The massive amount of the databases has been generated and thus managing and retrieving useful data made easier with the adoption of the machine learning. The machine learning can be very helpful to take the effective decisions. The decisions made in the Sierra can make the cars to be reach the destination whenever the requests arises and thus the high reputation and customer experience can be attained (Koskinen, 2013).

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