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Evolution of Architect in Kuwait

Before 100 years from now Kuwait had poor technology in architectural. Like the rest of the world Kuwait did not had any machines back then to build houses, additionally; did not even learned the right calculation to build a strong lasting building. But now things have changed because of architect engineering. The difference between Kuwait now and then with architect is hugely obvious based on the material difference, structural difference, methodizes of building.

             First of all, the material difference. In the past people in Kuwait have built their houses and facilities with mud and with poor quality internal material that won’t last for long. On the other hand, engineers nowadays try to build the best buildings with better quality material like blocks of cement and other material that would last for years without any damage. Between the past and now they had the same goal of trying to build livable buildings with what they have but the different is they did not have many resources in the past.

Second, the structure difference structural difference between now and then. In the past the structure was based on eye perspective and foot measurement and the size of the building on what is the use of the room is it for a family or is it a story and etc. moreover, the dimension were pretty basic with only square shape dimension rooms with some windows to let the sunlight in the house. Nowadays engineers are more creative with their structure and more experimental, they can make whatever they want and what ever in their mind come to real life with the right basic math. When to come to architecting today they care about many factors when it comes to structure like sunlight, the movement of humans, the sound echo, the needs, the astatic, the value and more.

In the last, the methods od building. In the past people did not had any machines to help them, they did all the work by hand which took a lot of efforts and time and energy. The method was to make the mud while building so it would stick right to it.  On the other hand, nowadays methods are more advance with machines and construction to help make the building easier. And the blocks are premade and ready for building before the being the building proses by factories in advance.

Finally, there are many differences between now and then. Such as the materials that is been used, and how back then they did not have any good resources against now they do have good material for building. The other thing is the structure and the dimension of the building back then they had basic logic of what to do but now with studies it is easier. The third one is the method of building back then they used to build by their hands but with advance technology they use machines. Although the difference seems huge between back then and now, they all want the same thing and it is to build the best liveable buildings.

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