Essay is about author and his father who taught him many values like respect, hard work,determination,self confidence

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Although I grew up in poor neighborhoods, I consider myself lucky enough to have been raised with all my parents. I am the second born in a family of three, and we have lived peacefully as a family since my childhood. When I was only three, my father used to work in a nearby textile factory earning meager wages that could barely sustain us. My father has played lawn tennis his whole life and encouraged me to play since I was only five years old. My father's love for the sport has sparked mixed reactions from most of his friends who shun it as unhealthy. However, it is what has kept us united as a family. He uses this chance to bring us together as a family. Because of his motivation, I have played lawn tennis throughout my life. I have been couched with different great people who have taught me many values ranging from respect, hard work, determination, and self-confidence, which I will uphold throughout my life.
My father believes in persistence. At an early age, I viewed that he was hard on me. However, as I grew older, my mother helped me to understand that he was just strict. When I was fifteen, I gave up in the final stages of a lawn tennis match. My father got very upset and even confiscated my phone. I can remember him telling me that there was no room for laziness in his family. Since then, I have always believed that whenever I start working on a project, I must strive to finish it. However, like anyone else, my father had some flaws. One day at the lawn tennis court, he told me that he had a drug problem and had to be cleaned for five years when he was only 25 years old. As such he has continued to warn us of the adverse effects of drug abuse.
I can describe my mother as very understanding. She always wears a welcoming face to visitors. Regardless of their religion, race or sexuality, she treats them equally. Her key advice to us that I will never forget is "be nice to everyone you meet today." These are the words she used to say while dropping me off to school every morning. Because of her warmth and love as a mother, she will forever be my greatest role model in life. Sadly my mother is undocumented, and my father is only a factory worker, financial problems have not been new to us. Sometimes, we could stay out of school for weeks. I, therefore,need to work hard in college and deliberate my parents from poverty.
I am only nineteen years old. I, therefore, know very little concerning life. I have no doubt however that my parents have put me on the right track by giving me all the resources I need to attain my goals. I have learned from my mom to be friendly and welcoming to everyone. I have also learned from my dad to be disciplined, hardworking and determined. I am therefore dedicated to incorporate all these qualities in every aspect of my life because I am confident they will mold me into the person I aspire to be.

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