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Sex education has been a topic many parents and teachers have been evading to talk to their children. An article by the”HuffPost” by Sophie Galanger talks about how parents should be talking to their children about sex (Sophie,  2016) The articles states that many teachers have found talking about sex to be an embarrassing ordeal and parents should take up that role and talk to children about sex. The article also admits that talking to grown-up children can also be a bit difficult especially when they are talking about sex. However, the article finds it essential for parents to talk about sex education with their children. I totally agree with Sophie about the issues of parents talking to their children in regards to sex (Sophie, 2016). The media has been confusing many of children on messages about sex which seems that everyone is doing it all the time. Especially when a child has started to ask questions about sex, parents should come in and answer some of the hard questions they are asking about sex. The world has been changing from the recent few years and children should now be informed of issues like sex since they can now access the information throughout the internet. However, parents should wait until that age the child is ready to sit down and have a talk with their parents.


Parents should not talk to their children about matters to do with sex; this is introducing them to sex. It will be very wrong for a parent to tell his or her child in topics to do with sex. I can’t even imagine what I can talk to me aren’t about sex. My parent will shy off and also not talk to me for more than two days due to embarrassment. Children should abstain till marriage when they are grown up enough they can now teach and talk about sex on their own.  Nowadays the internet has much information where children can get information to do with sex. Many children even know more than their parents on the matter to do with sex. They have every information they need from the internet thus no need of being told by their parents. Sex education is much essential to every child and they ought to be cautious. However, children nowadays will not listen to this as they have all the information required for sex. If it is about having sex, children of today know that there are diseases such as IADS and when having sex they should use a condom.

 The difference between his two arguments is that one am in agreement that children should be taught in matters to do with sex education by their parents and on the other end parents should not be involved in sex education in their children. Children have nowadays been abet p explore by themselves, and there is no need for sex education since they even know more about sex more than their parents. In agreeing on sex education, children re-informed about sex by their parents, but on the disagreement, children know about sex on their own.

            From where I sit I think my opinion has not been changed on the issue of sex education. I think parents should not inform children on issues to do with sex. I believe children should be left to explore by themselves. I have cognitive dissonance about this topic. I am having a contradictory belief on the issue of sex education. Children should be left to explore by themselves. Cording to Festinger(1962), it is normal to have cognitive dissonance to topic that one have psychological discomfort about

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