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To: HR Director, Judy Jakes

From: XXY ZZ, Vice President of BioTech

CC :


Subject: Leadership and current business environment

My main purpose to issue a memo is related to the recent survey that was apparently been taken by our employees at Biotech Health and Life Products (Biotech).  It evidently showed the results which were quite alarming and questioned about the existence of the leadership within our company (Clampitt, 2013). It clearly showed how less effective it was in the past and how some of the common complaints remains intact and focused on the lack of vision. It clearly specifies how it is a breakdown in communication and one needs to build on clear steps for the lack of connection with staff.

The other thing, which I wanted to highlight, is the job descriptions which were recently posted in light of the experienced production managers that tend to focus on the production along with maintaining it on the high and costs low.  In this, it was clearly stated how the Manager needs to be able to motivate employees along with the steps to keep the production moving smoothly and making it efficiently. As our business is a fast paced environment and we are focused on the aspects like results-oriented, goal oriented and with the scope of the policy adherence which needs to create a successful environment in the department.

First of all, with the recent survey results, I completely agree with the employee's feedbacks. In my view, leadership is the cornerstone which requires to deliver a success story for the organization and same holds true for the poor leadership context which can equally cause and spell trouble.  Secondly, in relation to the failed survey results, I would like to draw a concrete relation to the job descriptions which are described for the new candidate.  In my opinion, while hiring for the new candidate and briefly describing the job description, we need to understand the changes, analyze the prospective candidate past experience and his successful deliverables. It should completely follow the prospect from the new management hires that are planned should be detailed oriented and one should check their past leadership.

The existing job announcement for new hires was effective as per the past trends and reflecting various theories and view of leadership that originated from the 1990s. Such as the hiring of the Sales Manager, which briefly described how the manager needs to direct his team and able to successfully deliver the results, however it never described that it needs to play an important role of a being a team player and be individual result oriented. It is important to know, that leader of today should have modern thoughts and cannot fit in the same framework which existed in the old announcement framework (Cardon, 2014). It needs to skills set, knowledge and abilities which involves advanced methodology apart from acknowledging the past theories.

With the recent times, a leader needs to be evolving and should have approaches and theories which have participative theories, trait theory and should have a transactional leadership. The job description should briefly include one-liner like hiring for a "leaders who can work in a fast paced environment and should have a similar experience which can run the production even when the manager is off the duty". Further, it should detail about the expectations and the company visionary ideas that can help the job candidate to draw a concrete relation to expected job and deliverables. Including such kind of language, would help the job candidate to apply with utmost seriousness and feel responsible, even while going through interview rounds They should be hired on the basis of the right set of attitude, aptitude and needs to have a concrete skills set and knowledge that can take the team in the right direction.





Vice President

BioTech Company

ABC Street, 101 Offices

XX City, State

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