The given essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad to know understand the experience

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Essay Topic- Studying abroad can be an enjoyable and, at the same time a stressful experience for international students. Referring to relevant literature discuss whether the advantage of studying abroad outweighs its disadvantages.
With the development of the society, students are turning to foreign countries for higher education. The foreign universities offer advanced teaching methods and materials and develops opportunities for students which they may not achieve studying in the home country. The idea of immersing in a new culture, meeting people, and experiencing new things develops an excitement and idealized notion in a student. Though, at some points a student may feel stressed and full of anxiety due to various reasons(Condomines and Hennequin, 2013). The given essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad to know understand the experience of studying abroad better.
Studying Abroad an Opportunity or a Mistake
The essay topic that will be discussed here will provide a conclusion that whether studying abroad is good and advantageous for a student and the disadvantages attached with it can be outweighed by looking at the advantages. To come to a conclusion, it is important first to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. This will help in developing a clearer understanding of the topic and a more thoughtful conclusion could be achieved.
Students having various dreams in eyes move to a foreign country with lot expectations, jitters, and hope in heart. For most of them it is like a mini-adventure, but all does not find the mini-adventure as a thrilling one. There are many reasons why a student should go for higher studies. Some it will be discussed here. The first advantage and the main reason for studying abroad is the standard of the education. Foreign universities have to offer a high-standard education that is not or advance curriculum wise but also the teaching methods are technologically advance. These reasons attract students and parent for studying in them. The other advantage of studying abroad is the learning of new culture. The student travelling to a different part of the world to spend a considerable time of his life expose him to different cultures and beliefs. To become a part of it every student aims to learn about the new culture which helps them in adjusting with it better. This allows the student to learn the concept of culture management which is an important lesson when seeking opportunities for job in future. The third advantage is the development of independence. A student in a new place have to manage many things starting from studies, making friends, adjusting with the new environment, managing personal and professional challenges etc. This experience of managing everything makes the student independent and also confident with his skills(Bradford, 2015).
The next advantage of studying abroad is that one gets the chance to go to the other parts of the world and also become a part of it. This may not be possible for most of the people as most of them find this opportunity when they are offered a job in a foreign country. Though there is another point to note that the student’s resume having a degree of a foreign university add to the positives of it. Any company looking for candidates to recruit in a foreign country will prefer the person who have studied abroad rather than the one who has completed studies domestically. The studying abroad develops many skills in a person like understanding of new culture, language skills, higher educational degrees, and a knack of learning. All these skills add to the resume of the student and develops various career opportunities. Such applicants are very attractive for the employers opening many doors for a bright future for the student. Diversified development is another advantage that a student gain from studying abroad. A student moving to a new place not only have to learn what is thought in class, but the experience of life is gained in the given period. The life style of the new place not be the same as in a home country. Adjusting with new life style and managing with what the life brings in front of the students develop a diversity skill in the student. This diversity skill is one of the rarest that every employer wanted to be in his employees(Moos, 2010). Thus, the above-given discussion shows that there are so many advantages of studying abroad.
After discussing the advantages, it is important to discuss the disadvantages of studying abroad to come to aconclusion whether it is a boon or curse for the students. The first challenge that a student has to face that acts a disadvantage for the student is the culture shock that most of the student go through while studying abroad. Culture shock leads to the feeling of disorientation, discomfort, and distancing that the student feels from the local community and culture. Though, in a span of time and efforts of the near ones this emotional stress fades away, but the period when the student is going through it is very difficult for him. The other disadvantage of studying abroad is the cost that one has to bear for taking the education (Chin, 2013). Travelling, accommodations, tuitions, books, and other cost of living are higher than the compared host country the student comes from. Making it difficult to manage for the student and the parent. This demands a number of adjustments and that increases the stress on the student making him feel low (Llanes and Muñoz, 2012). The next disadvantage of studying abroad is that the student is on its own and could not take help from the near and dear ones if in need. Many students could not cope with the situations where they are supposed to handle everything on their one as there are cultural barriers and language barriers those act as a challenge for the students. This leads towards stress and depression for the student. The next disadvantage is a major one because this demoralizes the student drastically. Many times, the validity of the degree collected by the student from the foreign country becomes questionable. Many countries and company do not accept or recognize the degree collected by the student from a university. This make the whole experience of studying abroad into a disastrous experience and raises question on the authenticity of such degrees those are acquired from abroad(Reddy, 2016). The above-given disadvantages show the reasons why people are thoughtful about studying abroad.
After studying all the advantages and disadvantages it is concluded that studying abroad is a great opportunity for the student that one should avail. It is agreed that there are associated disadvantages to it. But most of the disadvantages could be overcome by learning about the country and its culture before going to the foreign country for higher studies. Information in relation with the authenticity of the university and courses offered helps in avoiding the recognition issue and friends and known ones can help the student to overcome from the culture shock the student may face. Hence, it is concluded that the advantages of studying abroad overweighs the disadvantages of it.

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