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Team working and organizational performance: A review of survey-based research



This article is the survey based research about the team working and organizational performance. This paper has been presented by Anne Delarue. It has provide the recent survey about the contribution of teamwork for the performance of organization. This paper has the purpose to critically examine literature by past researchers about links between organizational performance and team work.

Main points

 It has the main four interrelated dimensions to discuss in the study which includes the behavioral dimension, attitude dimension, financial and the operational dimension with respect to teamwork and the performance of organization in these dimensions.

The first two dimensions in the study have represent the mechanism of organizational performance which is proved by this study that these have the relationship. The other two dimensions which are finance and operational are linked with the outcomes of the organization by measurement.

Results of study

Results of the study shown that team work has the positive relation with the all four dimensions of this study for the organizational performance. It is analyzed that by the combination of team work in the organization, there is structural change and the performance is enhanced in future.


This paper has been concluded by the research gap that there were limited studies about these four dimensions to discuss with team work and the relationship with organizational performance.

Limitations and future indications


The limitations are the method bias that it uses only quantitative and future researcher will use mix method for analysis. It also has use small sample size and future researcher can use increasing sample to analyze these four dimensions and their relations with team work and performance in organization. 


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