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Behaviour of organisation is basically the theory of individual person and behaviour in the perspectives of a setting of an organisation. This is also known as the interface between the organisation and the individual. The assignment revolves around the organizational behaviour of British Broadcasting Corporations. There have been some issues regarding the behaviours of the authorities with the staffs and other employees regarding various matters. The issues revolve around some influence of political factors which were not handled properly by the higher authorities. The issues created huge problems and created an impact on the overall organisational performance. But then there was an appointment of new directors within the organisation in the year 2015. These have enabled BBC to stand upon as the best and most attractive broadcasting system in the United Kingdom.  

Task 1 (P1)

In the past, there has been a huge degradation of the overall organisational performance which includes bullying, political influence and another bad indulgence. These have been the most important cause of such degradation.


?             In the context of organisational culture, it can be said that according to Charles Handy Model of Organizational culture, there are four cultures which include Power, Person culture, Role culture and Task Culture. In BBC the powers were not equally divided as all the powers were vested in the hands of the higher authority which made huge problems for making proper decisions in the right time.

In the case of person culture there has been huge significance with the aspect of the vesting authority to a certain important person where the other members were generally ignored. There were harassment, bullying issues which were not even solved. These symbolised the overall aspect of the behaviour of the organization (bbc.com, 2018). When there is an impact on the behavioural part within the employees it is much relatable to the overall operational performance which has also degraded accordingly.

?             In the perspectives of power and political behaviours of managers, there was a huge political impact on the overall management operations of BBC. This on a huge basis degraded the overall functioning of the organisation. The work was not at all productive. According to the French and Raven’s power types which mainly emphasises on the expert power, reward power, legitimate power, referent power and corrective power have been purely related to the scenario of the concerned organization( bbcamerica.com, 2018)

In the past there have been some severe political issues regarding the voting behaviors within the organization of BBC. These have made various distinctions among each staffs as well as the managers in a varied way. This has mainly rose problems to create sections which have generally classified into A, B, C1, C2, D/E. These kinds of class division mainly influenced the political behaviors of the organization in broader perspectives. The issues were the organization will never vote for a member who is not eligible of solving issues properly (Lindebaum and Geddes, 2016). Therefore these class divisions restricted many voters in such a horizon. There was basically some political influence which made distinctions in the voting process. Such kinds of voting behaviors influenced the overall o0rganisational structure of BBC.

Now the voting perspectives have generally changed creating a clear zone of voting. These do not basically follow class divisions right now. Political powers in voting area have been diminished with a perfect and clear area of election. These include each section of staffs to vote for their mangers or higher authority as intended (bbcstudios.com, 2018). These basically range to the political theory of organization and Business ethics. If there is a proper business ethics followed then there will no further problems detected within th organization. These are because high political influence de-motivates the work culture as well as the staffs within the concerned organization. According to the political behaviours of Chantal's characteristics, it can be said that there was an imbalance in the political power distribution among BBC which created a huge problem.


M1: The culture, politics and power influence the organisation in both positive and negative way. If these are kept in balance then there will be a successful organisational performance throughout BBC.

Task 2 (P2)


In respect of bringing out the best among the employees in BBC, there has to be some incorporation of theories in respect to the organisational performance. According to the McClelland's Need for Achievement, Affiliation and Power which belongs to one of the content theories of motivation states that there is a need for proper motivation in terms of achieving a better performance. This theory mainly says that there are a certain group of employees from whom there is a larger expectation than the other employees. In such cases, those employees should be highly motivated so as to get a better result (iedunote.com, 2018).

 In following the level of hierarchy these have to be maintained so as to achieve the best out of the best sets. All the employees do need motivation but that depends on the overall output they produce. If this sequence is maintained properly then it can lead to a better growth and an overall better organisational performance ratio throughout the year. This motivational theory basically believes in high productivity from an efficient employee rather than group upliftment. Therefore it looks on an individual basis (investopedia.com, 2018).

In respect to the process theories of motivation, it can be considered with the Equity theory. Equity theories mainly equalize the performance level of each and every employer. This mainly is done by constantly accessing the basic level and efforts which are being given by the co-workers and the specific reward they achieve. When it is analysed that there is a difference in the overall performance of that individual, the individual itself tries to pull himself out and carry forward in a more perfect and balanced work life (Skinner et al. 2014). This theory should be applied by the authorities inside BBC so as to attain a level of perfection among the employees. This will also contribute towards a perfect organisational behaviour in BBC. This theory basically denotes to a change of mindset in respect of team as well as an individual person. Proper contribution to the development of oneself will achieve to be the best in the upliftment (investopedia.com, 2018).


NEWS is an important issue which needs to be handled efficiently. In case of upliftment of the BBC, motivational practices are a must. It is already known that BBC is basically a broadcast corporation which broadcast several news to the news agency which is then being aired for common people (Hills and Anjali,  2017). Therefore for collecting news, BBC has to maintain a huge network throughout the world to cover up news. These are maintained by the concerned organisation in an effective way. If the network system lacks a certain amount of motivation to collect news at a proper time or sequence then it can lead to a huge problem. Therefore there has to be a proper understanding of the overall chain process of the network. This motivational practice adds up to a level of efficiency in the overall action of the organization( Cotton et al. 2016).

Most of the employees are travelling to places for collecting news, some are engaged in editing, and some in delivering. These whole processes are to be done in an effective manner. Therefore if one of the chains fails to cover up the incident then the other related chains will definitely fall apart. So there is a huge need for motivation in the work culture so that there is a perfect energy for the employers in the flow of the work.  [Referred to Appendix: 4]



M2: There should be a complete checking of the behaviour of the each and every individual in BBC which will help to identify that there is a proper incorporation of theories and models.

P2: The relationship between culture, politics, powers and motivation are all interrelated with each other. For growing a positive work culture there should be a perfect balance of politics. Powers should be vested on right hands who have the capability of handling and not only that the powers have to be equally divided among each and every one so that there is no conflict. Furthermore, positive amounts of motivation will increase the productivity level of BBC.

Task 3 (P3)


There are different types of teams within BBC which are working together they are such as Problem-solving team, Functional team, Project Team and Virtual Team (Fischbacher-Smith, 2017).

Problem-solving Team: These teams are present in BBC so as to solve problems instantly. In BBC there are various situations which arise at times of gathering and delivering news, based on priorities, privacy and securities. These teams are engaged in solving problems from a wider perspective so as to have a smooth operation.

Cross-Functional Team:

These teams are present in BBC who mainly have an expertise in a wider range of subjects and together works towards a common goal. BBC's core mission is to inform, educate and entertain, in such a process, there is various expertise required which generally have knowledge in each and every field (Riach and Kelly, 2015).

Project Team:  The project teams basically constitute of members who basically belong to the different group but their functional area is the same with respect to a significant project.

Virtual Team: The purpose of Virtual teams within BBC is must as it basically handles the problems and all other discussion related to work virtually in the online process. These teams basically have excellent communication skills to communicate each and every detail with the help of technology (Cairns et al. 2016).

In BBC there is a need for the above-identified teams which can manage the overall operational area of the organisation in an effective and efficient manner. Different types of teams are needed to handle different types of situation in the overall organisational perspectives. Therefore there are certain requirements of such teams accordingly. For a synchronised work performance, there is a need for efficient groups who can handle everything. [Referred to Appendix: 3]




An effective team only occurs when there is a collaboration of each and every member in a swift and efficient way. All the members have to contribute to making a perfect balance in a specific team.

Tuckman and Jensen's model of team development: This model of team development in BBC mainly emphasizes on the forming, storming, norming and performing. These basically indicate each and every phase of the development in a synchronised manner.  The first stage involves in the forming in which there is an assimilation of the group members where the group members know about each and other Cairns, G., Goodwin, P. and (Wright, 2016). The storming stage is considered to be the second stage where there may be dissatisfaction among the individuals about the team but is mainly characterized with the various emergence of different personalities of an individual which also includes in the disrupt and corruption. The consecutive stager is the norming stage, which denotes the solve of corruption and the building of relationship among individuals in a relationship (Wilson, 2016).

 This behaviour changes the overall performance of the group in an effective way (Boswell, 2015). The last appears the performing stage which simply denotes in the part of completing and meeting of critical targets. The performing stage simply denotes in the overall implementation of the proposed theory into action. These have resulted in an efficient handling and management of teams in BBC.

Belbin Team Roles: There is also one of the basic incorporations in the BBC which generally constitutes to nine basic parts which are like strength, allowable weakness, not being surprised which generally constitutes to resource investigator. Then comes teamwork which generally constitutes to strengths, allowable weakness and again not being surprised. Lastly, the coordinating part which also constitutes to strengths, allowable weakness and again not being surprised (Page, 2016).

M3: The incorporation of Tuckman and Jensen's model of team development and Belbin Team Roles have created a smooth functioning of teams within BBC.

Task 4 (P4)


There is a need of proper organisational theory to incorporate much more improvements in the fields of the team performance and productivity. Some incorporation of a theory is required to bring out an overall productivity of performance in the system of a broadcast. The organisational theory is mainly chosen by the leaders present in the department. It is the duty of the leaders to judge the overall work environment and identify the effective organisational plan. [Referred to Appendix: 2]




Path-Goal Theory: These theories generally contribute to the specification of the leadership styles or a definite behaviour which basically fits the specific work environment and the situations of the employees (Beirne and Wilson, 2016). This mainly is done for achieving a certain goal. Such theory mainly involves in the empowerment of the employees with the correct amount of motivation and satisfaction. In an organisation like BBC which is a worldwide broadcast corporation enabling the transmission of information, education and entertainment, there is an urgency to motivate its employers to become more and more dedicated so as to enable the best performance as well as be stand along the corporate figures in the world. Therefore there is a need for a balanced organisational theory so that the behaviour of the BBC reflects on the society (D’Arma, 2018). The path-goal theory increases the effectiveness of the organisation in the following manner which particularly emphasizes on the employee and the environmental characteristics, then on the selection of effective leadership styles and lastly having the focus on the factors of motivation which basically helps in the success of employees. This basically creates a synchronised manner of the overall style of the performance in an effective way (Paterson, 2017).

In a competitive market, there is a need for structuring such a market which mainly contributes to an effective handling and the basically the best in the customer choice. They contribute to an important part in the world and if their overall planning is not up to the mark then BBC can never improve its overall organizational performance in a better way. [Referred to Appendix: 1]


The main barriers behind the effective organisational performance in British Broadcasting Corporation include the perceptual barriers, emotional barriers, language barriers, cultural as well as the physical barriers in a varied way. Below there are a set of barriers which provides a blockage in the overall performance and respective behaviour of the organization (Lindebaum and Geddes, 2016).


Perceptual Barriers         This barriers mainly originates in BBC when there is a difference in opinion between two or more people inside the concerned organisation. These at times gives a sudden rise in the overall deficiency in effective communication. The difference in the overall communication arises a huge problem in the overall decision making part of the organization (Ramanathan et al. 2017).

Emotional barriers           There at times mistrust among the people of the concerned organisation which makes an effective gap in the overall effectiveness of the organisation and denotes to a deficiency in the organizational performance and acts as a barrier. These can often turn into a huge problem if not incurred at the proper time (Bason and Anagnostopoulos, 2015).


Language Barriers            There are often employees within the organisation who uses different language, this can cause problems to the other employees and can lack and make a gap in the in the overall performance of the organisation.

Cultural Barriers: It is already known that the world consists of different cultures. Therefore there are often problems faced by the employers of BBC in collecting news and in many other areas. Therefore culture at times becomes a huge barrier to the overall effectiveness of the organization (Kreye, 2016)

Cultural Barriers                : It is already known that the world consists of different cultures. Therefore there are often problems faced by the employers of BBC in collecting news and in many other areas. Therefore culture at times becomes a huge barrier to the overall effectiveness of the organization (Kreye, 2016).

Physical Barriers               There are some physical barriers within the organisation which disables effective interaction within the employees. There are cabins which are provided to the higher authorities and at times juniors are not permitted to get inside each and every time. This lacks in the effective communication along with also provides a gap in the effective organisational performance (Wilson, 2018).

Table 1:Barriers of organization

(Source: Created by Author)

M4: The concepts of philosophies both inform and influence the behaviour of the employees in a varied way. It teaches for an overall collaboration and effective way of behaving inside an organisation so as to maintain the corporate structure of the concerned organisation in an effective way.

D2: It can be seen from the above part that there is a need for effective team development for the functioning of the organisation in an effective way. Without the effective collaboration of members, it is impossible to perform a better and quality service. The team development theory closely impacts on the overall organisational behaviours of the organisation in an effective way.


The mission, vision and accomplishments of BBC have proved it to be one of the best broadcasting services. The issues which were present in the organization before 2014 were serious and also degraded the overall performance of the concerned organization. There have been severe improvements which took place after 2014, in the consecutive year of 2015, when there was recruitment in the authoritarian level. This recruitment marked an overall change in the organization by some distinctive strategies and ideas. There has been the using of various behavioural theories of organization which have proved the way of performance and their strategies which are carried on in the organization. The analysis has been done critically so that there can be a clear concept of the task provided in the assignment in accordance with the case study of British Broadcast Corporation.

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