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Market–Driven Planning Process


The business organizations are focusing on marketing techniques in order to promote their products and services in the market. Social duty adult day care center also wants to capture the market share by attracting customers. The management team of the center will be responsible to implement various marketing strategies for increasing the sales revenues (Geetanjali., 2010). The mission of the organization is to provide social adult day care services to people above 65 years of age. The service will assist adults to stay active and at home.    

Main Context

Market-driven plan process

Social duty adult day care center will carry out the market-driven plan process for attracting people in the market. The management team of the organization will determine and examine the demand for social adult day care services. The market research will be conduct for understanding the views and attitude of the people towards the services. The objective of the center should be clearly communicated to the stakeholders in an appropriate manner. The market segmentation will assist to categorize people in terms of income, age, preferences, and sex (Lee & Carter, 2012). The duties would be allocated to each employee who can assure that the works are being carried out. The marketing techniques will be implemented on the basis of the demand of targeted customers. The marketing team will create a framework within which the marketing techniques can be processed. It would be a huge challenge for the organization to expand its business operations.

Advertisements will enable the organization to advertise and promote products and services. The marketing team should determine if the people of the society are receiving health newsletter. The social media platforms can also be used for targeting old people within the community. The members of the churches can be also contacted because adults visit these places for their own personal purposes. Flyers and brochures can be printed and pasted on the pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals (Milligan, 2012). The organization should establish a relationship with the local outlets, stores, and organization such as restaurants, social organizations, groceries, supermarket, and other organizations.

Identifying customers

The determination of the customers will be based on the needs of the people with the community. The organization will target people having an age of 65 years or above. The older will be able to stay at their home and also stay active. The center would target people from different backgrounds such as low class, middle class, high class, businessman, sports person, employees, and other people (Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy, 2011). The organization will target both men and women. The marketing can use different sources for creating a relationship with the people such as messaging, email and local agencies. Apart from this, the organization will also communicate directly with the local people in order to capture the market. However, older people would be mainly targeted for providing the required services.

Marketing strategies

Social duty adult day care center will implement the marketing strategies in order to promote the products and services and inform the target customers. The organization will create channels which assist to create a connection with each and every people. Public relations campaign would be carried out for delivering the main purpose of the organization. Doctors, pharmacists, and social workers will also be connected to managing the information delivery process (Sandhusen, 2008). The marketing team can also visit clinics and hospitals for promoting services in an appropriate manner. The presence of the organization should be enhanced on the social media sites because many people use these sites for their own purpose. The traditional marketing strategies can also be adopted such as advertisement in the newspapers, television and local radio channels. Apart from this, the organization can also organize events where people can visit and get information about the number of services provided by the center (Winer & Dhar, 2014). Digital marketing, paid advertising, relationship marketing, and word to mouth will be the prime importance for the marketing team. The main objective of the organization is to reach a maximum number of people with the help of marketing strategies.


Social duty adult day care center should implement different types of marketing strategies for informing and attracting people. The organization can take help of the local resources for reaching to a large number of old adults. The marketing team will be responsible for carrying out the operations.

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