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Peer evaluation and reflective journal on capstone project experience


Experiences are vivid when one founds its interesting and something worth chasing.The project experience was good and made learning easier.  It is cooperative education initiative and is one of the major elements that one seeks in the computing degrees. In this professional exposure of Capstone project initiative, we learned about the application of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and principles of the modern web. Professional exposure helps to identify the professional visibility of an individual. Being appreciated and recognised make oneself more marketable and valuable. This helps them to increase their professional presence not only amongst the people but also with the organisational resources. Such exposure helps to have a quick growth in their career. The professional organisation also aims in providing necessary resources that is required for the training of the personals. They also tend to organise events where they bring recruiters, speakers. They also organise skill development sessions.

2.Technical skill developed during Professional Exposure

4.1 Write a summary of overall professional exposure.

In the professional exposure of the event, I learnt about the main application about the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and principles of the modern web. How these technologies are utilised by modern industries have been, specified accordingly. The things that were taught in the class are provided below.HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language is utilised to develop many pages. These pages are widely known as electronic documents.

4.2 Did you have prior knowledge to understand the professional expectation? Map all units that was useful during your professional exposure and how did you apply your prior knowledge and skills.

As an important part of the academic career and study of Web design, I have theoretical understanding about professional expectation of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and principles of the modern web. During the professional exposure, I have come to realize that starting from the fundamental knowledge of effective web design, for example; using clean typefaces, applying a combine code in central CSS or javaScript file, maintaining user interface experience, “the HyperTextMarkup Language” and others all have help me to understand their practical application more strategically in the professional life [2].

While understanding demonstration of professional expectation and modern web design technologies, I have my previous theoretical knowledge to understand how and why the HTML5 version is better than the fundamental HTML version and where these two technologies differ from each other. on the other hand, I have connected my theoretical knowledge of HTML5 and thus related codes while witnessing and developing on web, the default resource types used.


4.3 What are the new technical skills or knowledge did you learn from industry?

From the professional exposure experience, I have acknowledgedthat designing tools have undergone several changes such as, “Adobe illustrator, Adobe after effect, Mockplus” UX design, responsive design, Web server management and others[3]. These new technologies and working processes have been acquired huge importance and practitioners should know about these practices along with their applications. 

4.4 Where can you use that exposure in future?

In my professional life as a web designer, I can be able to use these exposure knowledges in the future.


3. Professional Skills Developed During Professional Exposure

a) Identify the specific skills that your specific practical exposure best matches to and state why that is so.

i) Include a good example from your practical exposure to demonstrate how you may have developed in the skills identified.

From this professional skills development experience, I have identified that my professional skills regarding full stack development has been sharpened. It is known that with the capability to decode design codes in “CSS and HTML”, I can help in rendering myself more competitive by acquiring knowledge of learning to program in JavaScript [4]. As a future web designer, this skill development can help me in solving big problems in actual works.

b) As you look into the future as a networking graduate, use your professional exposure to address the following questions:

i) Based on your professional exposure what would you like to change inthe way andmanner you approach your study? Explain.

Based on the professional exposure, I would like to change my theoretical knowledge into the whole practical knowledge and may wish to attain more practical classes, where networking technologies could be more visible and understandable. My future approach to the study will not be confined to theoretical sphere but I wish to explore more practical knowledge that will aid in my professional life.

ii)What would you recommend to those who structure your degree program to change to ensure you become a successful networking professional in future? 

I would like to suggest few points for those who will structure my degree program. I wish to include more networking degree projects into my degree programs to ensure the fact that in the future I will get the idea of working with various projects. Networking degree projects should include protocol projects, TCP projects, Real-time networking projects and many more [1].


c) Your plansfor your future as anetworking graduate.

i)             What types of work environments attract you the most?

As per my individual knowledge regarding working environment and the current web designing industry activities, I can say that “Individual-focused” working environment would be a great opportunity for my future skill development. In this type of working environment initially my individual potentiality will be developed by training and then flexibility will be given to me to customize my own working style with others. This type of working environment is more transformative also.

ii)            Are there specific networking challenges that you are more interested infor the future? Explain.

In the future, I would like to invest, more time on the use, challenges and modification of Voice over IP technologies. I have selected this networking area as currently, it is most popular applications for voice calling and it is obvious that challenges with these applications will grow in future.

iii) Have your ideas about your future direction developed during the practical exposure? Explain.

During the professional exposure, I have realized that my future professional direction would be in the web design industry. This is due to the fact that knowledges and practical understanding regarding web technologies and their application in the web design field have attracted me the most. This is the perfect professional field where I could apply my practical knowledge regrading JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.

iv) Which specific aspects of your professional exposure did you enjoy the most? Which aspects did you not like the most? How will these influence how you think about your future as a network professional?

The most enjoyable aspect of my professional exposure is that the practical learning process was easy and not overreaching. The entire professional exposure from the starting point has helped me to identify what are my qualities and limitations and how I am going to reduce them. The most difficult aspect I have experience in the professional exposure is that there is no team working spirit and the entire process did not include any team project. Team based projects could help in understanding working with others in organizations. As a network professional, this professional exposure will help me in managing both my soft skills and hard networking skills.

5.   Professional ExposureCertificate / evidences ofattendance / participation

5.1.Name of employer

5.2.Type ofbusiness

5.3.Your job title

5.4. Datesof theexposure

5.5. Full details of your professional supervisor (name, position, email, phone number)



From the above analysis regarding web design and web technological development it has been understood that professional exposure is required in every spare of upgrading oneself. This particular experience has helped in developing the overall practical knowledge regarding HTML, JavaScript application as well as their upgradation. New trends in web design technology have been identified through this professional exposure and conference attendance. Various limitations and individual capabilities have been recognized from the professional skill mapping and how these capabilities are going to help in future professional development has also been acknowledge from this study.

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