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Letter of Motivation

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Mr. XYZ, currently in my third year at FL University, pursuing graduation in integrated business programme. I wish to take up internship for session 1 for full time, in your esteemed organization. I am interested to become part of your team working on to assist and transform people into successful entrepreneurs.

My current academic programme is in integrated business; where in our scope of study involves working on different areas of business which include finance, economics, marketing, management and so on. A very detailed study of all these courses is part of my curriculum interests, the knowledge of which will be of high use for me to perform the functions of your organization.  The practical insights into the functions of your organization, specifically developing new ideation, acceleration programmes directly with CEO, collaboration in the marketing and events team will give me the best practical insight to the theoretical knowledge gained by in my academic programmes. Further I believe my creativity and innovative thinking can make my engagement with your organization, to be a remarkable and rewarding experience for me.

During my graduation course programme itself, I had an opportunity to visit brazil and stayed there for three months. The exposure gained by me duirng this international experience will enable me to quickly adapt to the culture and operational conditions in your country. Also I have experience in learning foreing langauges and I am good in portugese language. I can use my skills for testing while working on a foreign land like in your organization. This is one of the motivational aspects that enabled me to apply for internship with you.

As I am working in the similar working environmnet at present in United states and already exposed to the type of international start-up activity services you are doing at present. My real motivation in seeking internship lies in getting more exposure to international start-up acrtivities in country other than the one I am working at present. Apart from procedural exposure, I do like to get good insight into the practical problems, the type of cultural issues and related aspects that are possible in these activities. As I would like to have my own international start-up consultancy firm in future, which can span activiites through out Europe, Asia and several other countries apart from US, this exposure will be of great benefit for me. These are some of the key factors that motivated me to seek internship from you. Also your organization reputation and professionalism are other factors that compelled me to apply for the same.

All that I wish from you is acceptance of my application for internship in your current organization and I request you consider the same, as it can be a great boost to my career as well to my professional interests.

I have enclosed a cover letter and resume as well along with this letter.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Yours sincerely,


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