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Reflective Report

My professional disposition statement can begin with the fact that I am an honest person who loves to implement integrity and fairness while working in team or while working alone. The professional disposition assessment that I carried out earlier showed that while working in a diverse team I always show respect for diverse cultures by including proper multicultural content in my classroom environment and activities. While working in a multicultural team where team members from different cultural backgrounds work together, it is highly important for a team member to understand those different cultures and to show respect. Without this skill it is not possible for a person to become business in his/her professional life as most of the companies nowadays are using the benefits of globalization and as a diverse workforce (Chen & Rybak, 2017). On the other hand, the professional self assessment also highlighted that I treat everyone equally and fairly. The assessment shows that I have skills and traits to become a leader who puts value on all his subordinates (Basten et al., 2018). While leading a team and while making decisions in that team I do not just make decision if it comes from my friend. At the time of decision making I act honestly and evaluate all the decisions that are suggested by other team members. After gaining those decisions I evaluate those decisions one by one by finding out pros and cons of each decision. Then I evaluate those decisions based on faces, statistics and data. In the end I make the decision that looks more promising.

Perfect and effective decision making skill without being influenced by other factors is a major leadership skill. On the other hand, treating all the subordinates with fairness can also be considered as another major leadership skill. As these skills are present in me, I can say that I will become a good organizational leader in the future. However, along with these advantages, the professional disposition statement has also highlighted a major flaw that I have. The flaw is an average communication skill. I found from my professional disposition assessment that my communication skill such as body language is negative. On the other hand, in real life I have noticed that at the time of any friendly debate of discussion I always tend to interrupt others without even trying to understand what they are saying. I always try to make my point and then I tend to become unwilling to listen what other are stating.  This can be considered as a major flaw as listening skill is highly important for an individual to become successful in his/her professional career. I have also realized if I do not listen carefully I will never be able to understand issues or conflict in the organization where I would work in the future. It will force me to make wrong decisions; even when my decision making skill is strong (Goh, 2018). Therefore, my first immediate priority would be to take online courses or to take support my professors so that I can improve my listening skill in the future.

Part A: Demographic factor

In my cooperating class room students of grade 1 to grade 4 are present. Total numbers of students in my cooperating class room are 24. Among these 24 students 9 students are girls and rest of the 15 students are boys. There no age level for joining my cooperating class however, the student with highest age in my classroom is 12 years old where the student with lowest age of 9 years old. Average age of all the students in my cooperating class room is nearly 11. Most of the students in my cooperating class room are from the age group of 10. All the students in my cooperating class room are from Milwaukee city of the United Kingdom. In terms religion all the students studying and taking education in my cooperating class room are Christians. The students also belong to the same culture like the culture of the UK. Now, socioeconomic status of an individual means that individual’s work experience and social position compare to others (Hackman et al., 2015). Socio economic status of an individual entirely depends on factors such as income, education and occupation. In my cooperating class, it looks like all the students belong to a strong socioeconomic status. However, if is quite difficult for me to shed any light on the income level of their parents. Due to the factors such as almost same age, same cultural and religion background, same language spoken and strong socio economic condition of the students in my cooperating class, it has become easier for the teachers to deliver the unit and make proper assessments. They do not have to implement non-conventional techniques to provide education to someone who belongs to different culture or religion.

Part B: Environmental Factor

In terms of physical room arrangement, my cooperating classroom is extremely comfortable and well arranged. Every student is given ample amount of space for sitting down in the class room. Size of the room is enough for 24 students to sit. The shape of the room is square so that every area can be utilized in a proper manner. In the classroom we are provided with all required resources so that we can learn in a proper manner. We are provided with books and other real-life resources such as magazines. Sometimes we allowed to access to internet for gathering resources for our study purpose. In out class room most of the times parental involvement is minimal. The teachers are the guides and guardians in our class rooms. Parental involvement is only allowed when the organization hosts any event. On the other hand, the management of the organization also hosts a parental choice program named as Milwaukee Parental Choice Program. Under this program parents need to provide several types of information such as their income verification that includes Federal Income Tax Return, W-2 Statement or State Assistance Statement.  Besides, parents also have to provide current address verification such as cable bill, electric bill, lease agreement, home phone bill, state assistance statement and pay stub. Besides, in this program parents also has to deliver student’s immunization records and birth certificate for K4-1ST grade students. This is an even where all the parents are involved in a direct manner. Otherwise, parents do not get involved directly. Due to these systems it has become easier for the organization to provide education to the students.

Part C: Student Academic Factors

In my cooperating class room, there are no students who speak any language other than English.

There are some students who are academically and behaviorally challenges. Some of the students in my class cannot understand the numbers and calculations easily. For those children extended mathematical classes are provided where different educational type is used for teaching them mathematics. On the other hand, in terms of behavior there are some students in my class who forget things in a quick manner. For these students special sitting arrangements are done. Those different types are hereby mentioned below through a 504 plan.


For students who are weak in mathematics

Preferential seating: The students sit in the middle of the class room so that they can have a better view of the learning process

Extended time of tests: These students are provided with one hour of additional time for completing their tests

Homework amount: These students are provided with lesser amount of homework

Technology aids: Different technologies are used to help these students to understand mathematics

Modified books: These students are provided with modified books where calculations are shown in a very easier manner

Class schedules: These students attend the class one hour before the actual class start

Verbal test: Verbal tests are taken for these students

Therapy: These students are not provided with any type of therapy


Due to these changes, sometimes we normal students face little bit problems. For example, as the books of these students are different, teachers tend to give more time for teaching these students. Besides, some of the students in the class think that it is discrimination that these students are provide with additional time for completing test as they are also given with so much benefits.

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