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All organizations are made up of different individuals who have a different approach towards everything in life, including their profession. Individuals are made by different sequence of events and happenings which affect their individuality and concrete over time, resulting in their personality.

I am a regular student with the want and zeal to succeed in my professional life and become someone who can be a value addition to an organization. While I do not identify myself as studious or a book worm, I believe that I am someone who is exceptionally practical in the approach and believes in finding real world application of everything that is taught to me.

When asked the reason behind pursuing MBA, the simple answer is to achieve perfection in my professional growth and have the ability to understand an organization inside out. MBA is not merely a degree for me, but it is an experience which I know will enrich my professional life furthermore.


In this assignment, I will aim to establish how I am as a professional based on various observations and data collected. I will then analyse my professional sustainability in light of personality and growth.


Research Methodology


This assignment has been extremely challenging as it required me to self-analyse myself and make relevant conclusions. While it is relatively easier to analyse others, self-analysis is difficult and an entirely different approach is to be adopted.

I made sure that I employ all relevant tools like SWOT and Gallop Strength finder test to asses myself.

SWOT analysis is an internal environment tools used to assess the Strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. This tools helped me assess myself and my full potential, and make me aware of all the areas which I have to improve as well. Next was the Gallop Strength finder test which involves a questionnaire and scale on which marking is to be done. This test is better not just for cognitive reasoning and abilities, but also to find the emotional ability and stability I have achieved.

Furthermore, these assessments were validated using other data like talking to my peers and knowing their thoughts about me. I applied the natural occurring data like conversations, corporate artefacts and emails to my disposal. When we go for self-analysis, what is most important is to understand the basis of analysis and how we ensure that it will be reliable enough to base all the assumptions and analysis on.

The following are the three parameters which will help us in the analysis:

             Conversations: conversations with people and understanding their view of me will help me in knowing and understanding how I am as a person. Others point of view though is not always correct, but still gives enough insight for us to view ourselves as third person and establish ground to understand our lack and how it can be improved furthermore.

             Corporate artefacts: Artefacts mark a surface of Coles Organization. They are visible elements within the organization for example logos, architecture, processes, corporate clothing and structure. These are not just visible to the staff members and employees but also visible as well as recognizable for the external parties.

             Emails: emails are the prime mode of conversation in any business organization and proper use of emails can tell us a lot about the individual and how he is not just as a professional but also as an individual (Singh, 2015).


These three sources of data will help us in identifying ourselves as to how successful professionals we are and if there is any potent lack which has to be addressed as soon as possible. However, it must be noted that the culture of the organization plays an important role all together in influencing the effects of these factors.

Besides these, performance appraisal too was valuable in identifying me as a good employee. My performance appraisal was based on how productive I was and how I could bring about the same productivity in others as well.

Personal SWOT


Following is my own SWOT analysis to give a brief view of my personality in order to better understand more about myself, and my growth patterns:



             I have to ability to multi task

             I am extremely amiable and optimistic person

             I have good networking skills which I can put to use often to get my work done

             I am disciplined in nature

             I am extremely empathetic and careful of other’s feelings

             I take my responsibility seriously


             I am extremely emotional

             I often get affected by other’s opinion of me

             I have the tendency to micromanage things


             I can talk and convince people to my advantage

             I cover for other people, thus, giving me diverse work profile and exposure

             I go on frequent international holiday which gives me frequent international exposure so that I am able to better make decisions when dealing cross culturally

             I'm attending a major marketing conference next month. This will allow for strategic networking, and also offer some great training seminars


             Since I am too trusting, people take undue advantage of it

             Due to recent staff shortages, I'm often overworked, and this negatively impacts my creativity

             The current economic climate has resulted in slow growth for the marketing industry. Many firms have laid off staff members, and our company is considering further cutbacks(Allan, 2012).


This personal SWOT analysis is descriptive of my thoughts and most importantly the thoughts of people I work with. This SWOT analysis emphasizes on how good a co-worker I am and if I am perceived in the right way by the people.

In interacting with the fellow coworkers I understood that I am good to be around and that people enjoy my company. While this was really assuring and nice to know, it was in no way an indication if I’m a good worker/employee or not.


Here, self-assessment is extremely important. It allows not only knowing myself well, but also ensuring that I am in know of how I am progressing as an individual. This is something which every professional should do without any fail (Dempsy, 2015). Self-improvement is essential in the sense that it helps the person grow and come in terms with his or her own expectations about self, and how achievable they are? If the person is being rational in the approach and if he or she understands their future goals or not. This is something which is so multifaceted that merely containing it is not possible at all (Brandon, 2010).



Diversity is an important part of any organization. Diversity is not just merely a necessity for globalisation, but it is also required to ensure that there is proper balance in the workforce. Diversity necessarily does not mean diversity in colour or race, but it can also mean diversity in gender and thought process (Saxena, 2014).


I believe I am extremely comfortable with diversity and I am never discriminating against any person based on their differences. All the more, I believe that I am someone who likes to meet new people and learn from them, and connect to them as well (Sharma, 2016). I believe a greater focus on diversity will be an opportunity for me to grow, as I mentioned above that learning for me happens from experiences and meeting diverse people. This will be a blessing for me and an opportunity I would never let go of.


While I have had various encounters with diversity in my professional life, one such thing was when I met a group of people from Japan. These people were there to conduct a seminar on organization culture and employee retention. Upon attending the seminar I understood the Japanese culture and their interest in retaining the people and how their various innovative approaches result in loyal and happy employees. I was greatly influenced by this, so much so that I talked to the group after the seminar as well.


Inculcating diversity in the workforce is of importance as it allows a lot of flexibility and assures that we are always bringing in our organization innovation and creativity. Diversity allows all of his just as easily, as when different minds work together, progress is bound to happen and there is no way in which it will be hindered in any way.


Organizational Fit


I believe I am pretty well placed in Coles, however with constant efforts I can grow and ensure that I am well formed as well. this will add value to me as an employee and as a professional, without degrading the quality of my work.

In my professional career, diversity was a key component. I have learnt a lot from so many different kinds of people and this has only added to my skill set (Nagendra, 2011). I am extremely grateful to this and I believe that my growth is a direct result of all this exposure that I have got. Meeting people is always a chance to know better about the world and where you stand in it, and hence, I believe that I will always be experiencing these fluctuations in my growth if I tend to stagnant myself by not meeting new people and coming in contact with such activities as well.


This organizational fit is derived from my work at Coles, supermarket in Australia. I believe I can work here in the future as well(Hutchinson and Purell, 2010). This is so because of the holistic environment provided by Coles to its employees. Furthermore, Coles values diversity and innovation (Coles, 2018). Coles has a firm belief in human rights and follows the principles. There is a focus on employing women on top positions. The structure of the environment is designed to reduce over- expansion and bring calm. The ethical ethics program shows that the company maintains a good ethical foundation. This is the ideal kind of environment of an organization I would like to work in because I believe that here, not only will I be recognized by I will be gaining a lot of value as well.





With this I believe that self-assessment with the right build of exposure can do a lot of wonders towards the development of even the most average kind of employees. Coles has been an exceptional company in this pursuit supporting diversity and employee growth together. Self-assessment is extremely important. It allows not only knowing myself well, but also ensuring that I am in know of how I am progressing as an individual. This is something which every professional should do without any fail.

I am extremely grateful to this and I believe that my growth is a direct result of all this exposure that I have got. Meeting people is always a chance to know better about the world and where you stand in it.

By analyzing myself using several models such as the SWOT analysis and the Gallop Strength finder test I have come to this conclusion that I am an extremely amiable person who is good to be around. My professional peers have like my company and feel that I can go a long way as long as I am grounded and keep up this helping and friendly nature alive. While I understand how important these analysis are, I still believe that they are merely able to show a part of our personality and not the entire map.

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