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The following report focuses on the website TriplePundit.com, a website that helps the businesses to achieve sustainability. Founded in 2006, the name of the website indicates triple bottom line concepts that help in assessing the success of the companies that have impact on the three Ps viz. people, planet and profits. There are other such websites that not only serve the sustainable development but are also engaged in being the marketplace for most of the eco-friendly products.


TriplePundit.com is a website founded by Nick Aster in the year 2006 as a new platform for the purpose of conversation on the sustainability of the businesses. As the site intends to feature the news as well as the editorial blogs, the focus of the site is to serve all the businesses as a catalyst for conversing regarding the social entrepreneurship for the audiences of the businesses.


Performance of the Site

The name of the site indicates towards the triple bottom line concept that helps is assessing the success of the company that have an impact on the people, profits of the company and the planet or the environment of the place where the company is located. It does not assess the companies or the businesses based on the traditional methods of bottom line profits (Caldwell 2017). The site regularly posts on different topics that are related to clean technological uses, business involving in social development, introduction of various eco-friendly products, promotion of micro-finances, solutions towards poverty in various countries, impact on investing and issues related to the planet, especially water.

Appealing nature of the site

The most appealing nature of the website, TriplePundit.com is that it is capable of assessing the business in the most challenging terms. The website is capable of saving the earth and the environment of all the countries if all the companies in all the locations of the world can really follow the assessing techniques of the website, the world can really be saved. Besides the website in discussion, there are other such websites that helps the companies in achieving sustainability in their business such as the Ultimate Green Store, the sustainability Store, Eco Mall and the Real Goods Store Online. These websites not only provide sustainability towards the business processing of different firms round the globe, they also serve as the most prominent marketplace for the eco-friendly products as well. These stores engage mostly in items that are required for personal uses in homes, offices, among the families, for the pets and clothing items as well (Khoja, Adams and Kauffman 2016).


The website TriplePundit.com provides immense support to most of the business in the world in maintaining sustainability. This further helps in saving the environment and the business can engage themselves in long term practices.

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