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Caring in Nursing Classics

1. Material for phenomenological studies can be obtained by interviewing, practicing care and discovering one’s existence in the act of caring. Being aware while body examination so as to be sensitive for the needs of the patient. The experience of being-there and understanding the complications a patient forms a fundamental method. Analyzing the quality of the questions involved can lead to wisdom required to practice the act of being-in-a-situation-of-disease.

2. Ray stressed upon the differential nature of nursing in terms of political, economical, technological, spiritual, ethical, legal and educational aspects. Studying the nurse-patient relationship, Ray emphasized upon the usage of technology in cases requiring critical care. Nursing profession, when opted as a choice fulfills the spiritual-ethical motives. For the nurse staff, value is given to addressing the spiritual ethical aspects related to patient, for example with cancer patients while the management is interested in economic gains. The methods employed were phenomenology, ethnography and grounded theory. Sources for these were reflection and analysis and continued study on nurse-patient relationship in varied environments.

3. Ray discussed about the three aspects of caring inquiry. Caring is fundamental to nursing, compassion is the second pillar and consciousness is necessary while dealing with data to generate and analyze. Intentionality forms the basis for consciousness. Ray very well integrates the fundamental aspects of nursing and establishes caring, love and compassion as the basics one should have in nursing profession. Ray emphasizes upon the need for basic human values to be realized as a part of nursing.

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