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Organizations today employ information systems to attain the six core goals. These goals include new products, operational excellence, business models, and services; supplier/customer relationship; competitive advantage; daily operations, and better decision making, and development of effectiveness to achieve higher profitability. Information system refers to a set of unified structures that work unruffled to gather, store, disseminate, and process information to enhance coordination, decision making, analysis, visualization, and control within a business setting(Noerlina, Johan &Yoswara, 2011). Besides enabling the decision making process, information systems can assist the management and employees to visualize difficult issues, produce new goods, and examine problems.

How Dr. Rosen and Teeth Doctors can benefit from the use of information systems to make an accurate business decision in regard to the potential purchase of Dentix

Organizations that design and use Information System to improve their decision making establish efficient communication media between managers and data specialists(Itoh& Morita, 2016). The information system will help Dr. Rosen and Teeth Doctors to be aware that, understanding of the essential principles and roles would be needed in creating an effective system. Thus, rational decisions must be made in designing, fulfilling and running the information system. The information system applies information technology that supports major roles in a business unit. Armed with the important technology, the firm would process the gathering, control, storage, transfer and use of the organization’s information resources(Almalki, 2017). Therefore, as a communication and planning tool, information system would help Dr. Rosen to access, share, and use information on Dentixefficiently.

Information system models and their connection to business decision aid that would increase organizations competitive advantage(Asemi, Safari &AsemiZavareh, 2011). Global businesses have progressed due to the changed Enterprise Applications System as provided by modern Information Technology tools. They include theCustomer Relations Management, Knowledge Management Systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Decision Making mechanism. The decision support system, a highly interactive and integrated system provides an organization with more and easy to use data tools. The tools facilitate the semi-structured information flow from one organizational information user to another. They help the users to compile information from various sources and avail it for further flow within the organization. To link information sharing, firms should increase the organizational competence and heighten their intensity of competition in the market. Information System allow for the sharing of experiences, which distribute the needed information to the management structures to maintain reasonable advantage in the market. Indeed, information sharing affect decision-making, enhance the efficiency and quality, and of services offered within an organization. 


Clearly, information system provides proper information to those charged with decision-making. The facts would aid and improve the entire decision making process to come up with accurate and on time strategic decisions. Organizations that use Information System to strengthen their decision-making advancement initiate an efficient data sharing media between management and data experts. Organizations need to be aware that, the grasp of major principles and functions of the system is an important requirement for effective exchange of ideas. Therefore, the design, implementation, and operation of Management Information System would be the results of coherent decisions rather than disorganized design without taking into consideration the real organizational requirements. In brief, the information system effectively help the organization in accessing, sharing and in the use of accurate information.

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