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Operational Management of Deliveroo


In the context of the Operational Management, it has been seen that the practice of it has been more robust and effective the last few years where it implies that a company needs to use the operational management effectively. In respect of creating a more effective and robust atmosphere in the organization, they will be able to effectively create a high level in the organization so that they can create and also convert the various labour in connection to the services and the goods of the company so that they can increase their profitability and to maximize it. It has been seen that the company will be able to get a better profit in operation if they can channelize the cost and gain the maximum profit by the cost reduction process. In this report, the operation management will be discussed in the context of Deliveroo and how they have been operating and also various factors related to the operational management of the company.

The Boundary of Operation of Deliveroo

In the context of Deliveroo, it has been noted that the company has been effectively using the factor of operational management effectively. This factor is one of the major parts in the management structure of a company which is important for their growth and using the resources effectively. Deliveroo is an organization which works under the delivery of food through the use of the internet and it has been operating in over two hundred countries (Davis et al., 2018). The company works under the process of two business model which are effectively being used. They have been using the tool of internet and the delivery management in a robust way so that they can effectively work accordingly for the growth of the company by delivering food by their raiders which is a major important factor of the company.

They act as a medium between the restaurant and the customers so that they can increase their base of customers and the revenue model. Moreover, another factor that has been taken into consideration is that the company is a factor of the most moral challenge where they use the delivery management as a tool which helps in food order of the customer by their app and they are to deliver it within 32 minutes. The customers get quality food from their home itself from their favourite restaurant without even the need of visiting it (Le et al., 2019). This has been a factor of concern for the company as it helps them to manage their productivity as well as the service of Deliveroo so that they can increase their service to their customers. The customers intend to get better food delivery chain system at the least time that they can get so that in respect of the time they will be able to serve the expectations of the customers for an increase in the profitability of the company. This study will provide a better understanding of how delivery management as a part of the operational management plays an important role (Gurvich, Lariviere and Moreno, 2019).

Annotated Input-Transformation-Output Diagram of the Operation System

The context of the Annotated Input- Transformation-Output in respect of Deliveroo has been a major concern for the company. It has been taken into concern that it has been working accordingly as a food delivery service which is in nature of drinks and also foods which act as the input which are of primary nature. It can be transformed directly and it has been seen that the output in this context is the drink and the foods that are being delivered by them. The company has been using the logistic system so effectively so that it will increase its delivery system. The company is depended on various self-employed couriers who are able to channelize the input into outputs. The output in context to the secondary input which is the couriers are tear and wears of the vehicle that they are using for the delivery (Doguc, 2019). There is more fundamental secondary input for the company which are the use of the offline and online presence of the company where they accept the order which is basically in the context of delivering the food more effectively.

Deliveroo also has various factors of accuracy in respect of the tertiary inputs which are basically the use of the plans and various orders for the company. They basically act as the information for Deliveroo so that they can get the information and the various feedbacks from the customers so that they can effectively grow which are again the output in nature.

Process Map

In respect of Deliveroo, it has been seen that the company uses a robust plan for the process through which the customer places their order.

The process of Deliveroo has been taken into the context of thirteen steps which have significant importance on the delivery system. The customer intends to order food from the online service which is available throughout the internet which is a diverse way of attracting customers. The customer at first selects the food he wants to eat and they are supposed to place an order in context to the food and the restaurant of his choice. It is then processed by Deliveroo and they create an electronic order for the customer. This electronic order is a way of checking in respect to the factor that the customer has placed the order and it will evaluate it accordingly. The order is then processed by the factor of the electronic system so that it can be transferred accordingly to the various restaurants who are serving the same food (Mehring et al., 2016). 

The order then sends to the preferred restaurant which will cook the food for the customer. The process then comes to a statement where the restaurant accepts or decline the order. If selected by the restaurant it is then prepared by them for the customer. After the food is prepared it is then processed through a good robust distribution plan which is created for the delivery of the food. After the restaurant has packed the food the deliveryman is then displaced to collect the food and after which they will deliver the food to the customer. Electronic order is then created which will help them the customer to ensure that that food is packed and ready for pickup. The food is then assigned with a real tome location where they will be able to provide the customer with the real-time location for the food (Sabin, 2016). The food is then collected by the courier who will be able to process it to a more robust way and make the final delivery of the product. The product will be under consistent real-time tracking as the delivery is made for them. After the food is delivered to the customer there are two more steps that are needed to be completed. Firstly the customer needs to provide a review for the food that they have and state about the delivery system, the time taking factor and the food quality of the restaurant. After the process of it, the delivery man will be able to complete the whole process of the delivery of food that was started by the customer (Mehring et al., 2016).

Operational Issues of Deliveroo and its Implications for the Strategic Objectives

The issue of the operation in respect of the Deliveroo has been a few which has been affecting the strategic objective of the company and they need to effectively tackle them for the growth. It has been taken into consideration that for a better understanding of the factors various sources of literature has been taken into consideration for determining them. 

As per Michelini, Principato and Iasevoli, (2018), it has been seen that the data that has been collected by the customers in respect of feedback when the food is delivered have no major contribution towards the operational change in the organization. The factor of satisfying the customer in respect of the product that has been delivered to them is one of the major concern to the company and their delivery model. It has been seen that the invoicing and the tracking of the issues of the quality of the food is a major concern for the company in its operation. 

In the context of Cherrett et al., (2017), it has been seen that the model of price that they have been keeping is not predictable for the company as they cannot adapt to the change in the price and effectively push the sales of the company has been a growing factor for the company. Limiting the factor of operation in the delivery has been a concern for the company as new big companies are entering the market of the delivery which will affect the overall performance of the operation of the company. The factor of the inefficiency in respect to coping with the increase in the volume has also been a factor which has been affecting the operation of the company. Finally In respect of the delivery model of 32 minutes the company have faced problem in the operation as many time the staffs have not been able to deliver the product in the given time duration (Dani, 2015). 

Moreover, it has been seen that the quality of the food has not yet been up to the mark of the company and many times the customers see an inconsistency in the quality of the food that they order through the delivery service. They have also seen the loyalty of the customers being waving through the delivery service as they provide them with good and prominent deals so that they can attract more customers but on the other hand they see dissatisfaction in the loyalty by the customers who might not stick with them for a longer time. This directly affects the operation of the company as loyalty is not assured by them.

The company intends to tackle these factors b better managing some of the crucial and important factors which will be further discussed accordingly. The company have been utilizing its business model of delivering the foods and the drinks to the customers who have ordered them through the app and online so that they can have a better check in the service of the delivery and satisfy the customers (Ghajargar, Zenezini and Montanaro, 2016). The customers have a major factor in respect of the operation as the chain ends there and they are the one who intakes the service from the company. The process of the operation has also been a factor which has been able to work effectively for the growth of the company as they determine the time factor of how the product will be delivered within the given time. The quality control of the company has been effective as they regularly check the quality of the food that is being delivered by the restaurants as well as the food that is being delivered to the customers. This will ensure that the company will be under a proper service model (Dani, 2015).  In respect of the queueing theory, the customer has to be placed effectively in respect of the order that has been placed by him so that they can increase the overall quality of the service and serve the food in minimum time. 

The company also utilizes a better capacity planning so that they can determine the quality of the service and be able to analyze the capacity of the current condition and be able to make a plan for the future which will be able provide a better planning for the process as well as to get a better hold of the service in regards to the individual service activity (Cherrett et al., 2017). The supplier integration has been very important for the customer so that they can be more effective towards the improvisation of the strategy of the management as well as to improve the overall performance of the company. It has been seen with a robust integration of supplier the performance of the buyers has been very effective and improve with time.

Challenges of Technological Development

In the modern world where people have been ordering their clothes and accessories, Deliveroo has been able to channelize the online food delivery system in such a manner that now people has been ordering the food online. The context of the internet and mobile technology has been very important for the growth of the company as they have been directly contributing to the growth and attract more customers for the business. It has been seen that there has been a rapid growth in technological development in the world and it has a direct effect on the online food delivery system. They need to always have the best equipment in context to technological development so that in future they are able to have a competitive advantage. The rapid growth of technology has been a challenge as they add up to the cost in the books of the account as they need to adapt to new technology (Durant, Fiorino and O'Leary, 2017).

The cloud kitchen is a very effective model which has raised due to technological development. They are a direct threat and provides a direct threat to the delivery system of the Deliveroo. It has been seen that due to the technological advancement most of the companies which were offline in the food industry and did home delivery are making their own presence in the online market which is a direct threat to the company like Deliveroo and challenge that they need to deal effectively (Fagerberg, 2017). It has been seen that people are using the deals that the company has been providing them but are not staying loyal as most of the time it’s just a onetime buy from them. One of the major concern in relation to the factor of technological development has been that the rapid growth has opened up new opportunities for the new companies which have a direct effect on the performance of the company. The new ideas are implemented by other companies and are structured effectively so that they will have a more innovative structure for creating competition against the company. The competition has been increasing rapidly as most of the companies have been investing in Research and development so that they can effectively capture the online food delivery market (Fagerberg, 2017). Another major factor is that with the increase in the technology the companies are capturing the existing market by promoting lucrative offers and keeping them in the chain of it. This has also been a major factor which has been a challenge for Deliveroo.

Recommendation for Improvement of Operation

The operation of the company can be improved more effectively so that they are structurally over the other competitors of the company. The company should adapt to a much more user-friendly and adaptive user interference for their customers so that they can use the application prominently and also to avoid the delay are caused by the delivery person. The application process needs to be taken into consideration so that the employees can access it more prominently and channelize it for the better development of the company. The operation is to be further improved by consistently tracking the movement of the rider and to make them work effectively so that the delivery can be met more prominently. The company will be able to make it more prominent in the order tracking by consistently tracking the process and finally checking the quality of the food. 

The use of the Inter Check has shown that the process of the data processing and the reporting has increased in respect to the policies of the country in which they operate. Taking into consideration of the challenges they face the company is able to make a more robust approach so that they can improve the process map in respect to speed and flexibility with better use of the planning of capacity as well as the queuing theory so that that have a better process that follows and also the service that is the finest in the food delivery system. They need to consistently follow up on the factor of quality of food as well as the quality of service they provide through their operational management. The invoicing needs to be developed and the tracking system needs to be overhauled so that the rider and the food provide better location access to the customer.


From the following report, it can be concluded that Deliveroo has been effectively dominating and have a competitive advantage in respect of the food delivery system. They have been consistently working towards the expectations that have been set by their customers so that they can increase their service and work effectively towards the goal of the company. The company follows a structural outline in respect of the process map for the company and they have a robust input and output system of operation which is used effectively by the company. The problems that affect the operation and the challenges of technological development has been taken into consideration and recommendation has been passed accordingly for a better service for the customer.

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