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Workplace violence is one of the serious threats that people are facing at present at the workplace. There are numerous manifestations possible for workplace violence, some of them being verbal abuse, some being physical assaults and even homicide is also possible as one of the workplace violence. Workplace violence is one of the growing concerns of the employers and employees nationwide. As per the recent statistical survey conducted by OSHA at workplace, one of the major reasons for the death of the employees at the workplace is workplace violence. Though workplace violence can be seen in almost all the organizations, the actual work place violence vary in intensity and the people and the locations vulnerable for workplace violence also varies from case to case. For example locations like isolated regions, jobs and positions, where there will normally be exchange of cash and rewards involved in, retail workers and taxi drivers are also often becoming targets of workplace violence as per the study conducted by OSHA. One of the major reasons for them to get increasingly targeted for violence is the fact that they are more vulnerable for the violence. Either they do have very little protection or alternatively they do work in the locations and the regions where there is little protection from police and often are isolated in nature. The following part of the report discusses the ways and means in which the workplace violence can be prevented. The report is presented as an awareness material for employees; the material is presented to provide basic information about the procedures and protocols that can be appropriate to prevent workplace violence in general. This will even work as an exercise of emergency management. A key insight into these procedures will enable a person to take up appropriate actions to counter the crisis when workplace violence do occur.


? At the outset, before actual occurrence of the workplace violence the first and foremost thing that one need to do is to prevent the occurrence of the workplace violence. The most significant activity to prevent the workplace violence is to educate the employees. All the employees in the organization need to be educated of the workplace violence. They need to be educated of what acceptable conduct is and what not? Such exposure and orientation of the employees will make them prepared for any type of eventual occurrences. Further they will cultivate to practice good conduct and also will learn how to behave appropriately to prevent any sort of escalations that can lead to violence. In extreme case if there any workplace violence occurrence, they can able to protect themselves from the scenario (Phillips, 2016).


? It is always preferred to keep up the surveillance at the workplace, it is advisable to employ cameras, keep up extra lighting as well as alarms to immediately observe any if discrepancy occurred at the workplace and to take up appropriate actions if there is any sort of disturbance in the workplace.


? Also there should not give scope for possible violence in the workplace locations, taking appropriate actions like keep safes for preserving the money, arranging safety precautions for avoiding direct contact with the outsiders, preventing unauthorized access of the outsiders into the workplace etc minimizes the risk of violence(Rugala et al., 2018)


? Further proving mandatory escort services to the employees, keeping all the locations in the workplace safe and introducing the buddy system and enabling isolation of the potentially dangerous sites are some of the measures that can prevent the possible workplace violence in general(Gilespie et al.,2015).


? Workers need to be trained about what can be potentially harmful situation and further they need to be trained to safeguard themselves if any such violence occurs in the workplace. Employees need to be instructed to report any if violent condition is observed there in the workplace. There need to have grievance and violent activity monitoring cell who can immediately look into the matter and any if complaint is received they can evaluate and resolve the same. 


? Workplace violence is to be prevented by using appropriate strategy or policy. However still the workshop violence prevention strategies need to be enforced from top to bottom, it is required that the change has to start from the top management. It is required that the top management is required to be suitably motivated to prevent the workshop violence and subsequently from the supervisors and other worker groups of the organization are expected to have the necessary commitment and the training in preventing the same. There is need for making the policies and strict enforcement of the workplace violence prevention strategies (Halpem, 2017).


? Further working out strategies to prevent workplace violence need to be based on case to case to basis as well. For example for health care settings the most vulnerable population of the profession need to be identified for taking up next steps to prevent the possible violence. In health care industry, front line nurses are more vulnerable population that will be exposed to the public and they are at high risk. They need to be informed of training programs to control the aggressive behaviour as well they should also be provided with the necessary focus on ways and means of managing violence. Further training them to safeguard themselves from the possible physical physiological assault and protecting others from getting targeted of violence will contribute to enforce peace and safety in the workplace(Schneid,2017).



Workplace violence is increasing uncontrollably these days due to variety of reasons. Increased stress at the workplace, increased pressures and targets at the workplace contribute to the risk of violence. Further poor management in terms of failure in isolating and prevention of the risk is significant factor contributing to the workplace violence.  If strategic and systematic procedures are undertaken to control the workplace violence, it can be controlled if not mitigated as well the implications of the same can also reduce to the maximum. The report works as a primer of information for security/Loss prevention manager and the same information can be communicated for internal stakeholders to prevent the possible harm through this violence.

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