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Today, with increased complexities in the global environment, there is a need to learn new management techniques and leadership frameworks that will allow performing in a better way in a given environment. Further, with changing landscape of the work scenario, it is important for the students to learn more about the work culture, the expectations of the organization, the work approach, and the working style in the organization. 

It will thereby make them flexible and will also allow them to perform in a better way in a given environment. It is due to these reasons that such exchange programs in a given educational institution allows a student to learn about new cultures, work approaches, and new working styles. 

Also, they will get more acquainted with the globalization needs of the organization. However, the students before attending such programs need to focus on their career objectives, decide on the strategic goals, and accordingly overcome their areas of improvement. The current expectations of the program are many since it will first provide me to interact in a new environment. 

I am expecting to learn new communication styles, change management frameworks, and team-based working approach in the new environment (Tempelaar et al., 2013). Second, from the new program, I am also expecting to fulfill my personal and professional goals. On the personal front, I want to learn how to balance the work-family life situation. 

Also, I want to self-grow so that I can achieve new heights in my career. From the professional perspective, I want to learn the aspects of leadership, management, communication, team-working, developing relationships with the different stakeholders, human resource management, managingdiscipline and dealing with conflicts, planning and problem-solving methods, and also focusing on how to delegate the task to other team members in a given working environment (Hasan&Bagde, 2013). 

To overcome the workplace challenges it is important to focus on team dynamics, time management, team building, influence management, task management, risk management, and also coaching others as and when required. Today, all the employees are expected to perform multi-tasking skills, and hence it is important for them to learn the aspects of project management. 

They need to first learn about the scope of the project, focus on the quality aspects, determine the organizational needs, work on the approach to achieve desired objectives, and implement risk mitigation plan to ensure overcoming all the risk factors and also making sure that the organization will be able to achieve desired outcomes in a given working environment. The new program will thereby allow me to learn the different theoretical concepts from new faculties and with new learning styles. 

Also, since it is an exchange program, it is more important to adapt to the new culture. I am thereby expecting several aspects of management to learn from the new course. However, I also need to deploy performance analysis mechanisms and accordingly make necessary changes wherever required. 

It is important to focus on strengths and thereby overcome the weaknesses to perform the desired tasks in a given working environment. Hence, I am also expecting to learn self-management skills from this course that will allow me to improve my performance and subsequently help me to complete the assigned tasks with the given timeframe in the organization. 

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