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Racism is a belief and practice based on the ideology that humans are different and exclusive biological entities, commonly known as ‘races’ and may be segregated according to the specific races. The perspectives, understanding and practice of racism have many forms as of 20th century. It is one of the major concerns in the global context that disturbs peace, solidarity and brotherhood among humankind. Racism is highly prevalent in some countries, like the United States of America (USA), and other European countries. This research proposal will highlight and study the problems of racism in the USA and will provide solutions that will be significantly beneficial for the country in the longer run.


The United States has been the epitome of racism since its colonial era. The history has exhibited several protests, riots and violence regarding racism. The practice of racism used to differ from different communities, for example, the Irish People, Italians and Poles were considered as the non-protestant immigrants and been the victim of xenophobic exclusion and discriminations as compared to the Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The Middle East people and Jews have faced unfair discrimination leading to communal riots. The practice of racism is attributed to slavery, segregations, limited reservations and many others (Ware, Vron 2015). Racism has affected the country’s political administration, social structure, economic policies, law, and image in a negative way. Though with the attempt of international organizations like the United Nations and International Human Rights Council and stalwarts like Abraham Lincoln has curbed the practice of it at a substantial level, the issue seems to develop every time. 

The diversity of races in the country can be seen, the improper distribution races all over the country is one of the underlying issues of racisms. This improper distribution affects the political system of the different states of the country. Every race are considered differently and provide different kinds of treatment. 

Crime incidents based on different opinions, beliefs and ethnicity. It can be easily understood that around 40.6% of the incidents are based on racisms. It is the recent data extracted from a website named Facts.net. The site states that in USA police like to target blacks and Latin people more than whites in making arrests and filing criminal cases.  

According to the latest reports by (BBC News) blacks are always subjected to criminal issues and dehumanization. The situations were better and progress was made when the during the reign of black presidents. Considering the present scenario under Donald Trump’s presidency, the violence has taken its same form as it always had in the country. Thus, presently the racism is increased and difficult. Instead of this, the advantage of federal government is beneficial to oppose the actions of the strong national government.  


Solutions to combat racism have been studied by several researchers from prestigious institutes in the USA and rest of the world. According to a study conducted by the researchers of Stanford University and the University of California has framed several canvass model that will reduce prejudice, bigotry and racial activities. They also found that the minimizing of racism can be done gradually with crucial empathy from all the communities. In order to make a proper implementation of racism, government and the people of the different communities in the USA need to co-operate each other regarding various policies of racial discrimination. One of the major concepts is the colour blind racism, it has been very effective and mentioned by Barack Obama during his March 18 speech. Colour-blindness is one of the concepts of sociology that elucidates the best way to eliminate racism and discrimination making everyone equal. It can be understood from the term, it refers to the liberty of human rights and opportunities irrespective of their colour, race, culture, or origin. It helps the nation in creating a neutral race government. This philosophy and ideology can be incorporated into the legislation and operations of different governmental policies of the UK.

As reported by (solidarity-us.org) providing good incentive schemes to reward the Black people who work harder, and to aid education can make a considerable effort in reducing the inequality and cooling the situation. Apart from that, the right implementation of the Civil Rights Act can help to minimise whites to take privilege in jobs, property, education and many others. 


It is inevitable that racism leads a nation to its downfall, so it is happening in the USA. Eliminating racisms can aid the nation to get rid of many obstacles and progress ahead. Some of the benefits of stopping racisms are as follow.

It improves political and civil situations of the country- From the above discussion, it has been understood that racism has been the reason of several domestic violence and commotion, the possibility arises in the increase of this violence which can take a savage outlook in the future. Thus, ending racism at the primary level will end this violence, bringing peace in the nation. With peace, solidarity, kinship and improvement of mental satisfaction among the citizen improves will help the nation to stay united and progress ahead (Bailey, Zinzi et al., 2017).

It reduces economic inequality- It has been estimated if the income gap among the employee of the different racial group were eliminated; the USA would have 14% richer. This clearly states economic inequality can negatively affect the overall economic development of the country (benjerry.com)


The concept of racism and its history in the USA has been studied in the initial phase of this research proposal. The past and present problem overview of racism in the USA has been found to fluctuate significantly and is the situations are subjected to change under the rule of Black presidents. The proposal has mentioned some effective solutions for the problem and elucidated its benefits in the political and economic aspects of the country. 

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