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Marketing design and innovation has turned out to be one of the most crucial attribute for organization to sharpen their competitive edge and out beat the intense heat in competition. The report would focus on evaluating a recently launched product Moto 360 from the portfolio of most innovative company Google. Since the time of taking over renowned Motorola – (Mobile manufacturing company) Google has been diverting the attention of its work force to realize long lasting benefits out of the patents that it has bought from Motorola (Beiske, 2011). The report depicts the characteristics of Moto 360 followed by the inventory of change that the research and development team has carried over in suiting the product to the changing needs of the market. Moto 360 also reveals that fact that Moto 360 has extended a step further in offering value to customers through its watch and has been able to compete with both smartphone players and most importantly across wrist watch manufacturers. Brand appeal in relation to the rivals of Moto 360 has been unique for Google as it has been able to cross sell Moto 360 across its existing market portfolio (Clegg, 2010).


Exploring the personal learning which have gained through the research the outcome has led to both learning and unlearning process that is potential enough to meet competencies that are essential to meet industry demands (Drift, 2010).





Characteristics of chosen product


Wrist watch as a product has been able to make several evolutions since its inception before 100 years. Irrelevant to the wrist watch manufactures the interface and the basic look has remained constant due to the increased proportions of stylishness and helpfulness. Characteristics of Moto 360 were solely dependent on the vision of employees at google to re envisage the prospect of wrist watch (Etzioni, 2010).

Moto 360 reflect mutual combination of both modern as well as definitive characteristics that is capable of offering it classy look under android wear. One of the core characteristics of Moto 360 has been its ability to keep the end user updated with time and date by ensuring that it does not distract the users. Most importantly Moto 360 is capable intimating the end user in advance on what he/ she needs to do through sequence of alerts as well as notifications. With Moto 360 users would be able to see who is mailing or calling and also understand the next immediate social post (Jennex, 2009).


Voice recognition has been yet another crucial characteristic of Moto 360 as it is capable of responding to any input being offered by the end user. Business people are highly proposed to get benefited through Moto 360 as it helps to make the scheduling, appointment, texting much easier than ever before (Hine, 2010).


Adding to the above listed characteristics Moto 360 could be worn by users either on the left or the right wrist and screen changes to fit the view of users. Moto 360 most important characteristic is that it is capable of working under any android based mobile phone (Birtwistle, 2012).



Alterations made to suit changing needs of market.


Even before Motorola was taken over by Google, the mobile manufacturing giant had more number of resources to create gadgets to customers. Unique patents and process at Motorola has been able to bring in more number of lateral thinking across the human resources to make alterations to typical wrist watch (Anderson, 2010).


In the case of Moto 360, Needs of the market has been dual and there is abundance of scope that is prevailing across smartphone users as well as individuals who still believe wrist watch as an essential ingredient to enhance their looks. Merging these two demands in the market place Moto 360 has been able to realize the complete potential underlying smart watches (Alexander, 2010).

One of the emerging hardware and software let out by Motorola was Moto X, flagship during 2013 was able to offer the company with trending technology such as increased battery life, small screen dynamics, dual processor and most importantly synchronization of Google Now (Alba, 2009).

Given the complete technical specifications of MOTO X, researchers were able to make it tiny and represent the product as a wonderful wrist watch. The complete inspiration was taken from the watch and development team at Motorola was able to realize the fact that style was the key and at no point of time the internal stakeholders were let to compromise on the design of Moto 360. Thus typical wristwatch model was altered to meet the needs of smartphone users which eventually ended up as Moto 360 for the customers.

A complete re-structuring was essential for bringing out Moto 360 where in most of the internal components of Motorola comes in form of square and not in circle, but to suit the structure of round watch several changes were performed by the developers of Moto 360 (Beiske, 2011).

More customization was made in the area of user interface and this has been calling developers to think outside the box. Customizations were solely dependent on the need to meet the nature of android operating system and developers felt it easier due to the technical excellence of Motorola and the pioneered android operating system of Google.

Thus customizations have taken place across three major attributes, one at the context of hardware essentials, second the essentiality meets software capabilities and third the external look and style of the watch. Considerable amount of customization has been performed on developing an interactive screen where the end users could check the intimations using the watch (Alexander, 2010).

Given such hefty amount of changes being made by the developers of Motorola one of the most important attribute that influences the adaptation of the product in the market is the scope that is being offered for the developers. Developers are supposed to be encouraged to a great extent and Google has constantly been encouraging them to come out with effective applications across Moto 360 devices (Jennex, 2009).



Benefits and values that are being derived by customers or clients


One of the most important benefits that end users gain through use of Moto 360 is ability to meet the fast paced lifestyle requirements. Since Moto 360 is so much handy and is wearable at ease end users perceive more value from it as a means of stylish gadget. Since Moto 360


works on android based operating system there is hefty of users in the smartphone segment. Major brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC and Micro max are making use of the Android operating system which also multiplies the potential customer base for Moto 360.


Business persons are offering a warm reception for gadgets such as Moto 360 as they are capable of intimating the business e mails and also access the business calendar to showcase upcoming appointments (Birtwistle, 2012).


Moto 360 has been able to enhance the value perceived by the end users by making them spread the word of mouth through superior product designs. Long lasting battery has been the primary niche that Moto 360 has been making to market the product to the market audience. Till now Motorola has not revealed the way in which Moto 360 gets charged as there no provisions being offered in form of USB or chargers. Hence the mode of charging would be sustained as a secret which will further enhance the scope and reach of products (Beiske, 2011).


Unlike Samsung galaxy gear Moto 360 would be able to work on any smartphone that operates on the android versions. This is yet another value addition attribute of Moto 360 which is capable of taking the product to the target customers.


Water resistance has always been perceived as a unique attribute of Moto 360 and it offers users to wear the watch under any climatic conditions. The product is meant for both genders and hence this will increase the number of target customers for the product (Alexander, 2010).


Uniqueness of design – Shape, colour, design, imagination relevance and usefulness

One of the unique designs that enhance Moto 360 has been its resemblance as typical wrist watch and most of the time the screen preserves to be off in order to save battery. An inbuilt detector aids in switching on when the users life the hands to see time.


The attractive Moto 360 is designed with circle based interface that is 1.8 inches in diameter and is completely flappable that encourages right side up or down based on the direction in which it is viewed (Liebowitz, 2010).

The product comes out with two options to the end users one in metal and other one in leather which reflect traditional product lines of wrist watch. As of now there is only one standard design that Motorola has revealed and further models and design would be revealed post launch of the initial lots of Moto 360. Adding more information on the colour of the product Moto 360 has revealed an exclusive black metal design and no more colours are released as of now (Lumsden, 2011).


Google Now is the most important feature of android based operating system that is integrated with Moto 360.


Materials as well as comfort of Moto 360 is one of the most important product attributes of the watch were in high quality leather as well as steel has been used. Pebble as a material is capable of offering a warm finishing and Moto 360 is all set to satisfy the comfort of being handy in the wrists.


As far as the energy management is concerned Motorola has been said to made use of the energy management system termed as ACTV that ensures smart notifications as well as enhanced battery life. There is no camera in the watch and the objective has been to shorten and compress each one of the messages that come in to the smartphone to that of the watch for enhanced use (Magee, 2009).


Since majority of the existing smart watch are square in space and stays unsynchronized with the normal wrist watches the design of Moto 360 is round. This is to bring in the feel of wearing a typical wrist watch for the customers and this has been part of the unique selling proposition of the smart watch.


Brand appeal in relation to competitors in contemporary markets:


One of the primary goals of Moto 360 is to come out with a wearable device wherein individuals would prefer to wear it and feel proud. This particular tag was the unique selling proposition that team of Motorola decided to gain more brand appeal.


Huge number of competition has mounted in response to the Moto 360 as a gadget. LG G watch is one amongst the competitive product that has more synchronization with the specifications of Moto 360 (Malerba, 2009).


Sony smart watch 2 is yet another important product that falls under the smart watch segment that has been offering more pressure for Moto 360. With two important players in the market namely Sony and LG Moto 360 is capable of overcoming the challenges through its superior design and its credit of owing the android operating system. Samsung gear solo is yet another rivalry for Moto 360 that has already been in to the market and gaining immense market share. But Moto 360 is highly renowned for its ability to fit in s stylish way which does not show up as a smart watch but as a luxury watch for the users.

The above discussions have been emphasizing the current players in the market but the most speculated apple smart watch and HTC smart watch has not been listed on top categories (PrivCo, 2010).

Since Motorola has been planning to execute the marketing plan in the next month the current competitors would be influencing the branding and marketing strategies. On the other hand Motorola still has more number of customers under their belt as loyal customers and are highly fascinated towards the brand of Motorola.

It is evident from the case of sales of Moto G and Moto X that there is still a strong brand reception of products of Motorola and ever since Google handed over the company to Lenovo there has not been hug loss of craze for the products. Thus brand appeal for Moto 360 has already reflected in its looks, blogging and other content related marketing interventions across the social media space (Shravan, 2009).

Brand appeal of Moto 360 has constantly been reviewed by technical experts and the number of shares and word of mouth is definitely set to take the launch of the product to greater heights.



Write a critical reflective essay on your journey of discovery through the module, set within the context of the learning outcomes.

Taking in to consideration the nature of research context, the span of conducting the research to meet the learning outcomes has been highly engaging. Thanks to the freedom offered by the curriculum that has highly encouraged the option of choosing any product under any category. This has offered me the scope to take up my desire to evaluate modern gadgets of which Moto 360 has been one of the recent sustainable innovations.

Initially I was exposed to the task of undertaking a research work on marketing design and innovation which stated the need of taking real time product for reviewing its specifications and unique selling propositions. Since i have always been an ardent fan of Motorola and its takeover by Google was able to enhance by thrill on its products lines. My interest on smartphone is highly alarming and it in turn has provoked me to execute the study under my most inspired brands Google and Motorola respectively (Steil, 2009).


Learning outcome on evaluating the product features demanded me to conduct extensive qualitative research methods for the study. The social media space such as twitter, face book and other sites have been highly filled with the articles, posts and discussions about the launch of Moto 360 and this has offered me more insight into the product specifications.


Interpreting the brand appeal aspects of Moto 360 more insight was gained across the printed published sources such as magazines, journals and other articles that best reflected the product. Benefits and value creation has been evaluated through the qualitative aspect of research and at no point of time quantitative data was relied since there was no need of conducting study with numerical insights (Tucker, 2011)

Unpublished sources usually tends to lack both validity as well as reliability but still there was no such no option in place to prefer only published information. Lack of previous research has been a challenge in executing the study which was sorted out with the help of proper guidance from the mentors.

Thus personally I perceive the execution of the report to be satisfying as i was able to able to match the learning outcomes with appropriate discussion which has further provoked my interest to conduct further studies.

Most importantly my desire to write blogs has been accomplished partly through this study since the evaluation of Moto 360 has offered me the foundation for making more product reviews as the marketing plan of Google takes its execution (Vinal, 2009).


In particular, describe how the course challenged your thinking, brought to you new and interesting ideas and concepts, or, presented approaches to the topic with which you may have disagreed.

The study on evaluating the marketing design and innovation of Moto 360 has provoked a solid systems thinking for me. My perceptions over innovation and creativity has less relying on cross selling product lines of organizations and this particular assumption has got broken post evaluating Moto 360 as an innovative product (Wrzesniewski, 2009).


Firstly I assumed that products that are innovative must be able to serve the needs of the market else they would fail in the light of mere entrepreneurial assumptions. This was proved to be false, since Moto 360 has been reflecting the same usage characteristics of smartphone there was no need of smart watch. It is evident from the creativity model of Motorola that the intention is to create an unrisen demand which will be able to generate a buzz amongst target audience. In creating an un risen demand Motorola has been able to make use of the cross selling technique by creating a product that is not related to smartphone but capable of creating a demand across the potential consumers (Waddell, 2010).


Thus my points and perception which i initially tend to disagree was proven wrong as a result of interpreting the outcome of the study. Amidst these learning i was able to gain more skills on managing time, enhancing my state of vocabulary and most importantly being able to get the basics of advanced writing.

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