Analyze the difference between what the person as a teenager's faces and what the person as an adult faces.

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Being a Teenager VS being an Adult

The purpose of the essay is to find the connection and analyze the difference between what the person as a teenager's faces and what the person as an adult faces. It is to analyze the difference between the persons with two different ages and their characteristics in the stages of life in certain circumstances-depression, stress, trauma, and parental care. The essay is to analyze the specific characteristics as the teenagers grow into an adult. The studies have found that the crisis faced by the teenagers seem to be harder than the crisis and situation faced by the adult.

The purpose of the study is to analyze depression, illness, and trauma in teenager and the adult and the realization when the teenager passes to adulthood and experience.

McDonagh (2008) defined adolescence as a bio-psycho-social construct that is not restricted by the age criteria. it is also denied to be a stage. It is a variable period between childhood and adulthood. The teenage is characterized by rapid progress, and change in social, biological and psychological domains. 19 years is a frequently accepted age criterion for teenagers. The development of disease like epidemiology of adolescent rheumatology predicts adult disease as it is found to have transferred in the developmental stage. it is the bodyweight of the children or the teenager that depicts the possibility of the adult disease or illness. The pain in the early stage of the adolescent is managed and controlled through effective pain management medically. If the pain is not managed in the adolescent stage, it will persist in adult life.

Cash (2003) explained, "Depression, particularly in teenagers, is often described as the invisible illness (1)". The mental pressure among teenagers is difficult to sustain in the teenager's day, their body and develop in an amazing way. They remain clueless regain this growth. They develop certain kind of questions which remained unanswered for a long time. The teenagers find it difficult to sleep as they find many things going on around them, and they have no idea regarding its function. Unlike teenagers, adult bears high expectations from teenagers under their care. The teenagers face extreme pressure to fulfill adult expectation. Among the adult, the depression continues, but they have a way to cope with the stress and problems that uniquely affect their life as they carry forward their depression and invisible trouble from the teenage to adult life. Being an adult is less depression than being an adolescent.

Woodward (1985) stated that teenagers suffer from low nutritional input in comparison to the adult. Most of the teenagers remain unknown to the importance of the calorie intake and therefore they make choices that affect their health more deeply. The teenage girls are severely affected as they are found to have lacked several vitamins. Majority of adults know the nutritional intake, and such kind of crisis is not faced by the adult as they have enough nutritional input.

Foster (2010) expressed that being a teenager of a mentally ill-parent affects mental health and the mental issue continues overtime. It is very difficult to cope with the crisis of being a teenager of mentally ill parents. The teenager suffers deep scars in their parent's life. A severe mental issue will deeply affect the life of the teenager, and the teenage experience is carried forward to adulthood when the teenager undertakes the care-giving roles. Even the adult nurse when they come in contact with a mentally ill patient, it affects their mental health. Family-focused care will allow their children to strengthen their capability, and their mental health can be improved.

It can be said the experience of teenage life continues to affect the adult life, but the adult life has a way to manage and control the behavior and perceiving thing which makes life easier and the adult undertakes the role of the adult life that allows them to perform the responsibility that society and family assign on them. A proper and focused family support is the way to mitigate the depression, illness and mental pressure on the children.

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