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The political crisis in Somalia and the clan system

Somalia is undergoing political crises and main issue in this conflict is related to Clan loyalty. In this research we will try to find out the underlying causes of political crises in Somalia. For this research exploratory research design will be used to find out Is the Somalia clan based political system is the main issues of political crisis in Somalia? 

Secondary data along and sociological theories can help us to find out what we are trying research.  The research question for this research will be; How does clan power contribute the subsequent conflict in Somalia?  After this research we will be able to find out the is the clan system is reason of power/political conflict in Somalia or there is something else undercover. From this research we will be able to find out the link between clan system and political crises and this information will help audience to understand the actual reasons underlying political/ power crises in Somalia.

 In this paper. I will argue that Somalia has fall down victim to political turbulence and civil war due to an established effort to eradicate traditional Somali culture and customary fidelities based on clanship and ancestry system.

According to Clarke (2018) How political system construction combines real political needs. Somalia’s political and security analyst Mohamed Mubarak believes that former Prime Minister Abdi Saeed’s impeachment shows that people’s expectations do not match reality. (Clarke,2018).

Whereas Webersik, Hansen & Egal, states that the clan is the highest traditional institution, which functionally unites its members according to the genealogical trait, but, above all, for self-defense. (Webersik, Hansen & Egal, 2018). However, Clarke (2018) states that the principle of "4.5 clans" in theory should contribute to the consolidation of Somali society around federal institutions and ensure the involvement of the broad masses of the population in politics, but in practice significantly reduces the effectiveness of the work of state bodies, makes their activities multidirectional.

 For theoretical method, analytical constructivist method is applied as it permits to deal with intricate security situation in Somalia. This theory helps to examine the issue of safety from various perspectives including social, political, and military.

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