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Truth about Relationship

Truth is the most important thing in every relationship. Sometimes, the relationship among different groups gets in trouble. To safe the relationship it is must to follow the rules of the relationship. The trust and truth is depending on three aspects such as cultural influences on interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication and emotions in interpersonal communication. If a person improves these three aspects, he or she will be comfortable in any kind of relationship.

Every culture influences our relationships. In multicultural relations, individual habits might create issues the similar means they would once they are satisfactory in one state however not accepted in other country. Social pressures are also the major aspect of the relationship. Sometimes, social pressures are good and sometimes, they are bad (Sorbonne, 1997, pg.76). Every culture has different norms, values and traditions which influences interpersonal relationships.

Nonverbal communication is often subtler and active than verbal communication and may take the significance better than the arguments themselves. For example, a genuine smile makes feelings explicit better than any explanation of happiness. Therefore, this silent conversation is of great importance in everyday interactions and influences our social and professional encounters (Zuckerman, et.al. 1981, pg.1-30).

Emotions, which have existed for many millions of years in the species from which modern humans have evolved, have evolved to this day in permanent interaction with instinctive and rational functions. Therefore, emotions play a very important role in our daily lives, such as, for example: Emotions direct our attention and our thinking. Human beings are instinctive, emotional and rational beings in an inseparable whole. Therefore, we manage to live a life with Wellbeing only when these three dimensions are harmoniously integrated. In achieving this result, our rational capacity plays a decisive role, which is the most recent of the capacities developed in Homo Sapiens. When we are excited, it is very difficult for us to stop thinking about something other than what excites us. As what moves us is what is important for us, being attentive to this is a very effective evolutionary strategy to manage the available (limited) energy, prioritizing what is important (Baldassar, 2007). We feel good when our feelings, reasoning and actions are coherent and complementary to each other. This coherent and complementary relationship between what we feel, what we think and what we do is what is usually identified as having emotional Intelligence.

To conclude, communication is one of the greatest riches of human relationships because it can be done in so many ways that it would be infinite to be able to name each of them. Despite all that has been mentioned above, it should be noted that there are also several problems that originate within a society due to poor communication. Failure to understand or not properly understand the information that is received is one of the main problems that can be named in this regard. It can even be said that the great wars were caused by communication problems, as well as the early resolution of these conflicts.

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