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Cancer of all types is one of the alarming issues in today's world. Millions of people are losing their precious life after fighting a rough battle with this disease. Along, with adults, even children at a very tender age are becoming the victim of this disease. Scientists and medical practitioners are working on this for decades now to come up with some solution that will benefit the entire humanity. There are different types of cancer and each requires different types of treatment and medication. Thus, the job is more complicated than actually, it seems. In this study, the development of medication for lung cancer and all the related activities starting from pre-launching marketing strategy to compliance requirements all this information has been demonstrated.

Needs assessment and marketing decision section

There is a proverb that has been relevant for ages now and describes the cause for all the inventions. "Necessity is the mother of all inventions" this essentially denotes that inventions are made whenever the need for something is felt. This is applicable to all kinds of inventions that have been made so far.

As stated earlier, cancer is posing a serious threat to all in the present world and medication for all kinds of cancer is still not available. The abnormal growth of the cells that were otherwise healthy is cancer. The cause of lung cancer is the same, the cells of the lungs keep on dividing in an uncontrollable manner. As a result of this, a tumour grows that reduces the capability of breathing and gradually keeps spreading.

Purpose for development

Lung cancer accounts for almost 1 million death annually around the world. It is also considered one of the leading cancer and millions of people are victims of this disease. Both women and men are equally susceptible to this disease." Non-small cell lung cancer" is often considered the major cause of lung cancer. Many experts are working hard to come up with a concrete solution for lung cancer treatment. In Canada, it has been observed that majorly men are getting this disease. Thus, it is the need of the hour to develop a medication that will mitigate the problem and will help the future generation to live healthy lives.

Epidemiological findings

The rising cause of lung cancer in Canada is posing a major threat to the health status of the entire country. The incidence rate of lung cancer in 2021 is around 13%. Incidence usually signifies the number of new cases. The absolute figure of this 13% amounts to almost 29,600 Canadians. The mortality rates are also high though it is mainly high among men. Mortality rate denotes the number of death that is occurring, in this case mainly due to lung cancer. On average, approximately 58 Canadians lose their life due to lung cancer, and around 81 Canadian are diagnosed with this disease on daily basis.

The number of new cases of lung cancer out of all other types of cancer is almost 13% in the year 2021. Thus, among all types of cancer lung cancer is occurring frequently among individuals of both sexes.

The number of death due to lung cancer compared to other types of cancer is relatively high almost 25% in 2021. The number of death among men is around 10,800 and in women is almost 10,300 in 2021.

Strategies for marketing

The marketing strategy is an integral part of the success of any product in the market. This is because through proper marketing only people will get to know the existence of the product and its utilities. Different types of medication for cancer are coming on the market every day. However, people may not have the full knowledge of this due to a lack of rigorous marketing. This is a new type of medication for curing lung cancer though many treatments are there on the market. However,pricing will be on also justified, not too high. This will allow the commoners to avail the medication in need.

Demand and Supply Information

The market for cancer treatment is divided into five segments based on therapy modality, "targeted therapy", "chemotherapy", "hormonal therapy", "immunotherapy" and others. The population of Canada is increasing with every advancing day. Again, owing to the lifestyles of the people the incidence, as well as the prevalence rate of all types of cancer, is also increasing. Thus, the demand for efficient medication for lung cancer is fairly high. Keeping this in mind the type of medicine that has been developed falls under the "immunotherapy" category. It has been seen that the efficiency of these interveinal injections is better and cures lung cancer totally if applied at the very stage of cancer. The production of the medication is planned in such a way that after approval sufficient amount of the medicine will be available in the market.

Pre-clinical and clinical testing

Clinical tests or trials are means to figure out the safety as well as efficiency of new treatments. In the pre-clinical trial phase, extensive testing in the laboratory and experimenting with animals are done. Along with doctors and research professionals, the "Research Ethics Board (REB)" also reviews the clinical trial process for any new treatments. There are different phases of clinical trials.

Phase I

In this phase, the safe doses or the optimal combination of drugs are determined along with the side effects.

Phase II

Here, the efficiency of the drug is measured. Further, the effectiveness of one drug is compared with other drugs of the same category.

Phase III

The standard of care is compared with the new drug in this stage. Moreover, the new drug may be tested with a combination of other drugs or even with its own.

Phase IV

This phase is conducted once the new drug gets approval from the regulatory bodies. In this phase, researchers get information regarding efficiency, and side effects and a large number of participants participate in this phase.

The immunotherapy medicine for lung cancer has gone through all the phases and got approval from Health Canada. During the clinical trial, which commenced after successful pre-clinical trials, REB reviewed the process and was satisfied as all the regulatory measurement was strictly followed. Primarily immunotherapy is created to enhance the natural defence system of the body to combat cancer. Though, the effectiveness is not hampered in this case. All this has been inferred after the extensive clinical trials. The duration of the trials was almost 5 years with a large number of participants depending on the phase of the trial. Then approval from all responsible authorities has been secured.

Documentation and Launching of new product

The pre-clinical and clinical trials have gone successfully and the new IV drug was proven beneficial as it outweighs the associated risks as well as the side effects. After, this process the sponsors decided to appeal a "New Drug Submission (NDS)" with the "Health Product and Food Branch (HPFB)". In this NDS all the relevant information starting from the safety of the drugs to results of the pre-clinical and clinical studies to details related to the manufacturing, and packaging of the drugs, everything thing is there. Then the authority has thoroughly reviewed all the information and has examined the risks as well as the potential benefits of the new drug. Then after conducting extensive scrutiny of all the information provided HPFB issued a "Notice of Compliance (NOC)". Along with NOC, the authority has also issued a "Drug Identification Number (DIN)". Grant for marketing authorization in Canada under the compliance of the Food and drugs Act is very crucial otherwise commercialization of new drugs is not possible.

Thus, after going through all this legal procedure and doing all the documentation required. The commercial launch of the drug phase has arrived after so much effort. The launch of the drug will happen through a press release.

New drugs are being launched in the market every day that caters to the needs of the people in different ways. Thus, being a pharma company it is important to formulate portfolio strategies and work on the factor that will influence the engagement of the stakeholders and all other driving factors before launching the drug. Making a drug commercially available that too at an affordable requires a lot of process development research from the organization's end. Thus, launching a new drug involves a heavy amount of decision-making process.

Post-marketing steps (Distribution Channel Establishment)

The launch of the drug in the market is accompanied by full-fledged production. Thereafter comes the distribution part, the distribution of any drugs in the market is crucial. This is mainly because the drugs need to be preserved in ideal condition while in transit. Again, it is necessary for the pharmacies and the hospitals to keep the drugs careful otherwise there is a potential chance of the drug getting corrupted or causing hazards in the surrounding in case of spoilage.

This is to ensure that when the batches of drugs are in transit then all the preserving conditions are strictly maintained. Along with this, there is enough production as well as resources to deliver the drugs to every part of the country. Further, to ensure that the demand of the market is duly met. Hence, in order to build an effective distribution channel across Canada, it is important to ensure that the production is at an optimal level, the logistic chain is maintained properly and there is proper equipment to preserve the drugs. The aim is to effectively distribute the drugs to all parts of the country without facing any major interruption. Hence, proper decision-making is required from the management of the organization.

The main components of an effective distribution strategy are the cost involved in creating the network, the regulatory norms that need to be followed, and the variation of the cost of inventory related to different distribution strategies. Therefore, it is important to keep all these things in mind for the decision-maker of the organization.

Strategies for keeping the product competitive

Many pharma companies launch their drugs and post the launch these organizations seldom take any measure to keep their product competitive in the market. However, irrespective of the product it is important to keep the product updated to compete with other products in the market. Thus, the post-launching phase is equally important as the pre-launching phase. Thus, the efficiency of the drug needs to be enhanced at a specified interval period. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting outdated with time. This will help to keep the product competitive in the market and also increase the market share. The drug has the potential to establish its permanent place in the market as its benefits in curing lung cancer is immense. Along with this, it has gained all the required approval from the authorities. Thus, the credibility of the drug in the market is high. The decision-makers need to properly place the product in the market and stay updated with all the relevant information from the market through market research. This will help them to make proper decisions in a timely manner. Otherwise, soon the product will lose its competitive edge.


The cases of lung cancer are rising in Canada and it is one of the leading types of cancer. The incidence rate along with mortality rate is increasing in manifolds and people are either suffering immensely or losing their lives to this deadly disease. There are different types of medication present that are curing lung cancer to a certain extent. However, still, there is no proper cure and that is the main reason behind the rise in the mortality rate due to lung cancer. Rigorous marketing campaigns have been developed that involve TVs, social media platforms, and then print media. This will ensure that whichever media the target audience follows, they get to know the product anyways. Then, effective distribution strategies have been developed to ensure that the drug is available at the possible locations in the country. The motive is not only to develop a beneficial drug, however, also to make it easily accessible to all that too in an affordable without compromising the profit of the organization.

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