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A Reflection on Canada’s Current healthcare systems and practices

The day when I entered the course, I have been observing that native people are facing biasness in the availability of healthcare amenities. This situation is more prevalent in the Indian hospitals of Canada. Indigenous people are not provided with equity in health care sector. Then, I focused on finding the root cause of the problem. Strangely, I came to know that the after effects of colonialism still persist on the native people. Health issues of the native people are shunned and this results in severe traumas. The effects of colonialism are prevailing even after passing of so many generations.

                 Due to lack of access to equitable health care facilities to the indigenous people, they suffer severe health problems. According to Beavis et al., 2015 residential school system of Canada is also responsible for the persistence of post colonialism effects on the health of indigenous people. This residential school system separated children from their families and they started feeling aliens in their own families. Students should learn about the post colonialism practices prevailing in health care sector because students of today are the one who will become clinicians in future.    

               Baker & Giles, 2013 stated that adoption of cultural safety can help to mitigate the problem. Designing and implementing training programs for students to teach them the effects of post colonialism in health care sector can eliminate the problem to a great extent. The history of colonialism should be taught to the clinicians so, that they can provide better health care to the natives. This will also improve the interactions between the indigenous patients and non-indigenous doctors.

                 The issue will go on progressing from generations to generations if not handled with care. So, the government of the nation should initiate the required steps to mitigate the issue and also, the history of colonialism and its effects in health sector should be taught to students with well-designed teaching strategies. Adoption of Cultural safety approach will also improve the situation. The indigenous people of Canada should also raise a voice against the injustice. The treatment to diseases should be provided without any biasness and delay by the non-indigenous health service providers. If these steps will not be taken then, the effects of colonialism will get prominent in future generations also.

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