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Today, with advent of new technologies, it is found that the expectations of the patients from healthcare organizations have increased. Also, the nursing and the support staff need to get trained on the modules of leadership, management, and these new technological modules that will not only allow them to perform better but will also ensure meeting the expectations of the patients in a given healthcare environment (Johnson, 2016).

Over the last few years, it is observed that there are new methods, frameworks, and techniques devised for the purpose of exchanging information and data across the world. The business enterprises have thereby gone through an online approach for the purpose of easily exchanging data and thereby saving time, efforts, resources, and money. Even, the healthcare sector has implemented new Healthcare Information Technologies for the purpose of improving the overall efficiency in a given operational environment.

It allows the physicians to store the data, retrieve them as and when required, inform the nursing staff on the key directions that need to be followed, diagnose the patients, and thereby provide them with required healthcare services easily with the help of these tools. In addition, it is also observed that data science is gaining importance in the medical field in the recent times. It will not only diagnose the patients but will provide them with desired healthcare services during all the time in the respective hospitals.

However, there is a need to determine how data science plays a vital role in improving the life of the patients from the technology perspective. Also, there is a need to determine how data science will assist the physicians and other medical staff in tackling difficult challenges like influenza in a given community. A research can be conducted in two ways that include - qualitative research method and quantitative research method (Johnson, 2016). However, it will depend on the research objectives and the research hypothesis as formulated by the researcher for a given research topic.

To address the stated problems of a given organization, it is recommended to the researcher to deploy quantitative research way that will allow them to first gather the required data, conduct data analysis, and thereby prepare a strategic plan for the organization. Researcher thereby needs to take into consideration the different data collection methods, conduct analysis in this direction, and thereby formulate new strategies for a given firm in a given working environment (Bennett & Blake, 2016).

The different data collection methods will include - interviews, questionnaires and surveys, focused groups, observations, ethnographic and oral history, and other supported documentation procedures (Parekh et al., 2018). Now, based on a given research objective, it is recommended to the top-level management and to the research team to select the best data collection methods for this research.

Now, for the purpose of gathering data on data science in a given healthcare organization, it is necessary to conduct surveys and gather responses of the staff of different departments of the organization.

The survey questions will mainly focus on - what are the data science technologies installed in the organization, how data science helps the medical staff in providing quality healthcare services to the patients, how data science improves the productivity levels of the employees, and how data science will play an important role in the strategic formulation of the organization. Researchers will thereby analyze the results of this response and accordingly will provide their recommendations for improvement in this direction.

Researchers are further recommended to deploy Observation - a method for data collection. It will allow the researcher to understand the dynamics of a given situation. Also, it will provide additional information that they might have missed out during the earlier data collection procedures (Holden et al., 2015). A site visit to the organization at this juncture will help the researcher to determine the correlation between the employees’ working efficacy in the present working environment and the usage of data science techniques in the organization.

The role of data mining is equally considered vital as it will immediately provide physicians with the analysis of the patients based on the reports and other information provided in the system. However, one needs to determine the steps that will be followed to get an access to that information of data science that will highlight the operational activities associated with data science in a given healthcare environment.

Also, once the data is collected, the role of the researcher will be to deploy data analysis procedures in a given situation. They also need to ensure that proper data reports can be generated from the given data-sets of observations collected in a given organization. Researchers also need to take into account the budget, time, scope, and other working constraints of a given organization. It will thereby provide them with an overview regarding how data science assists in improving the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the different practices of the organization.

The focus of collecting data on - current practices of the organization, work approach of the staff, communication channels deployed, and ways to fulfilling the gaps will provide a better overview of the implementation of these technologies in a given healthcare environment (Bennett & Blake, 2016). Also, the top-level management after analyzing the reports of data collected and analyzed will be able to provide suggestions to improve the practices in the near future.

The purpose of data collection and data analysis will thus be served for the researcher; however, they need to continuously improve on their research skills and accordingly implement them based on the different researches required in a given organization.

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