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The research aspects that raises substantial amount of eyebrows associated with the complex human and political instances requires attention to certain specifics that do not hurt the sentiments of the people involved. The idea of research ethics is mainly entitled towards generating substantial amount of information by conducting proper analysis on the ethical issues that are being raised during the time of participation (Harriss, MacSween & Atkinson, 2017). Further, it is on the side of the researcher to make sure that varied range of strategies have been undertaken for delivering the positive outcomes of a project without hurting the sentiments of any individual. It is of primal importance that the privacy issues are being properly dealt with and that the participants need to be assured of the fact that their confidentiality would be protected but in return the opinions must be valid and should have the kind of accuracy for inclusion in the research.

The problem demonstrated the necessity of maintaining the confidentiality range of people suffering from serious health concerns. It has been advocated that gaining knowledge about the health records of an individual would allow a professional to gain an insight of the possible measures that needs to be applied for identifying the proper medications that needs to be applied (Happo et al., 2017). In addition, there also lies a problem that needs focus on the use of data handling in the machineries. Not all individual might have proper intentions about the work they would be doing, thus, it is mandatory to indulge the help of a professional for the proper maintenance of the health records. However, not every individual might be comfortable in sharing the details of their illness, thus, it is necessary that permission has been acquired from the individual before using their health status and the progression for their own study.

For the proper mitigation of any kind of discrepancies that might occur, it is of primal importance that the investigator or the healthcare professional must have the indulgence to make sure that enough ethical principles have been incorporated since the initial stage of the project. It is also essential to make sure that the investigators or the healthcare professional comply with the legislations that has been preapproved by the legal constitution of the country into ensuring that the involved participants do not feel uncomfortable with the information that has been derived from the medical history of the patients (Denzin & Giardina, 2016). Thus, it can be said that building the foundation of a research with the help of ethical principles and the legal compliance demanded by the authorities, no sentiments would be hurt and that the majority of the affected people would be benefited from the details that have been used for the invention of a new medicine.

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