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MBA642 Project Initiation, Planning and Execution

Project Schedule


In this assignment, the researcher will create a project schedule for the provided case scenario and the outcome will be submitted to the clients. In the project management, the program is mainly the listing of project’s activities, deliverables and milestones with the inclusion of the finish and start dates. The project schedule is primarily being utilised in the project portfolio and project planning management that mainly act as the part of project management.

Overview of scenario

In this scenario, the researcher is mainly a family of two children and two adults with a dog. The name of the adults are Jeff and Kelly and name of the two children are Lexie and Will. The family also consist of a dog named Buddy and two cars. In this case scenario, it could be seen that Jeff was able to secure the new position as the marketing director and he needs to relocate to Perth with his family. In the present scenario, it could be found that the families are living in two bedrooms apartment located in Maroochydore near to Sunshine coast. Jeff will have to choose four bedrooms suburban apartment in when he is relocating to Perth with their family. Jeff will start his job 5 February in the year 2019, and they must vacate their place by 20 January because the new rental will be going to commence on 27 January 2019. Both Jeff and Kelly does not have relatives in Maroochydore, and there are huge responsibility or Kelly and Jeff to handle their families, and they also need to admit their children Will and Lexie in the new school located in Perth. The school term in Perth will commence on 31 January, and they must be present in school on that day. The total budget that had been set by both Kelly and Jeff is maximum fifteen thousand dollar.

Work Breakdown Structure

The first most important task of Jeff is locating the right place in Perth with a four-bedroom suburban house and agreeing with the respective property owner. Jeff next mission is to admit their children in schools located in Perth.  Jeff needs to contact the packers and movers for transferring their materials present in their homes to their new suburban house situated in Perth. It needs to be noted that Jeff and Kelly’s relative is not living in the Sunshine Coast so they will not be able to get helping hand for transferring their materials to the four-bedroom suburban house located in Perth. Jeff jobs will be going to start on 5 February 2019, and he needs to relocate to Perth properly before joining the situation in Perth as Marketing Director interstate. The more crucial thing for Jeff is they need to leave their previous two-bedroom apartment by 20 January 2018 because the property owner has already agreed with a newbie for rent in this apartment. The new rental four-bedroom suburban house located in Perth will commence on 27 January. All the repairing of the new house, transferring of personal materials to Perth, admitting their children in school and making agreements with the property owners must be done in between these days. For this reason, the work breakdown structure is being created for Jeff Adjustment to the schedule

 There are many types of adjustments that need to be made while relocating from one place to another place. It will take a long time for Jeff to find a proper four rental suburban according to their budget. Both Jeff and Kelly needs to see an appropriate school for their children in Perth where adequate education will be provided them to gain the right discipline and knowledge. As said by Hu et al. (2016), majority of the budget will be spent on confirming the four rental suburban and right school for their children. The most worthwhile thing for the family is that both Kelly and Jeff can drive their car. Creating an agreement with the property owner in Perth will take huge ample of time because Jeff needs to assure that the negotiations are meeting his requirements.

For this reason, they do not require the separate service provider to transfer their cars in their new four bedroom suburban located in Perth. Next adjustment that Jeff needs to make is to gain the house address of four rental suburban in Perth so that he can submit the personal details to his company where he will be working in Perth. The next investment that both Kelly and Jeff had to make is calling the packers and movers service providers who will help them to transfer their things to the new location All the packers and movers people will transport the materials of the family by packaging all of their materials. There is another problem for Jeff to find a four bedroom suburban house for the right location will be nearer to his office and children’s school. As said by Wang et al. (2014), choosing the right place in Perth is very important Jeff gain right neighbors and surroundings around their houses. Negotiating with the property owners is one of the most challenging things Jeff to get reasonable rent for his four-bedroom suburban home. Recruiting right packers and movers is very important for Jeff to move their house materials at the decent cheap price and faster rate. The Packers and movers service providers must be trustable so that the personal things are being transferred at the right time and location. There must be no mismatch of the particular materials by the packers and movers company, and Jeff must check all the items are being transferred to the new house very fast. Jeff and Kelly must need to arrange their household materials in their home, which will take a long time to decorate their modern rooms in their new suburban house located in Perth.

Personal reflection on the process

From the overall analysis of the project schedule, I have found that creating the work breakdown structure and Gantt chart has provided significant help to finish the work in the given timeline and provided the budget. The scope management is possible with the help of work breakdown structure that helps me to prevent action slipping through the crack.  I have able to understand the elements to fit the right process for project management. The project schedule has enabled me to facilitate cooperation and communication between the stakeholders and the project team. The work breakdown structure always helps to prevent the necessary changes that are mainly evitable for the project. According to the time place, I can able to estimate the right amount that I need to gain for the expected time, cost and staff. From the scenario, it could be seen with the help of project schedule Jeff can able to create the right budget for the relocation to the new city and can choose the right house in Perth. Forecasting will help to derive the benefits to understand the future performance of the project for relocating to a new location that is Perth.

 The proper lesson can be learned with the help of project schedule and I can able to understand the mistakes that had been made for transferring to the new location. As said by Marchewka (2014), the project schedule must always be followed for the success of the project when they are moving to the new house and unique location. The communication can be improved among the families and can available to provide the right guidelines to their families. The well-developed project schedule and plan allow the families to manage the project costs in more efficient ways. As said by Serra and Kunc (2015), making adjustments is very important in the project schedule if there is any problem faced in various scenario of research project activities in future.

 The creation of the schedule provides benefits to me because keeping a plan will help me to fend off the delay in the completion of the project. With the help of the schedule, I can able to recognise where I am unproductive in the research project. I can able to generate knowledge about the details.  With the help of this knowledge, I can able to maximise the quality control measurement by sequencing the present work. As said by Kuchta (2014), the numbers of errors in the research project will be reduced with the help of the project schedule. With the help of project, schedules can able to track all of my activities and time limit for each task.

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