It is important to applause every effort during the process. The applause brings motivation & effective menus identified

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Maintaining inventory of food and supplies needed to ensure efficient operations of kitchen section
Cook et al. (2014) says that, for an effective kitchen management, inventory control is a key aspect. When planning for the food orders to the suppliers, it is important to have the cost of food from the pre-inventory control. However, the following is the way I would keep food and supplies needed to achieve effective kitchen operation. The first thing is that I would come up with a system that would record and follow up what happens with the inventory citing the work of Thomas, (2016). The reason why this is important is that it would assist to elaborate on the cost and a percentage of the cost. Apart from that, keeping full inventory would be tiresome, therefore the system would provide the records and track each spending according to Dani (2015). The second thing is that I would come up with the characteristics and the steps to be followed when ordering and buying. The main aim of this step is to reduce the cost and therefore the method for buying and purchase would mean the less costly procedure. On the other hand, the procedures and standards for receiving the deliveries in an organized manner. There, I would recommend the list of the standards that the orders should meet and the way they should be received. Another important thing to do is to reconcile the inventory in a proper manner. The reconciliation can be achieved by elaborating on the process and the frequencies of the same process. Lastly, after doing all the above, it is imperative to analyze all the information found in the inventory, after which I identify areas to improve on.
Assisting the head chef in planning menus and creating recipes for new dishes
Proper planning is an important strategy for the person holding the position of the head chef. When planning menus and creating recipes for new dishes, the first thing is coming up with the shopping list. The list would contain what the chief chef would use frequently or the food he may use for a week. Shopping saves time and cost. The next strategy is to cook the foods that seem perishable before the other once, the method would assist to reduce the wastage which may occur through the spoilage of food. Apart from the above, it is good to go shopping on a day that would be suitable, no hurries. Identifying best day for shopping would ensure that all the required product in the menu is bought according to Bowie et al. (2016). When organizing the dishes, I would make modifications to ensure that all the foods are delicious during consumption. The modification would come as a result of innovation and learning from the past experience. The other strategy when planning is in the comfortable environment without disturbance. Comfort zone assists in establishing the effective menu and the best process when coming up with the new recipes in reference to Wild (2017). On the other hand, I would recommend to the chief on plans that will go well with his or her personality. For instance, if the head chef uses the rule whereby he plans once a week and sticks on the planned menus. The personality matters in achieving the best plans. Lastly, it is important to applause every effort during the process. The applause brings motivation and the effective menus would be identified per day in reference to Trubek, (2017).

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