For this case, the President is not in agreement with the ruling while the same Government but this time from the Mayor

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With the article, he was a ruling by the U.S Supreme court because of the arms. The court ruled that one of the subordinate courts ordered against the constitution which provides its resident a right to bear arms. Through the 5-4 majority decision, one Justice Antonin Scalia gave an opinion of the majority judge. However, this ruling had some of the political actors. Here are some of the political actors mentioned in the article. One of them is Washington Mayor, AndrianFenty who was much disappointed by the ruling. The second political actor is the lead plaintiff Dick Heller who had taken the matter to court applauding the judge's decision. The third person is the Paul Helmke one of the Brady campaign members that are against the gun violence. Then we have Wayne LaPierre from the NRA is also a political actor representing the NRA. The fifth person we see indicated in the article the then President of America, George Bush who supported the ruling. One should note that political actors should not only be politicians but people that have a measure of political power and have a significant influence on politics, media coverage and an outcome associated with any issues, for this case we have the gun control. All the above mentioned have a political contribution to the issue of gun control.
Different political actors have different political interest in any actors; it is rare to have many if the political actors agreeing on any issue no matter the good it has on the public. Everyone has a political interest in any issue affecting the society. AndrianFenty might be having some political interest in the people he represents at heart. The second person Dick Heller is representing the Pro-Gun activists in America that want the gun to be left in the hands of Americas. Paul Helmke has a political interest with people he represents through their Brady campaign against gun violence, despite their group being undecided on what they support. Wayne LaPierre is representing the National Rifle Association (NRA) a civil right group which has more than5 million members and the proud defenders of the gun law. Finally, by then p George Bush had a political ambition against the people of America; he represented the political interest of the people of America on the issue of gun control while not supporting gun control.
Due to the events by the Supreme Court it had some impact to the political actors on the ruling some applauded the verdict while some did not support it at all. for instance George Bush, Dick Heller, and Wayne were in support of the decision stating that Americans need to protect themselves from any act of violence that might come on them. Other like the Mayor Anridan was much disappointed by the ruling saying that all the handguns should be registered and it would be illegal to carry handguns outside their home and all pistols shall be registered by the police. Having guns in the hands of America will mean that the country is going to witness more and more mass shooting in the coming days and years. This will impact the state and many families that will be affected by these never-ending shootings.
Through this article, we are able to see that there is a different institution in government that has a different opinion on the same issue. For this case, the President is not in agreement with the ruling while the same Government but this time from the Mayor is in support of the Gun control he is against the verdict released by the court. The court is also an institution in government that solves cases involving the residents of America and issue affecting the public. These institutions have been entrusted by the public to make regulations that are changing them.
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