Assignment is about outsourcing legal service is the process by which legal firms seek legal services outside company

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Cunningham& James(2014) says that, outsourcing legal service is the process by which legal firms seek legal services outside the company or their country. There are several reasons why a legal firm may decide to seek services from outside the country. The first driving force behind this activity is to get service that is less expensive than the services in the country. In many situations, firms mainly train their professional lawyers and seek services from them. By doing that it means that the firm will be responsible for all the expenditure from the lawyers. The act proves to be expensive because sometimes it may take too long without the lawyers delivering a service. Secondly, the firm may be seeking for a senior profession than the once that are in the country. The quality of services that on e delivers depends on how educated he or she is and more educated lawyers give best services. Lastly, managing the outsourced service provider is also another factor behind outsourcing according to Gurung& Prater(2017). However, thirst for quality service supersedes all the other reason for outsourcing.
Consequently, Leuschner et al. (2014) argues that, basing on cross cultural communication, the act of outsourcing the legal services is not a good practice. There are various reasons why this act is not good. First, outsourcing denies the professionals available in the local firm to prove their skills. They learn but do not engage in practice. Secondly, the outsourced person may not understand the cultural diversity in the community.
On the side of business services, there are some activities that the business can outsource the way legal services are outsourced. The first service is the payroll processing service for a business. The reason why this process can be outsourced is that it saves time for the business to carry out other activities. When comparing outsourcing this service with outsourcing a legal service, outsourcing payroll service may expose business to more risk such as the security breach. On the other hand, legal service does not cause much harm to organization when outsourced because it is not lifetime activity.
On the other hand, before mangers outsource any service, they must consider some factors which include; cost, risk of the process, the reputation of the business and future effect to the business. The factors such as risk and cost are main factors because when risk occurs, it may cause the business to spend all the money in rectifying the situation in reference to Handley& Angst(2015). On the other hand, what the business is going to gain also matters before outsourcing.




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