The goal of this assignment is to analyze policies US have been putting in place to bring back stability in Afghanistan

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The background of the situation
It is evident that a lot of progress has been achieved in dealing with Afghanistan whether in terms of politics, economy, and security. However, gaining a permanent stability is far from over (Blanchardand Humud, 2017). The United States of America is very keen in ensuring that the security comes back to normal. United States policies focus on ending the disagreements in Afghanistan and bringing the state at peace. Considering the current situation, there are difficulties the United States is facing to ensure that the stability is brought back. For instance, it tried to use some strategies like, in 2017 August, it sent more than 3500 troops to take control of the country (Carpenter,2014: pp.290). However, considering the consistency in difficulties, the United States of America should consider some alternative ways to bring peace to Afghanistan.
The goal of this assignment is to analyze the policies the US have been putting in place to bring back stability in Afghanistan. Apart from that, this memo would consider the current situation and recommend the other alternative ways that the United State can embrace to end the stalemate.
Option analysis
The truth of the matter is that the economic development in Afghanistan have been brought down since the stalemate began. There are several international forces that are determining how the economy of Afghanistan would run. However, the Afghanistan government mainly rely on support from outside to run the country. Some parts of Afghanistan are still experiencing war, it is evident that up to 2016, the government had difficulties in controlling the rural areas. Even though the United States of America is trying to sustain Afghanistan with some money support, this would go in vain as al-Qaeda group is still controlling the country (Felbab-Brown, 2015). The following is the analysis of the options that have been adopted by the United States of America:
i. The United States of America's current president, Donald Trump, came out with a policy that the high number of military soldiers should camp in Afghanistan for some days. The option is quite good. However, there are areas where this policy may not get it right when the objective is bringing stability in Afghanistan. On the better sides of this policy is that the security in the subject country has truly been affected by groups such as the Islamic group and the connections from Haqqani. The existence of such connections has messed the political system of Afghanistan. Therefore, increasing the American troop and allowing them to stay longer in the country would bring some sought of stability. On the other side, the Trumps option may not lead to victory to the United States (Rylander, 2015). The reason is that there must be cooperation between the American troop and the troop in Afghanistan. If there is no cooperation there is nothing more that can be achieved at the end of the day.
ii. The second policy adopted by the US was organizing counter-terrorism to the military groups that are attacking Afghanistan. The policy may seem better because it sometimes finds the enemy unprepared and distorts them fully. However, this policy may seem to be buying time. The attackers may take time to prepare and create more distractions than there before. The attack may end up destabilizing the Afghanistan government which would be a win to the enemy.
Considering the lack of a long-lasting solution to this matter, the United States government should change its strategy by considering the alternative options. After comparing the public participation in this matter, this memo would like to recommend the following policies to the United States in order to ensure the protection of Afghanistan.
i. Making use of the regional countries.
It is evident that the rivalry between Pakistan and India is the disagreement in Afghanistan. When bringing an eternal peace in the regions, it is important for the USA to engage areas such as Islamad and New Delhi (Jia, 2017: pp.100). The Trumps government can use a lot of pressure to Pakistan to ensure that the squeeze the region of Taliban. This policy would assist because the main participants in this war are the arm from Pakistan region. When Pakistan squeezes Taliban, it would be a strategy to remove their army in the region and thus the regional neighbors would have been involved in bringing peace in Afghanistan. However, this policy may not be smooth, it needs negotiations between the USA and the Pakistan government.
ii. Applying the limited approach policy.
Using this policy, the American government is to check on what has not been worked on to provide a solution since the conflict began. In this approach, the government may settle on things like the political settlement. When applying the limited approach, the United States may also ensure that they make use of the counter-terrorism on the groups that attack Afghanistan (Shahed, 2018: pp.148). This would make the enemy weaker than before. Another thing to consider in this policy is that Trump may make use of the current policies but provide more materials and resources to the policy during the implementation process (Katzman, 2016).
On the other hand, while making use of these policies like for instance the regional policy, it may not be applied solely, it requires the cooperation of other policies to ensure safety is brought back in Afghanistan. The regional approach may seem challenging to the United States. The reason is that it seems time-consuming and some of the neighbors would not agree to it. However, forcing some neighboring countries like Pakistan would be inevitable. Trump administration should be ken in that, it should not be continuously publishing what it intends to do like the way it was there earlier. On the other hand, containing a small military troop will also be important. It would be easy to manage during the implementation of the above policies (Spencer, 2016). There are several difficulties that the Trump administration would have inherited from other administration, however, the above policies would assist in ensuring that the Afghanistan state brings back peace. An important thing is that the previous steps that would have failed should not be repeated as they can give back the same results.

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